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Supernova II game

Supernova II game

Macbook Pro was my second Notebook after Toshiba that now already broken :(. The daily work as a web designer and managed several blog that contain wordpress themes and some other topics. There were a time when we get bored towards the routine work in our life. Games was one of the alternatives agains the stress that I use to. Mac gamesbecame the perfect choices because I use Macbook Pro. Actually there were two kinds game that usually played which is strategy like Tribal Trouble, Universal Soccer Manager and the Arcade like the Supernova.

I was still not an expert with mac games, because till now I’m using Windows as main operating system for playing game of course ;) There are Many PC games that has been finished both strategy and arcade like Need For Speed and Age of Empires. Besides those games, there are several games that could be played in two operating system that is Ages of Empires that could be played with the colleague when not having the urgent work. Evidently playing games with many people was very fascinating everything will with the good graphic support increase the atmosphere to more joined with the games. Are you interesting to join with me playing those games or an online games ? I think it’s not bad playing online games too.

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2 Responses to Play Your Game in Mac

  1. Uluba says:

    For me video games is an excellent way to freak out.

  2. Armand says:

    It’s beautiful.

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