How to Scan Documents and Email it by iPhone

For those of you which is as office workers, must sometimes faced with a situation where you have to immediately send a copy of the document to the client’s. With the demands of the time, we should be able to utilize existing tools. Especially for those of you who have an iPhone, then you don’t […]

How to Tweet and Post Facebook from Lock Screen in iOS 6

The emergence of iOS 6 provides a separate facility on your gadget. Lots of updates and the ease you can get. With the loyal assistant siri all becomes easier. And one of that is the feature that lets you tweet and post to Facebook from the Lock Screen using Siri. There are also settings for […]

How to Password Protect your Droid Dropbox

For you as the android users, would have been familiar with Dropbox application. Just for information Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. And if you want to save files and apps on your droid, it’s a good idea to password protect them […]

How To Schedule Disk Defragmentation for your Windows 7 OS is always present a variety of interesting information. One of them is the category to optimize your PC. And on this occasion we will learn How To Schedule Disk Defragmentation for your Windows 7 OS. Certainly for those of you are super busy or rarely perform maintenance on your hard drive, it will be […]