Xiaomi Rilis Obeng Elektrik Mini yang Keren

Tak henti ber inovasi, Xiaomi kembali menghadirkan Produk Spektakuler dan bermanfaat bagi kalayak. Yah selain Smartphone, Xiaomi juga hobi rilis device2 unik dan usable.

Kita mengenal Xiaomi dengan Smartphone mulai seri Redmi maupun seri Mi. Selain itu Xiaomi juga merilis beberapa gadget keren seperti Earphone, Headphone, Power Bank (Berbagai ukuran), Colokan Listrik, Sepeda, Laptop, Alat Penanak Nasi, Fitness Tracker (Mi Band), Timbangan Badan Elektronik dan yang terbaru adalah Obeng Elektrik. Continue reading “Xiaomi Rilis Obeng Elektrik Mini yang Keren”

Convert audio and Video to be played on a Gadget

The variety of smartphones and tablet devices that support different multimedia formats is quite difficult. Especially if you have a multimedia file and want to run it from the device, but in fact the file is not supported. This is because the codec support that can be read by any device that is different. Continue reading “Convert audio and Video to be played on a Gadget”

How to Properly Clean Your Gadgets

Blurb: Caring for your devices includes cleaning them and making sure that they are not vectors for diseases. Check out these tips to keep your gadgets nice and clean.

Clean Gadgets
Clean Gadgets

This will sound disgusting, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. You know how super old mobile phones  seem like they’re meant to withstand all sorts of damage? Well it turns out that no matter how durable an old phone is, it’s no match against good old drool. Yes, now you know our deepest darkest secret: we ruined a supposedly hardy phone with saliva. And no, we’re not proud of the fact and we certainly tried our best to resuscitate that phone. But no matter how much we sprayed disinfectant, wiped, and cleaned the thing, it remained damaged. Continue reading “How to Properly Clean Your Gadgets”

High resolution camera in your smartphone, is important?

For those of you who have a smartphone with full features and facilities is a lot of benefits. One of the security features found on smartphone including the presence of a camera with high enough resolution. If a few years ago the existence of a digital camera on a smartphone is not too concerned, but today digital cameras with high resolution has become imperative, especially for some types of smartphone with a particular specification. One of the advantages possessed by a high-resolution smartphone is capable of producing good quality images, especially when done editing via computer facilities.

Several types of smartphone with high resolution camera is usually integrated with several other modern features, one of which is the operating system used, such as Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, iOS, and several other interesting features. Continue reading “High resolution camera in your smartphone, is important?”

Samsung Introduces Galaxy M Style M340S with Super AMOLED touch screen

Renowned manufacturer Samsung, re-introduce a mid-end Android smartphone that comes with the newest Super AMOLED touch screen that measures 4 inches Samsung Galaxy M Style M340S in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy M Style M340S
Samsung Galaxy M Style M340S

While other mobile phone vendors seem still preparing to launch its newest product, Samsung’s first slide. Continue reading “Samsung Introduces Galaxy M Style M340S with Super AMOLED touch screen”

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus WiFi ready in the queue in the US Nov, 13th for $400, available in 16GB for now

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an Android-based tablet computer produced by Samsung introduced on 2 September 2010 at the IFA in Berlin. After a while ruled the tablet market, right now on this day Samsung Electronics has introduce the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus WiFi and ready to sell in the US on November 13th.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus WiFi
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus WiFi

You curious about the contents of this gadget, let’s see below: Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus WiFi ready in the queue in the US Nov, 13th for $400, available in 16GB for now”

The new Motorola DROID RAZR will launch at November

This year seemed a lot of surprises for the gadget lovers are super sophisticated. If you have previously been out of Apple products is phenomenal because of the time of its release coincided with the death of CEO Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S.

