Kode Promo NAME.com Bulan April 2016

Kode Promo NAME.com Bulan April 2016 ini kami ujicoba dan masih jalan. Perlu diketahui, layanan NAME.com adalah salah satu layanan pembelian domain favorit kami.

Mungkin dari sisi harga nggak ada yang spesial, tapi kami sering menfaatkan Coupon Code Name.com, Kode Kupon Name.com sehingga harga yang kami dapatkan lebih murah. Continue reading “Kode Promo NAME.com Bulan April 2016”

GoDaddy Coupon/Promo October 2011

We have been found many GoDaddy Coupon/Promo for October 2011. You can use all the coupon/promo below. Please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or whatever you want. Here is the latest GoDaddy Promo/Coupon 2011 we Ever Known

Ella Koon - GoDaddy Girl
Ella Koon - GoDaddy Girl
cjc749chp: Register .Com domains for 7.49$ ( this is one of the lowest promo code for .Com domain registration )
cjcchp10: Save 10% off your order
cjcchp20: Save 20% off hosting orders
cjcchp30: Save 5$ off your order 30$ or more
cjcchp50: Save 10$ off your order 50$ or more
cjcchp75: Save 15% off your order
gdz821ba: 25% off your order of $60 or more code
gdz821ca: 20% off your order of $50 or more code
gdz821da: 15% off your order of $40 or more code
GDBBREN8: $7.99 .COM and .NET Renewals, $3.99 Private Registration – Details
FAN3: $7.49 on New .COMs – Details

If you have others code please share it.

Name.com Promo Code August 2011

This is the latest Name.com coupons codes that actually work. Please check it out, if this coupons has been expired please let’s me knows.

1.99 off a private whois order (i.e. free private whois)
Did this coupon work for you?

$8.25 .COM/.NET registrations & renewals $8.99 .TV registrations $7.99 .US registrations & renewals $8.99 .BIZ registrations & renewals

$8.75 com/net reg/renewals, $8.99 .TV registrations (by FOLSOL.com)

We hope our name.com coupons codes august 2011 useful for you

Name.com Coupon Code for March 2011

Have you check and use my Name.com Coupon Code for February 2011. Now I will update new Name.com Coupon Code for March 2011.

Name.com Coupon Code for March 2011

  • name.com coupon code: SHAMROCKS
    Saving 1.24$
  • name.com coupon code: tv
    .TV registrations are $10.99 one year, $9.99 multi-year for a limited time!
  • name.com coupon code: FREEWHOIS
    Free Who Is Registration
  • name.com coupon code: info
    new .info registration $3.99 1st year
  • name.com coupon code: im
    For a limited time you can register and renew for the low price of $6.99!
  • name.com coupon code: asia
    6.99$ .Asia domains

Don’t forget to check GoDaddy Copupon Code 2011

How To Create My Own Name Servers on name.com

Setup Custom Name Server on name.com
Setup Custom Name Server on name.com
name.com is currently my favorite Domain Registrar.
Why become my favorite? It’s cheap, easy to maintenance and very fast purchased. name.com also built in with many great features. I will not explain more about it. But I want to share my tiny tutorial Create My Own Name Servers on name.com

The Purpose create Own Name Servers is to make our domain more professional look ;) Example custom Domain Name Servers is like this. I have domain www.google.com and I want my Name Servers become ns1.google.com ns2.google.com and many more. To do this way is easy on name.com, let’s move on Continue reading “How To Create My Own Name Servers on name.com”

Choosing Domain Name: For Branding Or SEO

Last day I wrote about choosing domain name for your website and hopefully you can decide whether your domain name is for branding or SEO. How about if your brand is new and only a few people know about it? You can promote your brand by using your keyword rich domain name.

Having keyword rich domain name is good for a start up company to look for future costumers available on the net. Instead of promoting your brand (which is not yet famous), you can start building your keyword rich domain for your products website and show your brand there. You get visitors from the search engine, meanwhile your brand will build its image it self.

The company (branding) website can be built at the same time, so you can link it from your products website. Your brand image will be known by people and at that time they can reach your company website by using search engine or just typing yourbrand.com.

Is .info Domain Good?

Yesterday I purchased a web hosting+domain package and they gave me an extra .info domain for free. I have no problem at all because it is free for the first year. I have about 4 domain names and two of them are active, while the other two is still waiting for the contents. All are in .com and now I have a .info domain.

I am still wondering whether .info domain is good for search engine or not. Cosaaranda said (in Indonesian) that .info domain is difficult to be indexed by search engine. I have no idea how to monetize a .info domain. Right now, my focus is still in my two active domains and no time to write contents for the .info domain.

Do you have any idea about .info domain. Is it good to be monetized or branded?

Please share your experience in using .info domain by commenting below. Any information will be help.

Thank you.

Choosing Domain Name For Your Website

Yesterday I had a conversation with Jauhari about choosing domain name. The domain I pursued is already bought by other and will be expired in 2010 :( . Therefore I have to find other domain that is meet with my requirements.

SEOMoz has 12 rules to choose the right domain name for your brand new website, here is for the resume:

  1. Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords
  2. Make the Domain Unique
  3. Only Choose Dot-Com Available Domains
  4. Make it Easy to Type
  5. Make it Easy to Remember
  6. Keep the Name as Short as Possible
  7. Create and Fulfill Expectations
  8. Avoid Copyright Infringement
  9. Set Yourself Apart with a Brand
  10. Reject Hyphens and Numbers
  11. Don’t Follow the Latest Trends
  12. Use an Ajax Domain Selection Tool

In the other side Problogger writes about choosing brandable domain name or keyword rich domain name.

Because I do not have much money to pay advertising to promote my brand to get traffics, I decide to use keyword rich domain name to get visitors referred by search engine. The web is still under development. I will do a research after the domain and the website available on the net and share the result with you.

Meanwhile, would you please share your reason on choosing domain name? It will be a nice topic.