SEO Technique for your Blogs

Seo techniques for the blog, is a series of processes carried out systematically in order to increase the traffic of a blog through search engines by utilizing the workings or the search engine algorithms. Optimization techniques own blog aims to put a blog in the top position or at least on the first page of search results based on your targeted keywords. Blogs that are on the top of the search results will logically have a better chance to get visitors. Continue reading “SEO Technique for your Blogs”

How to number one in Google?

How to become the page one google search engine google basically just Google knows. Google has an algorithm to adjust the position or ranking in their search results. But now many seo experts describes how to get the first position in google search results, these methods appear based on research, experience, knowledge, and other things they already know to be able to occupy position of the google search. Continue reading “How to number one in Google?”