Relaxing for a Moment with the Mini Game from Google Chrome

After working a long time with your favorite browser google chrome, of course you want to feel the entertainment by playing games for example.


Lucky you use google chrome, because you do not have to bother looking for a way to get your favorite game. Since all are available waiting for you to download. Here we create a list of some interesting games: Continue reading “Relaxing for a Moment with the Mini Game from Google Chrome”

Which one you choose, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

If you frequently use the Internet must have tried several browsers, is not it? You can determine the browser which gives the best performance for you, both in terms of speed, features and facilities, as well as be some add on in the browser.

In addition, the safety factor in using the internet is also one very important thing to note. Here we will inform you to compare two types of browsers that you have often used, namely Mozille Firefox and Google Chrome.

As for the other browsers do not try to compare us. Of both browsers, which do you think is best? To answer these questions, there are some criteria that will be used as a reference to choose according to your needs in using the Internet.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Logo
Mozilla Firefox 4 Logo

Mozilla firefox

The browser is available in several versions, including the mobile version and PC version. By default, both browsers are not much different; where you can install some add on to increase the browser performance. For the mobile version, this browser does not provide many options in terms of appearance. This is of course where the screen on a mobile device is quite limited. However, for applications on the desktop PC, you can enjoy various facilities that exist in the browser, such as history, clear cookies, add ons, plugins, and some tools that are needed. Continue reading “Which one you choose, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?”

Use Google chrome for your browser

Some browsers do have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your taste using the browser. One browser that I think is pretty fast in accessing some websites with flash facility is Google Chrome. Although this statement is not fully supported by the webmaster, but with the increasing use of this browser certainly showed browser that is indeed good enough to be used. With a view that is quite simple, of course, have a distinct advantage for the browser, because the addition does not require a lot of resource, the browser is also easier for the optimization, such as when added to some plugins in it.

chrome browser

One feature that is pretty good from this browser is the ability to perform multiple features of your resume, especially if you are experiencing computer error at run time. Continue reading “Use Google chrome for your browser”

How To Block Ads on Google Chrome

Firefox has been the browser of choice of technical savvy users for many years but recently more and more are switching to Google Chrome.

And there are several reasons for that, too: Chrome uses less memory, it has a better download manager and in general it just seems to work faster.

But what about the addons that make browsing with Firefox so comfortable? Google Chrome is offering extensions and apps as well – but are they as good as the Firefox ones? Let’s compare the most popular feature: blocking ads.

Adblock Plus for Google Chromeâ„¢ (Beta)
Adblock Plus for Google Chromeâ„¢ (Beta)

With almost 130 million downloads the most popular addon for Firefox is Adblock Plus. The Google Chrome Web Store even offers two adblockers, unsurprinsingly they are the two most popular Chrome extensions. They are called “AdBlock” and “Adblock Plus”. But which one of the two is better and are they a match to Adblock Plus for Firefox? Continue reading “How To Block Ads on Google Chrome”

New features in Google Chrome, Amazing!!

Google Chrome, a web browser from Google Inc. known as a web browser that is lightweight and simple. You may also already know about the features and functions of each of tools contained in the browser. Google Chrome is made by using WebKit technology, which is a rendering engine that previously had been used by some of Apple’s browser output, such as Safari. By using this technology, Google Chrome may be possible to open web pages faster and lighter, so you will be more comfortable in exploring the Internet, right? :):)

By using a minimalist design, will add to the impression if Google Chrome is a lightweight web browser for use. However, the web browser is still interesting for you to try; this is because this browser has many features that can be utilized by the user’s browser. Continue reading “New features in Google Chrome, Amazing!!”