Mozilla Firefox Extensions ( add-ons )

One factor that causes Firefox is quite popular is the existence of extensions in various platforms, such as GNU Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and various Unix operating systems, as well as some recent operating systems that support the application. Firefox really is one of Mozilla software production. Some of the features possessed by Firefox, among others, were tabbed by a third party that attracts many users who have used the Firefox browser. Some add ons are pretty popular and useful among other things:

Adblock Plus
If at the time of browsing we are often disturbed by the existence of a popup ad in your browser, it can be used as a solution Adblock add on to prevent the emergence of these ads as we do browsing.

Personas 1.5.2
If you’re already bored with the look of Firefox, personas can be used to change the appearance of Firefox. There are thousands of themes that are provided and added each day. Themes are divided into several categories, such as fashion, movies, music, sports, and so forth. Themes on different personas with the themes on Firefox. Themes in Firefox change the overall look of Firefox. While the personas are themes that specifically change the look of Firefox with the main navigation buttons, toolbars, and menus are fixed.

Video downloader
If you like watching video streaming and the desire to keep the video, chances are you’ll need the extension Video Downloader Helper. The installation process can be done by downloading the application.

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