The Best Accountants Surprise AZ Services

Modern day business requires an immense amount of financial handling. So it is important that there are people who are good at business management and financial accounting working under you. If the people who work under, you do not have the expertise required to manage the finances of a business the business will be having major losses and you will finally have to close down the business.

The financial management aspects I’m talking here are great bookkeeping skills which is a quality that most accountants nowadays lack. In order to give the new reader a brief idea about the new terminology used in the financial aspect, we’ll be discussing accounting, small business tax preparation and individual tax preparation which are some of the key parts of a business that needs quality bookkeeping. Continue reading “The Best Accountants Surprise AZ Services”

Primary Reason Why Apple Grosses More Than Android

Apple is an old company that invented and sold some of our oldest computer systems. They are still creating Apple Mac computers. They are an old and powerful company that has a great deal of credibility and a high reputation. The Google Company created a search engine that quickly became the biggest and most powerful search engine in the world. With their research and development team, they have made the move into mobile operating systems. They created the Android OS, which is now installed on more varieties of Smartphone and tablet device than any other type of operating system.

Here is a little more history

Android Logo HQ
Android Logo HQ

Apple is a company that has been running for many more years than Google. They have had a rocky career. They dominated the computer market until they accidentally helped Bill Gates in his creation of Microsoft, the most powerful company in the world. They appeared to be surviving on a loyal Apple Mac fan base up until 2007 when they created the first iPhone. The iPhone and its later incarnations have made them billions of dollars. Continue reading “Primary Reason Why Apple Grosses More Than Android”

Is WordPress Suitable For Business?

Is WordPress Suitable For Business? I will get right to the answer so you do not have to read the whole article: yes, absolutely. However, if you would like to know more, please continue reading.

WordPress Merchandise
WordPress Merchandise

If you are small/medium business owner who sells reasonably complex products (services, usually), you probably want:

  • A good-looking website
  • Great functionality, but easy maintenance
  • The ability to keep touch with the social crowd (Blogging! Social media!)
  • Unharmed SEO potential
  • An affordable price for creation and support

Continue reading “Is WordPress Suitable For Business?”

Samsung Win the title World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer

The title of World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer have moved from Apple to Samsung. The Wall Street Journal reporting that citing a reliable source claiming that Samsung has shipped more than 20 million smartphone units to its consumer as compared to Apples shipments of 17.1 million iPhone units for Q3, 2011.

Samsung the World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer
Samsung the World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer

Samsung officially announces its financial results for Q3, with a pride of elegance that its smartphone sales have hit above 40% boom over the previous quarter without mentioning the numbers of its sold out smartphones. Continue reading “Samsung Win the title World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer”

Apple officially get 3D Mapping Company C3 Technologies

Based on the news we get from 9to5Mac’s. Apple was indeed the buyer of the 3D mapping company Called C3 Technologies. C3 Technologies is a popular Swedish 3D Mapping Company which has been sold out to some tech giants in July.

C3 Technologies
C3 Technologies

C3 Technologies made a big splash at CES 2011 when it began demoing its technology on both Android and iOS devices. The company uses formerly classified missile targeting technology to achieve its impressive 3D mapping effects. Continue reading “Apple officially get 3D Mapping Company C3 Technologies”