Kode Promo NAME.com Bulan April 2016

Kode Promo NAME.com Bulan April 2016 ini kami ujicoba dan masih jalan. Perlu diketahui, layanan NAME.com adalah salah satu layanan pembelian domain favorit kami.

Mungkin dari sisi harga nggak ada yang spesial, tapi kami sering menfaatkan Coupon Code Name.com, Kode Kupon Name.com sehingga harga yang kami dapatkan lebih murah. Continue reading “Kode Promo NAME.com Bulan April 2016”

Name.com Promo Code August 2011

This is the latest Name.com coupons codes that actually work. Please check it out, if this coupons has been expired please let’s me knows.

1.99 off a private whois order (i.e. free private whois)
Did this coupon work for you?

$8.25 .COM/.NET registrations & renewals $8.99 .TV registrations $7.99 .US registrations & renewals $8.99 .BIZ registrations & renewals

$8.75 com/net reg/renewals, $8.99 .TV registrations (by FOLSOL.com)

We hope our name.com coupons codes august 2011 useful for you

Name.com Coupon and Promo Code for April-May 2011

This is Name.com Coupon Code for April-May 2011, have you check our previous Name.com Coupon Code for February 2011, I have use Name.com as my Domain Registrar, For me Name.com feature are awesome, this control panel really simple and easy to use.

name.com official Merchandise
name.com official Merchandise

Using Name.com we can integrate with Google Apps easily and quickly. If we didn’t need custom domain server, we can use Name.com name server and configure it easily. Continue reading “Name.com Coupon and Promo Code for April-May 2011”

Name.com Redesigned

My favorite Domain Registrar Name.com redesigned their site. On the new designed Name.com using more dark background and center layout.

Name.com Redesigned
Name.com Redesigned


User Account menu and the balance of spent the money also displayed on the top. On the bottom area Name.com using unique background. Hand written icon, this background make new layout more interesting and unique. Don’t forget to check our Name.com 2011 Coupons to get the best prices on Name.com

Name.com Coupon Code for March 2011

Have you check and use my Name.com Coupon Code for February 2011. Now I will update new Name.com Coupon Code for March 2011.

Name.com Coupon Code for March 2011

  • name.com coupon code: SHAMROCKS
    Saving 1.24$
  • name.com coupon code: tv
    .TV registrations are $10.99 one year, $9.99 multi-year for a limited time!
  • name.com coupon code: FREEWHOIS
    Free Who Is Registration
  • name.com coupon code: info
    new .info registration $3.99 1st year
  • name.com coupon code: im
    For a limited time you can register and renew for the low price of $6.99!
  • name.com coupon code: asia
    6.99$ .Asia domains

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Name.com Coupon Code for February 2011

Update: Name.com Coupon Code for March 2011

Name.com Coupon Code for February 2011; Beside GoDaddy.com, we also using name.com as our domain registrar. There are so many reason why I used name.com. Our main reason is more simply and faster domain order and management interface.

So, like on lour GoDaddy Copupon Code 2011, I will show you latest update on name.com coupon code 2011. Please notes, this coupon code worked when I was publish this post. Continue reading “Name.com Coupon Code for February 2011”

How To Create My Own Name Servers on name.com

Setup Custom Name Server on name.com
Setup Custom Name Server on name.com
name.com is currently my favorite Domain Registrar.
Why become my favorite? It’s cheap, easy to maintenance and very fast purchased. name.com also built in with many great features. I will not explain more about it. But I want to share my tiny tutorial Create My Own Name Servers on name.com

The Purpose create Own Name Servers is to make our domain more professional look ;) Example custom Domain Name Servers is like this. I have domain www.google.com and I want my Name Servers become ns1.google.com ns2.google.com and many more. To do this way is easy on name.com, let’s move on Continue reading “How To Create My Own Name Servers on name.com”