Video Pria dari Indonesia ini Melamar pacarnya di Panggung Konser @coldplay di Melbourne

Seperti di share oleh Editor in Chief Rolling Stone Indonesia Mas @AdibHidayat, dalam Konser @ColdPlay di Melbourne, seorang Pria dari Indonesia naik ke atas panggung dan mengajak pacarnya.

Dalam konser itu, secara mengejutkan Pria Indonesia tersebut melamar pacarnya di Live Konser @ColdPlay Melbourne. Sontak saja aksi Pria Indonesia ini mendapatkan sambutan meriah dari penonton. Continue reading “Video Pria dari Indonesia ini Melamar pacarnya di Panggung Konser @coldplay di Melbourne”

Twitter Hadirkan Emoji Spesial Descendants of the Sun

Wow Demam Drama Korea Descendants of the Sun merambah Twitter, Twitter secara Resmi menghadirkan Emoji Spesial.

Tepatnya 3 Emoji di 3 Hestek Descendants of the Sun ini. Ketiga Hestek Descendants of the Sun tersebut adalah #DescendantsoftheSun #YooSijin dan #KangMoyeon Continue reading “Twitter Hadirkan Emoji Spesial Descendants of the Sun”

Twitter Akan menghadirkan Photos Stickers

Twitter Akan menghadirkan Fitur Photos Sticker; Twitter, Jejaring Sosial 140 Karakter yang sangat populer dan perlahan sedikit goyah ini mau nggak mau terus ber improvisasi agar supaya bisa tetap eksis dan pengguna tidak lari ke Platform lain.

Nah Twitter akan menambahkan fitur baru setelah sebelumnya hadir dengan Layanan Gif, sekarang Photos juga akan mendapatkan sentuhan Stickers mirip ketika kita bermain di Path, Facebook, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Line dan sejenisnya. Continue reading “Twitter Akan menghadirkan Photos Stickers”

Twitter Tantang Youtube Dalam Layanan Video Online

Twitter dan Youtube bukan kata asing bagi anda. Semua pasti tahu apa itu Twitter, sebagai sebuah jejaring sosial besar pasti pelaku jejaring sosial tahu apa itu Twitter. Begitu juga Youtube, semua pengguna internet pasti tahu apa itu youtube, sebuah layanan video online terbesar saat ini. Nah yang belum banyak tahu adalah tantangan Twitter yang juga akan membuat sebuah layanan video online.

Twitter, Youtube, Video Online
Twitter akan luncurkan layanan video online

Sebelumnya pasti anda pengguna Twitter sudah tahu dengan Vine, aplikasi video di Twitter. Namun yang ini beda, Jika Vine hanya memperbolehkan penggunanya untuk mengunggah video sungkat dengan durasi maksimal 6 detik, maka layanan video Twitter yang baru ini memungkinkan penggunanya mengunggah file video hingga durasi 10 Continue reading “Twitter Tantang Youtube Dalam Layanan Video Online”

How to Tweet and Post Facebook from Lock Screen in iOS 6

The emergence of iOS 6 provides a separate facility on your gadget. Lots of updates and the ease you can get.

Apple Siri
Apple Siri

With the loyal assistant siri all becomes easier. And one of that is the feature that lets you tweet and post to Facebook from the Lock Screen using Siri. There are also settings for your security, so your device safety from send out random messages. Continue reading “How to Tweet and Post Facebook from Lock Screen in iOS 6”

How to be Follower with just one click

You may be intrigued by some of the other tools provided by Twitter. One such tool is the Multi Follow. This tool serves to simplify the work, when we want to follow many Twitter users at once. Features easy without the hassle is also provided for free you do not have to pay a penny.


