When connected to the internet with a wireless connection, you’re dealing with security risks. those who can afford can use any network security weaknesses and manipulate connection to access your network and find all devices connected to the network. Antivirus will only stop the attacks that have been recorded on the database, and cannot detect someone who wants to hack the system using wifi network, if this continues, you will become a victim of data theft. So ensure network security is a very important thing. Baca selengkapnya “256-Bit Encryption To Secure your Wifi”

With the app, Android users can monitor and manage data usage on cellular and wi-fi. You can monitor the data, estimates and projections run, a tool to check the speed of wi-fi, analyze usage data graphically, and more. Wifi Protector can be installed on windows XP, windows vista and windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit. When you check the wi-fi with cisco datameter: Baca selengkapnya “Check the Speed of Hotspot around you”