Clone camera on a smart application for iOS

iOS is in the know have a camera with limited features when compared strongest competitor, such Android. And the app store as Apple’s application store is providing a lot of camera-based applications with diverse functions. If you ever thought to make a picture in which there is more than one figure you are, this application can make it happen. Continue reading “Clone camera on a smart application for iOS”

Streaming from PC to iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi

Most iOS users often have difficulties when going to transfer videos from PC to iOS. Fortunately, there are several apps in the Apps store that allows steaming iOS device desktop via WI-FI, one AirAV. in addition to download streaming media from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad, you can transfer most file formats. You do not need to run a complex configuration, just follow the steps the steps below and you can play multimedia files on PC to iPhone and iPad: Continue reading “Streaming from PC to iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi”

App store with the biggest download in various apps

Apple with a variety of innovations has been trying to change the paradigm of a technology. By continuing to spectacular innovate, it looks like Apple wants to continue to strive for excellence, both for individual and lifestyle. Characteristics and also the release of Apple applications that is very easy to use the main attraction for users of mobile devices. Similarly, the feature countless applications, thereby enabling a person to do many things in their everyday lives. Applications are user friendly is one of the main goals of every developer of mobile devices.

With a considerable number of applications and improved downloader from time to time further indicates that the products they offer to the community is very beneficial, both for the industrialized world, personal, lifestyle, and various other entertainment facilities. Continue reading “App store with the biggest download in various apps”