If you are interested in using it, bookmark, and then follow the following steps: Continue reading “How to be Follower with just one click”

How to Update Your Facebook Status Via Twitter

Managing friendships on social networking sites become rather troublesome lately due to the emergence of a variety of similar sites. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, some social networking sites are also emerging, such as Ning, Plaxo, FriendFeed, Loopt, Brightkite, and much more, and we want to exist at all.

facebook and twitter
facebook and twitter

Tip time is how to combine these two social networking sites Twitter and Facebook that allows us to update our Facebook status while online with Twitter or otherwise, update Twitter status via Facebook. The steps are as follows: Continue reading “How to Update Your Facebook Status Via Twitter”

How to add your Profile & Update Twitter on Page Website

If you have a personal website, you can display your Twitter widget on the website page. No need to bother making programs, Twitter already provide it to you.

Twitter Widget
Twitter Widget

Twitter provides some scripts to help you display your Twitter timeline on a web page, one of which is the timeline of your profile. Here are steps to get this script: Continue reading “How to add your Profile & Update Twitter on Page Website”

How to Share your images via

Sharing pictures of Twitter is actually a matter of course. However, before the advent of these new features, share images can only be done by using third-party applications, such as yFrog and Twit-Pic. Because of its use are more and more, Twitter provides a feature to share this image on pages.


Twitter use the service from her Photobucket for hosting the file. This is an interesting form of cooperation since there are many Twitter users who prefer to use for web surfing. Here are ways to share pictures. Continue reading “How to Share your images via”

Short your URL with when use Micro Blogging

Most of the micro-blogging application users must have tried a few features to shorten the URL, where the main purpose of this application is due to the limitations of existing character in a micro blogging, especially twitter. Many applications of this kind that you can find, some of which are intended to update and characters that you write can be optimized. Continue reading “Short your URL with when use Micro Blogging”

How to use Twitter with Google Wave

Google Wave is a communication tool designed for Internet users to be able to communicate and collaborate on the web in realtime, like e-mail and instant messaging.

Google Wave
Google Wave

For those who already have an account on Google’s Wave, it’s time to make “tweeting” from the application. Here are its phases: Continue reading “How to use Twitter with Google Wave”

Update your Twitter status is unusual, through

Typically, we update the status by directly filling in the “What’s Happening?” In the site or through a desktop client application.

Hootsuite Site
Hootsuite Site

Then, what makes it different now? Imagine you could give me happy birthday to someone you care about, without worrying about forgotten, because the status message that we have previously scheduled. Interested? Follow the steps below: Continue reading “Update your Twitter status is unusual, through”

How do you share documents, with only 140 characters twitter

Hello everyone, this time I will share information to you how so that we can share documents in our twitter account. As we already know, there are various websites and applications that can be used to share documents. Unfortunately, the way is tedious because you must create an account and then upload it manually.

TwitDoc Site Image
TwitDoc Site Image

Well, now with 140 characters, you can share your documents. One application that we will use is TwitDoc. This application is actually just playing around with another service, ie which is a document sharing site that was already big enough. Continue reading “How do you share documents, with only 140 characters twitter”

How to install and use TweetDeck Twitter Clients

Maybe some of you already know and understand this use of Twitter Clients. But it never hurts us to learn how to access Twitter using popular Twitter Clients applications, TweetDeck.


If you usually access your Twitter account by pointing your browser to the address, this time we will learn to do it in a more unique, with a popular application called TweetDeck Twitter Clients. Previously, downloaded TweetDeck the file size of 1.97 MB. Before that better you install Adobe AIR or you can install from Once installed, to use follow the steps below: Continue reading “How to install and use TweetDeck Twitter Clients”

How to Creating a Blend with Twitblend

What it blend? With a blend, we can create and share our conversations and the other Twitter users on a particular topic in a more categorical. This topic has been update with new image we hove you still enjoy it.

Suppose want to gather some of the responses of the Twitter users to match the South Africa and Mexico in 2010 World Cup, we can gather some feedback / comments from some Twitter users, for then we collect the material into a more interesting conversation with our friends. Continue reading “How to Creating a Blend with Twitblend”