Top 5 Must Have SEO Plugins For WordPress This Year

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. It is often customized into a content management system (CMS). And in 2011 WordPress has dominated the landscape of blogging. There are a number of reasons why WordPress is so good quality coding, highly customizable, works well for SEO, friendly user interface, and a lot more.

Wordpress Plugins
Wordpress Plugins

Media is also incorporated artistically and effortlessly by thousands of different WordPress themes around the internet, and SEO comes just as easily. One very popular feature of WordPress is its rich plugin architecture which allows users and developers to extend its functionality beyond the features that come as part of the base install. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress this year. Continue reading “Top 5 Must Have SEO Plugins For WordPress This Year”

How To Display Your Latest Twitter Entries on WordPress

Today, Twitter is the most successfully microblogging website on this planet, Twitter was adopted on search result in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Beside that fact, mostly twitter user also ordinary blogger like me, they have personal blog or business blog. With a little trick that I got from instanshift, we can integrated our latest tweets on our WordPress blog.


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