Palestine on the way to Freedom

Free PalestineAs all you know that Palestine in pain right now. I just can’t imagine how painful they are and many citizen dies every single day. What can we do to help them suppose they will get their freedom? As a WordPress Themes Developer, Jauhari also want to take apart by making a Free Themes for Palestine, just to remember how cruel Israel was and hoping Palestine will get out from the painfulness.

I believed that Palestine will get their Freedom soon, because right now almost all the Moslem in this world prayed for them and with the power of faithful I believed God will set them free too.

One more thing that I can’t understand, why America could be defeated by Israel only in 10 minutes. But it doesn’t matter, because till now Palestine still can fight and will fight back to get their freedom.

What about you my friend, what have you done to help Palestine ?
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14 Responses to Palestine on the way to Freedom

  1. Frank says:

    Great post
    Why do American candidates for the presidency oppose our freedom in Palestine? What have we done wrong to you?

  2. Dean says:

    Hi I have a quick question. Why do American candidates for the presidency oppose our freedom in Palestine? What have we done wrong to you?

  3. War is the most horrible thing :( Good that you have found a peaceful way to try and make a difference.

  4. Great post, I may be knocked for this but if Israel wasn’t in the middle east I don’t think we’d have any of these issues with “terrorism.” Just my 2 cents.

  5. Gil says:

    Can you explain to me how “There are no reasons to begin war” (from your other post) and “Palestine still can fight and will fight back to get their freedom” can both be true? Unless your argument is that it’s not “war” to shoot up a crowded ice cream store, or to walk on to a school bus and blow everybody up. I guess that’s freedom fighting, which is good. War, which is bad, is when you kill the people whose only stated goal in life is killing Jewish children.

  6. Jon says:

    The sooner Hamas stops launching rockets against Israel the sooner a peace agreement and the less Palestinian people will suffer.

    • Sajid Iqbal says:

      You must be kidding…

      • palestinian princess says:


        • Gil says:

          Can you explain what this means? Get out of where? They’re already out of Gaza so you presumably mean that the Jews should get out of the Middle East. Or of the universe. Almost every country in which they’ve lived (especially Arab countries and Germany) has treated them badly and many have expelled them. That’s why they finally went to the place that they (and the Bible-believing world) believes is their true home. So when you say “then peace will start” you mean that “once Jews all die” we’ll have peace? And you think of yourselves as the good guys, the poor innocent victims who wouldn’t have to shoot up ice cream stores and blow up school buses if those demonic Jews would just die already?

  7. mari doakan palestina :)>-

  8. JT says:

    This is a creative way to send a message, creative and peaceful.

  9. Suwahadi says:

    Still waiting freedom for Palestine :-w

  10. Madhysta says:

    amiiieen… amiiieeen… amiiieen….

  11. goblogging says:

    I only can pray for Palestine so that their can get their freedoom.

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