Google nexus 7 access information quickly via Google

With Google now, jelly bean android users can now access a variety of information in real time to choose before. Google now gives users the option to specify what kind of information you want to see based on the information card in the card provided. Here are simple tips that you can follow to get the optimum benefits from Google now:

  1. In the position of the screen is locked, please navigate towards locking up.
  2. Next you will be asked for consent to enable Google now. Please select a get Google now and yes I’m in.
  3. Next you can choose the card information by touching the sample card show.
  4. Furthermore, please do the settings for each card will vary according to the type of information to be displayed.
  5. If you want to see what card to choose, then please select other cards> card list. Furthermore, the browser will take you to the help page that lists nexus cards are available in alphabetical order complete with explanations.

Mini iPad Apps download again have bought another iPad
For those of you who have never had a mini iPad before buying it, you do not need to be confused are confused about what to fill it. Even some of the apps and music that have been purchased on the iPad / iPhone can be downloaded again older. There are two methods to do so. I.e. via iTunes desktop or via OTA with iCloud. You only need a wifi connection is adequate.

  1. Open the AppStore and make sure you enroll in the Appstore with old apple ID had transactions in appstore / itunes store.
  2. Tap the column purchased. Here there are all the apps you’ve downloaded. Either paid or not. Or tap not in this iPad so that choices can be more specific.
  3. Tap the clouds (Icould) to download it in your mini iPad. Do this also on the music and video you’ve ever bought on another iOS device. It’s just that, you start from the iTunes app.

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