Utilizing the features of the open source

Application of open source is one option for developers and web design are also some other applications. The existence of open source is a separate option for some people, with support by the creativity and understanding around the internet and the computer program, one could easily develop the application. Utilizing an open source is an option, especially for some applications based on user needs a program and the need for facilities for free. But some people do not really understand the characteristics of an application, where every time there is still a lot of damage and also some bugs that exist. Continue reading “Utilizing the features of the open source”

Top 5 Must Have SEO Plugins For WordPress This Year

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It is often customized into a content management system (CMS). And in 2011 WordPress has dominated the landscape of blogging. There are a number of reasons why WordPress is so good quality coding, highly customizable, works well for SEO, friendly user interface, and a lot more.

Wordpress Plugins
Wordpress Plugins

Media is also incorporated artistically and effortlessly by thousands of different WordPress themes around the internet, and SEO comes just as easily. One very popular feature of WordPress is its rich plugin architecture which allows users and developers to extend its functionality beyond the features that come as part of the base install. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress this year. Continue reading “Top 5 Must Have SEO Plugins For WordPress This Year”

20 Years of Linux with Infographics

I'll be celebrating 20 years of Linux with The Linux Foundation!Now, Almost every open source web server using Linux as Operating System. This server also using Linux as Operating System. The Linux Foundation is celebrating 20 years of the famous FOSS operating system, Linux – or GNU-slash-Linux, depending on how hard-line a fossie you’re talking to – with a slew of special events, both online and IRL.

Linux enthusiasts can check out the official anniversary site for details.

Check this video about the story of 20 Years Linux

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How to install Linux Ubuntu (1)

For the record disk used is 10GB (not the partition) 256MB memory, Intel P4 2.4GHz processor and the installation using VMware Workstation.
Before you install Ubuntu, the BIOS must set the Boot Device Priority first, installing Ubuntu in Boot Device Priority should be directed to the CDROM. To enter the BIOS of each motherboard has their own standards. But most stayed pressing delete or F2 key. When first booting press F2 or Del to enter BIOS, you need to press quickly, otherwise the computer will go into the OS on your hard drive. Then save the configuration and then reboot again.

Start installing Select Start or Install, we can run through the Ubuntu Live-CD. In the Live CD we can try Ubuntu without having the ability to install to hard disk, at this moment you can write documents, the internet, like you’ve installed the hard drive. And keep in mind that this is only read only which means that all documents that are stored in the / home is temporary and will disappear if the reboot. We assume you have a new 10 GB hard drive in the partition and not be in install Ubuntu.

The next step we need to partition the hard disk first, click System> Administration> Gnome. Because we will create a new partition then right click on the black area and then click create, then wait if it is right click on the black area again. And do not forget we have to determine how large a partition that is used. Here I have a 10 GB hard drive with the partition that is 2 to 8.7 GB ext3 and the rest for swap. Click Add when you have to configure it. After you click add it will appear in blue on the black area, if there is space remaining then right click again, select new. Then click add, (requires a minimum linux swap and root partition) after that if we want to do the disk partition that has been done earlier then click Apply, and then wait loading process. Continued…..

Make a website with Joomla

what is joomlaGenerally, if you want to make a website, we must have knowledge of the language of php, html, java, or several programs related to web design. Of course to learning and the process take a long time. With the growing technology of modern website, there are other ways a more practical and can be done by anyone, besides that it is also able to create a web site instantly by using the open source program “Joomla!”.

What is Joomla!?
I am sure, would you have opened many websites. From some websites that you open, there must be some websites that you feel attractive, especially in view of the website. Is to create a website needs to have knowledge of web programming language adequate? Course not. For applications using Joomla web design of this thing you can do with ease. Why Joomla? Is not there another program? Joomla is one of the application system based “Open Source Content Management System” which is great for this time in class CMS. Joomla is now entering the community area. Joomla becomes a trade-mark or brand image, which shows that open source, can be developed well enough and too perfect. Joomla belong to all people that can be used to develop based on ability and skill in development website content. Everyone has the right to know and use Joomla. Everyone has the right to make modifications with this program (Joomla). With this application, we can make the website easier. We do not require knowledge of web design and programming. All it takes is basic knowledge about how to install the application (Joomla). Some facilities offered by Joomla applications include:

1. Free
Joomla application you can get for free on the Internet, you can download the application via a website that is providing the program to the public.

2. Ease of managing content
Manage your website content using easier because Joomla has provided several features to make arrangements. Joomla user applications only make what you want put in the website.

3. Ease of changing the website layout
Joomla templates are many and varied according to the version we use Joomla. Modifications to the template that we use are also very easy. Some images that we want to use for the background we can edit using Photoshop. Thus, the template will change according to what we want. If you want to try the application, you can download at http://www.joomla.org/.