Use Google docs to share your document easy

As with email, Google doc’s facility is a product of Google that serves to share documents and files in various formats, such as word, excel images, and several other formats. Many people are now using this service, of course, for reasons of effectiveness. You might also try some of the features available in the Google docs. Feature in Google docs is aimed at those who have high mobility and like to always get a report or files in real time and fast, both in terms of data access and ease of use.

To be able to use the services and facilities that exist in Google docs is quite easy, where you only need email account on gmail as the facility to login to the service. Continue reading “Use Google docs to share your document easy”

How to Create Email Groups Step by step

Back to give interesting tips for you on For those of you activists Gmail, are obliged to know the following tips. The tips is How to Create Email Groups. If you send emails to the same contacts during the day, selecting them individually is annoying.


Of course there are way more easily by following this step below; Continue reading “How to Create Email Groups Step by step”

Gmail App began to be used through your iPhone

Happy news again comes from Google, the company is as tireless in expanding its market reach. This time iPhone users and other iOS can be encouraged, this is because now Google apps have already been made ​​available for iOS like Google Voice and Google Maps.

Google Gmail
Google Gmail

According to TechCrunch’s MG Siegler the app has already been submitted to Apple for approval and launch could very soon, and the app is expected to bring all the features of Gmail to the iPhone and iOS devices. Continue reading “Gmail App began to be used through your iPhone”

How to Update your Facebook status with Gmail Account

Usually when we hear the word Gmail, the first thing that we dipikiran is an e-mail and any activity that is in it, ranging from check e-mail, send an e-mail, and so on.

iGoogle Image
iGoogle Image

Do you know how to update her Facebook status to use your Gmail account you have? Just following these steps: Continue reading “How to Update your Facebook status with Gmail Account”

The biggest benefit of Boomerang that can Schedules Your Gmail

You have a task for sending e-mails periodically, such as notifications or reminders to the client? No need to record it in a special organizer such as Microsoft Outlook. But you can simply install the Boomerang in your web browser.

Boomerang on Gmail Image
Boomerang on Gmail Image

Boomerang is a special plugin for Firefox and Chrome to create and send e-mail at scheduled times through Gmail. Yes, you should use a Gmail account to use this plugin. Continue reading “The biggest benefit of Boomerang that can Schedules Your Gmail”

Call Phones on GMail

GMail added new features, now you can call you phones with you GMail. Logging into your web browser GMail activated this services and try call you phones. This features is amazing, regarding this GMail Official blog, about new services. This is what GMail official blog said

Calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at our very low rates. We worked hard to make these rates really cheap (see comparison table) with calls to the U.K., France, Germany, China, Japan–and many more countries–for as little as $0.02 per minute.

GMail with Call Phones
GMail with Call Phones

Continue reading “Call Phones on GMail”

A Gift from Google: Push Gmail Support

Google Sync: Now with push Gmail support, Google is Super Company, they development so many useful things for us. Google Search, Google Maps, GMail and many more, in few years, google try to play around on Mobile Community, They introduce some tools to make your mobile internet much easy and useful. They has released Google Maps Mobile, YouTube Mobile, GMail Mobile and many more.


In early 2009, they introducing another one, Google Sync. This ups is the easiest way to sync your desktop/Google Application with your Mobile Device. and Ho la, in 2010 they added new featured again. Google Sync with push Gmail Support. Continue reading “A Gift from Google: Push Gmail Support”

Gmail With Multiple POP Clients

I got a complain from email user that they did not receive email from some of their contact. I guessed it must be caused by spam filter in the mail server. I hosted company’s email at ISP. ISP’s webmail also did not have a Bulk folder, so email suspected as spam will be permanently deleted. Therefore I move all emails to GMail and use their Google Application service.

The problem came when I need to access email from several mail clients. They did not receive all messages, only a part of it. The solution can be achieved from help center. For a short, you just need to set POP username from: [email protected] to recent:[email protected] and set leave all messages in the server. “Recent:” prefix is to fetches the last 30 days of mail, regardless of whether it’s been sent to another POP client already.

That’s all. User now can check spam messages (what?) and download email using POP without problem.