Why We Need RightClickNow.com Software Services

Today, everything goes online and online is not enough, we should make it sure that what we have done is right and works. And what I can said is you should try RightClickNow.com services. Here is what RightClickNow said about what their really want.

Our mission is to provide integrated Assisted Living software that is affordable and easy to use so that you can focus on giving quality services to your residents and employees while saving time and money.

RightNowClick Logo
RightNowClick Logo

It’s really nice point right? And about their product their always said that a software should have this point

  • Flexibility: Designed to adapt to the way you want to do business.
  • Accountability: Measure goals against actual results. Responsibilities are defined by role and/or function.
  • Efficiency: Produce desired efficiency with minimum effort. Why enter the same information multiple times? More than once is too many.
  • Sharing of Information: All information is secure and available immediately for anyone you select when distributing facts and data.

And that’s what RightClickNow offering to all their customers. So you should try it right now.

How To Convert PDF into HTML

Did you know that, we can easily Convert PDF into HTML using Free Online Tool for PDF to HTML Conversion. Many web developers and website designers get the information needed for their sites from their clients via PDF. However, they will eventually have to turn that information into HTML, because that is the necessary format for creating websites. Thankfully, there are online converters that will quickly convert PDFs to HTMLfor you and allow you to avoid the lengthy task of doing this manually.

PDF into HTML Converter
PDF into HTML Converter

PDF to HTML is one such online converter. The process is simple: All you have to do is upload your PDF (just make sure that it is smaller than 30MB), and provide your email. Then just click the “send” button and wait a couple of minutes. The converted HTML file will be sent to the email address that you gave. Continue reading “How To Convert PDF into HTML”

DVD Ripper for Mac Exclusive Giveaway from MacX DVD

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway
MacX DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway

MacX DVD software cooperate with us and bring Exclusive Giveaway on MacX DVD RipperPro for both Mac and Windows users before June 10. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a professional DVD Ripper software designed with multiple advanced technologies to rip DVD to video and backup DVD in few minutes.

It allows users to remove the latest DVD copy protections adopted in newly released DVD disc to making it effortless to rip DVD to MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, AVI, H.264 and convert DVD straightly to portable devices, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, etc.

It is easy to get the full version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro. First, go the giveaway page. And download the version according to your Platform, and use the corresponding license code to activate the program. Continue reading “DVD Ripper for Mac Exclusive Giveaway from MacX DVD”

Download WordPress for iOS 2.8

Now you can download WordPress for iOS 2.8. On this version there are many enhancement. Specially for iPhone user now you can quick photos and publish it in your WordPress blog.

WordPress for iOS 2.8 Screenshot
WordPress for iOS 2.8 Screenshot


Another major enhancement that I really like is integrated with WordPress Stats added translations to Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Bosnian, Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and Croatian. More details check it on iOS WordPress Blog

Well done. Now download WordPress for iOS 2.8 using this iTunes Link

Download YouTube video using Command Line

youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and a few more sites. To use youtube-dl you only needed to installed Python interpreter, version 2.x (x being at least 4), and it is not platform specific.

youtube-dl will work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. How about the licence? youtube-dl is is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like. Continue reading “Download YouTube video using Command Line”

Must Have Photography Apps for iPhone

Must Have Photography Apps for iPhone users. I know, I am not Photographer expert yet, but I really enjoy take some pictures on whatever look interesting for me. Before I using Smartphone, my Photography tools is Panasonic Lumix FZ8, the one and only tools to take same pictures.

iPhone 4 - Photography App Weapons
iPhone 4 - Photography App Weapons

Then on April 2010, I got my first Smartphone. HTC Desire, I love it and enjoy it much more. With 5MP, I can take some pictures whatever I want and needed. In the last October my another journey has began.

I got my first iPhone, iPhone 4 with multi touch, 5MP with flash and many more. Than I began explore much more in App Store, what I can do with this phone. I found some interesting app to be supporter my Photography activities. And here is some of them Continue reading “Must Have Photography Apps for iPhone”

Downloading Youtube and Other Embedded Videos

Have you ever wanted to save an embedded video? I looked, but they never seem to have a simple download button. Fortunately, they have a browser addon that will let you save videos to your computer:

Download YouTube Video Tool
Download YouTube Video Tool

Download Youtube Videos Plus

This helpful addon is available for free for both Firefox at mozilla.org and IE6, IE7, and IE8 from download.cnet.com. (But I really hope you’re not still using IE6!) Once installed, it’s a breeze to use. Continue reading “Downloading Youtube and Other Embedded Videos”

WP Robot Make Your Internet Marketing easier

If you know about posting articles automatically using feed wordpress or other wordpress plugins, so I will present to you a new technology called WP Robot. It’s a  premium plugin that might be interesting to have for your blogs.

