Special Kids Browser for those of you parents who want to introduce the Internet to children

Children have an inquisitive nature is very large, especially if he found something interesting. When surfing the Internet using a browser, he could have done something or unwanted action. For example tweaking the settings of your browser or inadvertently entering the keyword in Google’s inappropriate, then the direct image appears inappropriate.



You could have put a variety of Internet filters, but still connected to the Internet when there is danger. The danger might be websites that spread malware, or of mentally ill people who target children.

So that children can surf the Internet freely according to their world. You could try using a browser that was specially made for kids, KidZui is. In addition to providing security for the elderly, KidZui also presents features which certainly cheerful liked by children. KidZui can be downloaded from the http://www.kidzui.com/download/windows with the fi le size of 3.27 MB. KidZui can be used free of charge, but to obtain fi-fi tour tour is more advanced, you have to pay a subscription fee of U.S. $ 7.95 per month. Previously, make sure you’ve installed Flash Player version 9 minimum, and maximum OS is running Windows Vista.

  1. Download and install as usual.
  2. Run KidZui, in it click Create New Zui to create an account on KidZui.
  3. KidZui Make Account

    KidZui Make Account

  4. After account creation and activation process is complete, restart the KidZui, and do the login.
  5. Login KidZui menu

    Login KidZui menu

  6. KidZui also ready to use.
  7. KidZui that Ready to use

    KidZui that Ready to use

As you’ve tried, KidZui is more like a multimedia application than a browser. On the first page, children can explore websites, playing games, and communicate with friends.

On the left side of the window, there is the Explore menu instant access to video, games, special children’s website, photos, and others. While in the right window there is a collection of links to various interesting websites for children.

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  1. Rina As says:

    Thank you
    This browser view is very nice, definitely kids will love it !!

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