I don’t know why? but They Switched!


Wow I not yet find the information resource why and what, BCA the major Bank in Indonesia switch their Server Engine Language platform, Yes they switch from ASP to JSP.

We know that ASP is Server Language Engine that made by Microsoft and JSP is made from SUN Microsystem. It’s amazing.

But I have litle confused about security, this specialy for KlikBCA user that user their BCA Service from public computer such as Warnet or Office Computer, because on this JSP version, if your browser enabled save password, you password will remember on that computer, like this screen shoot.

BCA Password

I will try to looking for, the reason why they switch their server language engine, and why not PHP :D You can help me?

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10 Responses to I don’t know why? but They Switched!

  1. Rina As says:

    Sudah lama saya tidak ke situs KlikBCA
    gmana kabarnya ya… semoga situs KlikBCA performa-nya makin bagus

  2. Isn’t JSP is still a lot heavier than PHP? (although I am currently learning Java, not JSP though)

  3. Rizky says:

    Aneh sekali, barusan Login ke KlikBCA. eh udah make ASP lagi :D

    sulap? huhuhu

  4. andriansah says:

    hehehe iya udah pake asp lagi, ato jangan2 itu jsp yang di rename jadi asp?

    gak tau deh gw, asal data2 gw aman, account gw aman, feature2 oke n selalu reliable, gw gak gitu peduli

  5. Jauhari says:

    Aneh sekali, barusan Login ke KlikBCA. eh udah make ASP lagi :D

  6. hokage says:

    siapa yang bilang gratisan norak, buktinya masih banyak yang pake gratisan termasuk windows bajakan yang dapat dari hasil burning di kompi temen cdnya minta lagi…

    saya rasa mysql&php masih lebih unggul dengan server apache dari pada microsoft-sql ASP dan server IIS

  7. achmadi says:

    karena php suxx !! :p

    hehe… mereka lebih mentingin support bro ..

  8. vnuz says:

    Kita orang dari outside sistem pasti cuma bisa nebak2..

    apa mungkin mereka berpikiran kalau gratisan itu norak??

  9. karena PHP itu gratisan. dan gratisan itu NORAK(tm)*

    *kata sang pakar

  10. kalau mengenai password yang di simpan di browser, … itu bukan salah servernya, tapi salah browsernya.

    browser yang paling parah adalah Internet Explorer yang Protected Storage nya sangat mudah di dekompile, sehingga semua password yang di simpan di sana pasti bisa langsung bisa dibaca oleh mereka yang memiliki akses fisik ke login (current user) tersebut.

    kalau mengakses klikbca dari warnet? hm… riski lah .. warnet kan sarang keylogger, radmin, dsb… cari mati ajah … hehehe

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