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Advantages and Disadvantages Yahoo and Google Email

Terms of appearance Advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo and Google can indeed be seen from the zoom. If Yahoo has a view that is the same every year. Visible display directly in front of like information about news being discussed by many, photos or pictures, and more. Google looks more simple, practical and easy to use as a source of information required. Another thing visible from the open site. If… Read Article →

New Features on Yahoo Mail

Currently, Yahoo’s develop making improvements in existing facilities for conversation, where the presence of some features will further improve the performance of these mobile devices than previous features. This is because Yahoo already using cloud technology, so that would further enhance speed and activation processes that are running, where the speed of the resulting faster than previously existing features. One of the newest features in this application is the Social infusion…. Read Article →

Yahoo! Mail Final version is nice

This morning I login to my Yahoo! Mail account, and I got some new interfaces, and Aha, this is the final version of Yahoo! Mail. I love the blue one. If I try to compare between the beta version with the final. I prefer love the final. They colour, they icon and they menu is more easy read and I love the speed. I think on the final version Yahoo!… Read Article →