Save and grab the file in Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service to control the synchronization. Dropbox allows you to store files on the web, in a secure environment and is private, and you can access it anywhere anytime. Dropbox is used as an alternative to carrying physical media, dropbox also offers the ability to share files with others. In symbian phones, one way to access these services is to use dropbox cutebox application. With this application you can easily access your dropbox, how do I use it? Consider the following tips. Continue reading “Save and grab the file in Dropbox”

How to Backup WordPress Blog Directly To Dropbox Account

WordPress has become a CMS platform used by many bloggers from around the world to build a blog or website. The number of features available in WordPress, and high flexibility makes it easy to develop and optimization in accordance with the wishes of each person. Besides ease of use WordPress also makes it preferred by many bloggers, because in just minutes with a few steps we can create a blog and start to write the article.  Continue reading “How to Backup WordPress Blog Directly To Dropbox Account”