Microsoft Lumia 935 – Smartphone Dengan Kamera 31MP

Sejak Nokia di beli Microsoft, Microsoft langsung saja menggenjot ponsel yang dulunya sempat menguasai dunia ponsel dengan nama Nokia ini. Desain produk, peningkatan mutu dan hardware menjadi target Microsoft. Telah banyak beredar smartphone Lumia dengan spesifikasi yang tentunya menarik disamping harga  yang bersaing.

Microsoft, Nokia, Lumia 935, Smartphone
Microsoft Lumia 935

Dan kabarnya Microsoft tengah menyiapakan seri terbaru dari ponsel Lumia ini. Secara resmi Microsoft belum mengumumkan hal ini ke publik, namun rumor yang beredar, saat ini Microsoft tengan mempersiapkan peluncuran Smart Lumia 935. Apa sih yang baru dari Lumia 935 ini?

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Samsung Win the title World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer

The title of World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer have moved from Apple to Samsung. The Wall Street Journal reporting that citing a reliable source claiming that Samsung has shipped more than 20 million smartphone units to its consumer as compared to Apples shipments of 17.1 million iPhone units for Q3, 2011.

Samsung the World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer
Samsung the World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer

Samsung officially announces its financial results for Q3, with a pride of elegance that its smartphone sales have hit above 40% boom over the previous quarter without mentioning the numbers of its sold out smartphones. Continue reading “Samsung Win the title World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer”

Nokia N96 ready for Mac Lovers

Yes, this information comes up from at a short quotes. You may check this information at nokia support center at europe.

Nokia has getting closer with mac users and already develop some features that compatible with Mac features like isync, multimedia transfer, and modem. It’s really great news for you that iPhone can’t comes in to your country.

What you need to use this Nokia to make it compatible with your Mac ? Here’s some info for you.

  1. Make sure you have installed all available updates from Apple using Software Update. You will need Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher to use the plug-in.
  2. Check the list above to see if your phone needs a plug-in. If so, download the plug-in disk image to your desktop.
  3. Make sure iSync is not running.
  4. Double-click the downloaded plug-in disk image. A virtual disk will open in Finder.
  5. Double-click the enclosed plug-in installer package to start the installation.
  6. After the installation is complete, you can eject the virtual disk and move the disk image file to the Trash.
  7. You can now start iSync with the plug-in installed.

Make sure to update your Mac regularly so that you have the latest version of iSync.
Get more information from Apple’s iSync site at

Nokia and Microsoft Bring E-mail, Music to Phones

Peter Sayer, IDG News Service
Monday, February 14, 2005

Nokia has announced a partnership with Microsoft to deliver music and e-mail to users of its mobile phones, but has ruled out the possibility of building Microsoft�s operating system software into its products.

Software supporting Microsoft Exchange Server�s ActiveSync protocol for synchronizing e-mail, calendar, and contact information will be a feature of future Nokia phones, thanks to a deal announced by the two companies at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes on Monday.

�Part of becoming more IT aware (as a company) is an appreciation for de facto standards, and ActiveSync is the de facto standard,� said Nokia Executive Vice President of Enterprise Solutions Mary McDowell, defending the company�s decision to bow to Microsoft�s might, rather than use its market leadership to push the software giant into supporting open synchronization protocols.
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