For the first time I saw this feature from WPRobot.net, I think it’s similar like  feed wordpress plus some additional modification for any posts that do not exactly match the original any posts.

In fact all of that right and many other additional and particularly if you use your blog as a business to obtain dollars from the internet as an internet marketer.

Why, because WP Robot equipped with a module that supports some of the affiliate that is already famous amazon, ebay, clickbank article and some banks to fill the rather blog without having to write your own articles about the theme you have in the affiliate.
Continue reading “WP Robot Make Your Internet Marketing easier”

Online Survey Software Company

logo-keysurveyHave you ever search online survey software? Like we all know, there are a lot of survey software on the net. And before we choose which one the best suit for our company, we need to take a look each software. So we can choose which one the best fit for our company. After search on the net, I found WorldAPP Key Surveys. On this software we can use with easy and there are API support also Free 30 days trial.

Like what’s WolrdAPP team say about this software

We have developed a unique survey management technology to provide our users with the best, simplest way to create surveys with professional survey design,” says WorldAPP CEO Cal Brown. “Now users can benefit hugely from the Key Survey standard template library, where hundreds of survey templates are classified by industry and usage, with an abundance of newly released professionally designed theme samples.

Continue reading “Online Survey Software Company”

Share Your Files With eSnips.Com

Esnips  As a social content-sharing site, eSnips.Com provides you space to publish and share any media type. You have unlimited flexibility in choosing what kind of media to share, in 5GB of free space. You are allowed to share anything you want, about any topic: your thoughts, your photos, your music, your videos, your flash files, stuff you find on the web, and many other media types as long as they are allowed in the term of use.

To organize your files is easy by creating folders which can be controlled by you to decide who is allowed to view each folder – just you, a select group, or the world. Toolbar is available to be downloaded and installed to your favorite web browser which will ease you when uploading stuff to eSnips.

Here is the screen capture of eSnips.Com.


Measure Your Crawl Cycle

Another important metric for search engine optimization is the frequency of search engine visits and crawls website content. The rate of the crawling can be quantified by crawl cycle (CC) which present the time between two crawls.

SEO MeterSEOmeter.com provides a tool for webmasters in order to monitor search engine’s crawling on their website. Their tool will record each cache update events for each website listed on them and display the history of cache update in a user friendly graph. Currently SEOmeter.com monitors Google only, since only Google who allows public access to the caching timestamp among other major search engine.

here are many benefits by using this tool. Webmasters can show to public how their website is trusted by search engine (by crawling frequency) while SEO marketers can measure their marketing campaigns (by checking the historical trend of search engine crawling rate) of their clients’ site. The detection and analysis any problems related to robot’s crawling is another benefit.

Here is a sample of Crawl Cycle for Google.com

SEO Meter Graph
The history graph visualizes how the crawl cycle (CC) of a given website changes over time. The x-axis of each dot represents the timestamp of search engine’s crawling event. The y-axis of the dot is a past one-month average of crawl cycle from that date. So for example, CC=2 on Dec. 20 means that between 11/20 and 12/20, search engine crawled the given website once every other day on average.

For webmasters who want to ramp up the search engine’s crawling rate, SEOmeter.com also shares their tips that describes what determines search engine’s crawl rate.

PicMarkr To Protect Your Images

I believe that you need to protect your online images either self hosted or by third parties like Flickr or ImageShack. Of course you can do this with your favorite image editor and add your copyrights note from there.

PickMarkr is a free online tool to add watermark to your images or photos. There 3 steps only.

First, you just need to upload them (up to 5 images) and select the output  image size. Second, insert a text for your copyrights (other message is welcome) and select it’s position. Third, after submitting for final process, you can download or upload it to your flickr account.

Other type of watermark are available. You can use your logo as image watermark. It’s also can be tiled.

Try it your self. Here is a sample for you.

PicMakr Result

Who are your neighbours?

MyIPNeighbors.com provide a nice tool for those who use shared hosting account. You can see how many websites are hosted in the same server as yours server. Is your website packed into a crowded host with hundreds of other sites? Or is there questionable content being hosted side by side with your site? If so, it may be time to look for a better host.

Who are your neighbours? Go find it yourself.