Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 Not supported by Yahoo! Mail Beta

Yahoo Mail on Internet Explorer 7 beta

This fact and this true and this amazing =)) the New Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 not yet supported by New Yahoo! Mail Beta Interface. It’s like my second browser Opera. But on Opera I still understand why Yahoo Not Yet support this browser Platform.

I hope in few days, Yahoo will support major browser like Internet Explorer 7, Opera etc..

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6 Responses to Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 Not supported by Yahoo! Mail Beta

  1. makes me think on how you guys are so united and we are not. :(

  2. aRdho says:

    @geblek : ihh.. ngmgngya jorok!! :D

  3. gani says:

    Salah satu pruduk terbaru mikrosop dicuekin Yahoo? Hehehe jadi ngebayangin andai Bill Gates ternyata emailnya pake Yahoo :D

  4. geblek says:

    masih blm diisntall dan mail yahoo jarang dibuka semenjak ada jimel :D

  5. ricorea says:

    Bukannya Yahoo itu kompatriotnya M$? :)

  6. yonky says:

    telat seh keluarnya IE 7 itu. :D

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