Get ready for Snow Leopard from OSX

Apparently the rumors about Snow Leopard off early become reality. Apple issued a formal announcement about the release schedule for Snow Leopard. Started last night’s Snow Leopard can be ordered through the Apple Store Online. This time, the DVD packaging looks different from the previous packaging, without big X mark. And also the picture in the case was an actual picture.


Snow Leopard a.k.a Mac OSX 10.6

Snow Leopard can be installed only on Intel Macs processor. Snow Leopard or Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard is the improvements in terms of efficiency, stability and security of the system. It is not significantly changed much, the most obvious is the change in interface QuikTime with black windows.

Snow Leopard

For those of you who are still using Tiger, you can also upgrade directly to the Snow Leopard by buying a Mac Box Set, containing Snow Leopard, iLife ’09 and iWork ’09. There are no shipping costs, as well as Snow Leopard, if ordered now. If you can not wait to use the Snow Leopard, please order now, while not free postage.

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3 Responses to Get ready for Snow Leopard from OSX

  1. ahmad says:

    Untuk yang mau upgrade ke Snow Leopard masih ada beberapa kendala compabilitas software lama, pastikan anda cek dulu apakah semua program yang anda punya sudah compatible dengan snow. Paling tidak backup dulu semua data penting sebelum upgrade. Selamat mencoba!

  2. sytropin says:

    Saya pengen beli ada yang tahu info ga ya kalo baru beli mac 1 bulan, saya baca2 di harusnya cukup membeli leopard snow dengan $10 saja utk periode pembelian juni – des 2009.

  3. andif says:

    kang share screenshot also :)

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