Google nexus 7 access information quickly via Google

With Google now, jelly bean android users can now access a variety of information in real time to choose before. Google now gives users the option to specify what kind of information you want to see based on the information card in the card provided. Here are simple tips that you can follow to get the optimum benefits from Google now: Continue reading “Google nexus 7 access information quickly via Google” Coupon and Promo Code for April-May 2011

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How To Reset Google Apps Administrator Password

I have so many Google Apps on my domains, sometimes I decide to use unique administrator username, remember all of this unique administrator username and password is not easy. Something I am forgot Google Apps Administrator Password. Right now I will show you how to reset Google Apps administrator password.

Google has said, you can reset the password using an automated system. Google sends reset instructions to your registered secondary email address or to another address that you specify. Now I will show you step by step to reset Google Apps Administrator Password. Continue reading “How To Reset Google Apps Administrator Password”