Water Damaged Phone? What to Do

One of the most common accidents with mobile phones is dropping them in water and unfortunately in many cases mobile phone insurance policies fail to cover for water damage.

That’s why it’s useful to know exactly what to do in case your phone falls in water. Fortunately Geek Squad is here to help you through your problem with their phone repair expertise. Here are the steps you can take to minimize the damage. Continue reading “Water Damaged Phone? What to Do”

Send To Phone Firefox Extension

If you are Android Froyo and Mozilla Firefox user just like me, you’ll like it ;) We’ve know that on Google I/O Google introducing Android Froyo 2.2, one of this featured is Cloud To Device Messaging. This function is enable your Browser (on the demo using Google Chrome with Extension) to sent some URL, Google Maps, YouTube video and many more directly to your Android 2.2 Devices.

Send To Phone Firefox Extension - Screen shoot
Send To Phone Firefox Extension - Screen shoot

To use this function, Google Chrome extension and Android App needed to be installed to make it work. Send To Phone is alternative for Mozilla Firefox user, with this extension, Firefox user able to sent webpage links which launches the page in the phone’s web browser, send Google Maps link that load up the Maps application, send YouTube video links that launches the player, send phone numbers that launch the dialer and copy simple text that can be pasted into text messages or email. Continue reading “Send To Phone Firefox Extension”