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WordPress Theme: Jalan Lurus

Jalan Lurus Theme

Jalan Lurus Theme

Jalan Lurus is a special theme release in Ramadhan. Ramadhan is a blessed month which have so many enlightenment. Black and white color is chosen to give you much more experience

Jalan Lurus Screen shot

Jalan Lurus Screen shot

Happy Ramadhan to all moslems in the world. I hope you are enjoy this day. I really hope you’ll found the best day you ever have. Okay let’s back to business. I will give you a Free WordPress Theme.

Jalan Lurus is my first single columns and black edition. You will found a lot of usable area on this themes, such as top commenters, latest comments, tag cloud, caption image, popularity post, nicely random post, nice looking archives page and 404 error page and many more.

This themes also support widget, custom image header and Flickr RSS. You will need some plugins to make it work great.  The plugins are already packed in a single file and ready for you to download.

What’s on in Jalan Lurus

  • Single Columns
  • Minimalist
  • Widget Support
  • Fixed Width
  • Custom Image Header
  • Extra Footer
  • Gravatar Support
  • Separate Trackback and Comments
  • Creative Commons License

Some Notes

If you want replace your profile descriptions, all need to do just edit your profile description and the original text will be gone. To make it really good. Use <h4>Your text</h4> okey?

Plugins Needed

Download Now (download counter reset on 13 January 2009)


Download Plugins Needed


Demo This Theme

Click here to preview this theme

Change Log

1.0 : Public Released
1.1 : Fix More Problem, IE Problem and WP Caption Color

Get Custom!

Need Custom? use my contact page


  1. nice posting and great theme

  2. yes, very grat theme in very beautiful

  3. I dig the dark wordpress themes. This is a cool one.

  4. Wedew..mantap infonya mas.

  5. This is a nice theme. I like the clean simple themes as compared to the crazy colors themes. Always looking for new ones thanks

  6. I like this theme because it looks professional looking a clear. I think its important to have clarity! I feel that its simple to read… Good job!

  7. Eid Mobark to evryone out here. Yes it maybe late, but its always a Eid for all of us.

  8. thank for wp theme that is very nice

  9. Nice theme, this color scheme is very good for pc gamers type of website

  10. Wow Thanks for this. I can already see it in a new site. I am also an Oil Painting Artist and nerd and I love this theme. Thank you very much.

  11. Beautiful work, the free theme is much appreciated.
    If I use it on my next blog I will buy you some coffee!

    What type of beans do you like??

  12. great.i an oil painting artist, i want to use this them for my art blog

  13. mas bagaimana agar bisa dapetin model yg saya pilih, ok tanks ya

  14. Hello, I used this themes and have a problem with a reader comment and most popular plugin to show on footer. Please help me 8-|

  15. I still used Jauhari Themes and I want to try this themes next month, Thanks before

  16. I love the theme. The package is so great. I use it for a band’s fan site. Keep up the good work. ;)

  17. nice theme. im in love.

  18. dlv

    really really good job! yes, it’s a great theme ! i love the footer, taking advantage in that space
    thanks for work on this theme and share it for everybody


  19. great. another best themes from Mr Jauhari.

  20. Awesome theme – I love the simplicity and alignment of the posts area!

  21. Great theme, thanks for sharing. Love the clean lines and the additionals at the bottom.. This one goes into the theme folder ;)

  22. wah, item!
    testing dulu ah, kalo element lainnya cuco’ siap2 migrasi!

  23. testing ahhh

  24. mantap bos, kebetulan suka yang gelap2 ;))

  25. this theme is GW BANGET’s… black is elegant…

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