Ganti Tema WordPress 4.7 ke Twenty Seventeen

Barusan update WordPress ke WordPress 4.7, dimana WordPress 4.7 menawarkan beberapa kelebihan-kelebihan dan fitur2 baru dan seperti biyasa di akhir tahun WordPress menghadirkan Tema baru. Twenty Seventeen.

Kebiasaan Automattic ini sudah mulai diexe seingat saya sejak Twenty Ten atau kurang lebih tahun 2009 yang lalu.

Sejak saat itu WordPress diakhir tahun selalu menghadirkan Teman dengan Brand Name Twenty dilanjutkan tahun saat itu + 1. Continue reading “Ganti Tema WordPress 4.7 ke Twenty Seventeen”

Cara Mematikan/Pause Auto Update Windows

Cara Mematikan/Pause Auto Update Windows. Pernahkan Windows kalian tiba-tiba koneksi internetnya Super Lemod dan nyaris tidak bisa dipakai? Browsing kemana-mana dengan browser apa saja cuma kluwer2 nggak ada ujungnya? Bisa jadi Windows Update nya sedang Running dibelakang dan download data yang tidak sedikit.

Download Update dan itu menyita seluruh koneksi Internet anda. Jadi sangat menyebalkan dan susah untuk berselencar maya selama proses update masih berjalan. Continue reading “Cara Mematikan/Pause Auto Update Windows”

Tips Pindah Server dari Shared Hosted ke VPS

Jauhari.NET yang sudah tidak ada pengunjungnya akhirnya pindah dari Shared Hosting ke VPS. Tujuan pindah ini bukan karena tetiba pengunjung mbludak. Tapi karena Ongkos Shared Hosting yang ternyata jauh lebih mahal dibandingkan sewa VPS sendiri.

Sebenarnya banyak diluaran sana yang menawarkan Shared Hosting dengan 25$ bisa dipakai setahun. Tapi karena dulunya Jauhari.NET ini nampung banyak domain, saya sekalian Sewa Hosting di Shared Hosting yang agak kuat. Dan jatuhlah di HawkHost dengan biaya Sewa 25$/bulan. Continue reading “Tips Pindah Server dari Shared Hosted ke VPS”

Merampingkan Kategori WordPress

Seingat kami, Blog ini dulu Hadir sebelum WordPress memperkenalkan apa yang dinamakan dengan Tags, nah karena Ulah WordPress itulah, maka Kategori kami menjadi banyak sekali dan nggak teraturan.

Logo WordPress Official Blue
Logo WordPress Official Blue

Mengingat ini sudah waktunya berbenah di akhir Tahun 2015 ini dan juga sebagai langkah-langkah awal dari Tulisan Kami sebelumnya tentang Bahasa Indonesia, maka kami menata kembali lokalisasi segala hal yang ada di Situs ini dulunya agar bisa diakses dengan nyaman.

Untuk saat ini, Halaman Theme WordPress masih amburadul dan nggak karu2an, begitu juga Halaman Details dari Themes2 tersebut. Continue reading “Merampingkan Kategori WordPress”

Water Damaged Phone? What to Do

One of the most common accidents with mobile phones is dropping them in water and unfortunately in many cases mobile phone insurance policies fail to cover for water damage.

That’s why it’s useful to know exactly what to do in case your phone falls in water. Fortunately Geek Squad is here to help you through your problem with their phone repair expertise. Here are the steps you can take to minimize the damage. Continue reading “Water Damaged Phone? What to Do”

How to Properly Clean Your Gadgets

Blurb: Caring for your devices includes cleaning them and making sure that they are not vectors for diseases. Check out these tips to keep your gadgets nice and clean.

Clean Gadgets
Clean Gadgets

This will sound disgusting, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. You know how super old mobile phones  seem like they’re meant to withstand all sorts of damage? Well it turns out that no matter how durable an old phone is, it’s no match against good old drool. Yes, now you know our deepest darkest secret: we ruined a supposedly hardy phone with saliva. And no, we’re not proud of the fact and we certainly tried our best to resuscitate that phone. But no matter how much we sprayed disinfectant, wiped, and cleaned the thing, it remained damaged. Continue reading “How to Properly Clean Your Gadgets”

How to Password Protect your Droid Dropbox

For you as the android users, would have been familiar with Dropbox application. Just for information Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software.


And if you want to save files and apps on your droid, it’s a good idea to password protect them from unauthorized use. Here’s a quick guide to help you setup passcode lock on Dropbox for Android. Continue reading “How to Password Protect your Droid Dropbox”

How to Rip Your DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

DVD Ripper Platinum Free Giveaway before May.20, 2012

From my own experience, I seldom watch a movie twice at home, but I love to store them in my multimedia library for fear that someday when I have a family retreat or holiday vacation, I could take my favorite movies with my honored guest. And, with the mobility of my electronic device, I mean, my iPhone, iPad, I can take any movies along on the way of a long road journey or a business trip.

So, there comes the need to rip DVDs to my PC for storage and to my iPhone iPad for the convenient watching. If you have the same demand as me, you can check WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. The good news is the developer, Digiarty Software, makes it free in the first round Hello Summer Giveaway. You may catch the chance to get it free before May 20. Or you will have to cost $35.95 to own it. Continue reading “How to Rip Your DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum”

How To Schedule Disk Defragmentation for your Windows 7 OS is always present a variety of interesting information. One of them is the category to optimize your PC. And on this occasion we will learn How To Schedule Disk Defragmentation for your Windows 7 OS.

disk defragment
disk defragment

Certainly for those of you are super busy or rarely perform maintenance on your hard drive, it will be very useful tips for you. Here are the steps: Continue reading “How To Schedule Disk Defragmentation for your Windows 7 OS”

How to Change Windows 7 Start Menu Power Button to Restart Button

For users of Windows 7, of course you feel annoyed when you want to restart your computer. Because you should be careful to choose the power button on the start menu.

Windows 7 Restart Button
Windows 7 Restart Button

There is an easy way to change that to the restart button, please follow these steps: Continue reading “How to Change Windows 7 Start Menu Power Button to Restart Button”

How to Make your Android Smartphone Speak Incoming CallerID Outloud

Sure is fun and easier for you when you receive a call, you can read the ID of your incoming calls to you outloud.

Caller ID
Caller ID

In times like this kind of technology that has been found, especially for you the Android users. And it already exists on your smartphone, Let’s enable it! Continue reading “How to Make your Android Smartphone Speak Incoming CallerID Outloud”

Instagram For Android v1.0.2 New Upadate

Good news for android user, a few days ago Instagram application of Burbn, Inc officially released for android smartphone. Instagram has been long awaited by the android user. Because there is only the beginning of this Instagram on the iPhone IOS operating system.

instagram for android
instagram for android

Instagram name comes from an understanding of the overall function of this application. The word “insta” comes from “instant”, like a Polaroid camera in his time known as “instant picture”. Continue reading “Instagram For Android v1.0.2 New Upadate”

How To Quickly Create a Zip Files on Mac OS X

Creating archives is great for may reasons, they save space, and it’s a polite and easier way to send a group of files to someone else. Especially for those of you who want to send someone a lot of photos or files.

ZIP file Mac OS X
ZIP file Mac OS X

And just for information Zip is a file format used for data compression and archiving. A zip file contains one or more files that have been compressed, to reduce file size, or stored as is. Continue reading “How To Quickly Create a Zip Files on Mac OS X”