How to Tweet and Post Facebook from Lock Screen in iOS 6

The emergence of iOS 6 provides a separate facility on your gadget. Lots of updates and the ease you can get.

Apple Siri Apple Siri

With the loyal assistant siri all becomes easier. And one of that is the feature that lets you tweet and post to Facebook from the Lock Screen using Siri. There are also settings for your security, so your device safety from send out random messages.

For those of you who are curious please follow the steps below :

  • At the Lock Screen, hold down the Home button to launch Siri. Then tell Siri you want to tweet a message or post to Facebook.
Tweet or post to facebook from Siri Tweet or post to facebook from Siri
  • Speak the message you want to send, and Siri will send it off.
Tweet or post to facebook from Siri - 2 Tweet or post to facebook from Siri – 2
  • For the security, you’ll first need to enable a Lock Screen Passcode. Go to Settings – General – Turn Passcode On.
Passcode Lock For Siri Passcode Lock For Siri
  • Type in a passcode to unlock the screen, or if you want to be extra secure, create a strong alphanumeric Passcode. After setting you Passcode, turn Off Siri’s access when the Screen is locked.
Passcode Lock For Siri - 2 Passcode Lock For Siri – 2
  • Congratulations, now Siri will no longer be accessible from the Lock Screen. If you don’t disable Siri’s access, tweets and Facebook messages can still be sent. Even if you set a Passcode for the Lock Screen.
Siri Access Disabled Siri Access Disabled

Have a nice try!

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One Response to How to Tweet and Post Facebook from Lock Screen in iOS 6

  1. Jefry says:

    I don’t have iPhone know, but the steps and how to setting it just know
    So, it;s make me want to have iPhone
    Thanks for this tutorial..

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