Motorola Droid RAZR
Motorola Droid RAZR

Back again in November, will be born again of the gadgets that come from companies that have joined Google. Inc is Motorola that intending to launch Motorola Droid RAZR. Continue reading “The new Motorola DROID RAZR will launch at November”

Apple has announced that iPhone 4S First Weekend Sales Top Four Million at Cupertino

This weekend a special moment for the company Apple. If we spend time with family holiday excursion fatherly, Apple still continues to count his income.

iPhone 4s outside an apple store in tokyo
iPhone 4s outside an apple store in tokyo

Just for information Apple is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company’s best-known hardware products include the Macintosh line of computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Cupertino, California October 17, 2011, Apple today announced it has sold over four million of its new iPhone 4S, just three days after its launch on October 14. Continue reading “Apple has announced that iPhone 4S First Weekend Sales Top Four Million at Cupertino”

New Android gadget HTC Sensation XL With Beats Audio

It seemed a pity if we do not see this android gadget. Amid the hectic of the Android market, HTC contribute with different offers. HTC smartphone to be announced with the audio beats. His name is the HTC Sensation XL.

HTC Sensation XL - 1
HTC Sensation XL - 1

Comes with a 4.7-inch multi-touch touchscreen Super LCD display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, HTC Sensation XL simply makes us interested at first sight.

HTC Sensation XL also provided by a single core 1.5GHz processor and it comes with HTC’s Android plus Sense, it also features an 8 megapixel camera with an F2.2 lens, a dual LED flash and a BSI sensor, it is capable of recording HD video in 720p. Continue reading “New Android gadget HTC Sensation XL With Beats Audio”

5 Things “Must” New Users Should Know on iPhone 4

I am not iPhone user, maybe never use it. But iPhone 4 is interesting gadget, Retina Display with 960×640 pixels at 326ppi is super featured for mobile gadget such phone. We will show you 5 things new user should know about iPhone 4, so let’s move on

iPhone 4 Design
iPhone 4 Design

1. Centralizing Update

Now on iOS 4 you can updated all avaliable updated in single menu.

2. Tab To Focus an Object – Video

This featured is really useful for recording many object focus, you can switch focus between each object. All need to do just tab on different object on the screen and the focus will go there directly
Continue reading “5 Things “Must” New Users Should Know on iPhone 4″

The Best in Gadget and Tech News

Today I read a gadget reviewer that claimed:

To be focuses on the products and news that are the most significant, useful, and/or cool so that visitors can quickly view the top gadgets and tech news without wading through pages of mediocre news.

Gadged Advisor Logo
Gadged Advisor Logo

At the first time, I saw some interesting gadget review like universal remote control, network media player, and online backup services. Those are interesting topics to me, and I think useful and cool yes I agree with, but significant :) I don’t see at this moment, but perhaps after reading almost all the archives if I have that much time to read it all :) I could be the significant product. However, all of those products reviewed it’s so subjective to choose which one is a significant product, so don’t follow my opinion, just let see and find out what’s in it and stay posted new gadget review to gadget advisor.

The ‘Icy’ HTC Touch Diamond

The HTC released new HTC’s Touch Diamond with Icy looks. Why I called it Icy, because by default the color of this gadget is Snow White and it’s look cool. Accodring to reghardware, the specification was not far from the black released, it’s only for  fashion-conscious communicators with high tech. They were not mention about the prices, but we predicted if it’s near with the Black Touch Diamond it’s about 600 USD. To view the detail specification here.

HTC Diamond Icy
HTC Diamond Icy

Apple was not anti Microsoft

Do you mac lover and also love almost all the gadget that produce by mac ? I believe you would love this gadget IPhone 3G. Some people said they like IPhone because it’s simple, and that’s the same opinion with me at the first time I saw IPhone. But now, technology growth very fast, there are no simplicity because people are complex subjects and so as the gadget they bring it on.
Tod Pierece said about this IPhone

“The iPhone is a watershed event in mobile computing for corporations. Our experience with it has shown its potential to be the most useful business mobility tool we’ve ever used.”

So what you can say …
If you see many video’s about PC and mac like “Hi, I’m a PC” and “Hi, I’m a Mac” it looks like war :)
But at the applications and tools, mac adopt several application from Microsoft. Now, mac want to share with Microsoft Exchange. So, a businessman can manage their email using their IPhone and connected with their own server. Usually they use Microsoft Exchange as an Email server. IPhone support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, delivering push email, calendar, and contacts. And it gives mobile users secure access to corporate resources with Cisco IPSec VPN and wireless network services with WPA2 Enterprise and 802.1X authentication. Do you like more with this gadget :) I hope it will be here in Indonesia soon. Do you love your iPhone?