Causes damage Your smartphone

Mobile phone currently its same with the computer, the computer is now a substitute for the human task. Computers and humans both have a brain to process orders and store data information. Let alone a computer, the human mind if too much stress will lead to even be loss of memory not least, what about the phone?

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Tips on Choosing social media

Social media is a remarkable phenomenon in today’s technological world, they appear like a virus that is infecting everyone to use. Some social media such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Has made a change in the communications world in which every person has the right to speak or get information about an organization, company, artist, etc. without any distinction of social strata.

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How to keep Your Powerbank durable?

Having powerbank as a backup battery or charger is greatly simplify our mobile activity. Imagine, in a condition to travel, we do not need to search only the electrical plugs to keep our gadgets are always on with the support of adequate, because powerbank ready those needs.

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Best Edit Photo Application

Now you will easily find a lot of photo editing apps latest and best also scattered on the internet but not all photo editing application has a myriad of comprehensive features and of course also good to generate unique photo edits and also diverse.

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Best Space Racing 3D for Android

Racing game is a popular game in almost all gaming platforms, not least on Android. No wonder therefore that today many racing games selection that you can meet at Play Store. The category was abundant ranging from racing cars, motorcycles, horses, planes, bikes and much more. Not to mention if you want to be categorized on the segmentation of the mobile phone specifications, there are many options for phone with good specs, medium or low though.

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Google partnered with eyeglasses Factory for their products

After the last article about the LG that produces Hour Smart and Smart Lamp, now comes news of smart sunglasses made ​​a giant company Google. Glass that Google has developed Google today is probably the product that is in demand by most of the population in America there, but we need to realize that the Google Glass display is far from a classic impression that such glasses in general.

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