WordPress Theme: Ndadap


Ndadap is Unique WordPress theme, we created Ndadap with easy to install and easy to use. This theme contain very minimum configuration to make it work. Ndadap also support many plugin. Ndadap also widget enabled for unlimited content. Ndadap buil in Featured Content Area with auto grab image from the content. So you doesn’t need to add custom field on your content.

But, if you want more perfect Featured Image, you can add it via Custom Field. The custom Field for featured image is feature_image and paste you image url

What’s on in Ndadap WordPress Theme

  • WordPress 2.7 Support (Threaded Comment with separate Comment and Pingbacks)
  • Rounded Corner
  • Gradient Style and nicely dotted background effect
  • Built In Featured Post area.
  • Auto Grabbed Image from to content (no custom field needed)
  • Auto Re size image
  • Widget Support
  • AdSense support
  • Magazine Style
  • Grid Based Layout
  • SEO Friendly
  • Work Perfect on Standard Browser (if you are using Internet Explorer, I can’t give guarantee this theme will work)
  • Say Goodby for Internet Explorer
  • Creative Commons License
  • And many more.

Some Plugin Needed

Download Ndadap

WordPress Theme: Ndadap (4686)

Demo Ndadap

You can check Ndadap Demo now


How To Setup Featured Post?

It’s easy, open header.php and find this area

'post__not_in' => $sticky,
'category_name' => 'featured',
$my_query1 = new WP_Query($args1);
while ($my_query1->have_posts()) : $my_query1->the_post(); ?>

This code around line 105 and on category_name, change with you Category Name that you want display as Featured Post.

How To Replaced Auto Grabed Image with custom field?

If you want replaced auto grabbed image with another image, you can use Custom Field, just add featured_image custom field and put your image URL and you are done

How To Change Default Favicon?

You can follow this favicon tips and trick

I want more custom on this theme?

Contact me and let’s discuss it.

Happy with this theme

Why not sent me some donation? I will glad to put your name on my donation list.

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And you can get it totally free on JAUHARI.net the most unique WordPres theme developer


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Another Themes by JAUHARI.net

57 Responses to WordPress Theme: Ndadap

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  2. otpravka says:

    nice themes thanks

  3. dodix says:

    ijin nyedot mas bro,temen ada yang rekomendasi saya cb dulu..maturnuwun

  4. andri nong says:

    ijin sedot mas..langsung coba pakai ahh,, trims sharenya bang :)

  5. Rina As says:

    Saya sangat suka themes buatan anda. menarik dan sudah disediakan tempat untuk memasang iklan bila ingin mencari tambahan penghasilan lewat blog.
    Saya rasa anda sangat mengerti kebutuhan blogger nih…
    Like Ndadap themes !!

  6. Iwan Susanto says:

    Aku juga ikutan download ah Mas…
    Lama gak download koleksi suhu satu ini..
    Terima kasih

  7. Nigel says:

    Anyone get the “featured_image” to work? I’ve tried several different variations and I’m not exactly sure where you’re supposed to put it. If someone could answer this for me.


  8. Jon says:

    If its as good as wordpress.. and Im not sure if it is then I will definately take a look.

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  10. xyander says:

    templatenya manteb mas….. ijin ngambil trus pakai…

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  14. Yanzen-Designer says:

    Wah, bisa cari duit nich dengan jualan themesnya mas ^_^. Jadi terinspirasi nih ^_^, thax ya. Saya suka blogging terutama wordpress, saya juga hidup dari blogging, thxs dah share dan berbagi, sukses selalu ^_^

  15. arie iswadi says:

    mas jika mau seting plugin FlickrRSS nya biar hasilnya nanti seperti yang ada di demo, gimana mas, coz punya saya hasilnya thumbnailnya saling berdempetan atau gandengan..

  16. Rio says:

    mantap deh……perlu di coba dlu ni…..

  17. bampi says:

    Hi there,

    Is there anyway to make this theme use only one sidebar (the right one), instead using 2 sidebars?


  18. arya says:

    Mas, kok di blogku ga muncul image di home page nya yah?
    Padahal kalo di LocalHost bisa muncul image meskipun yang muncul NoImage.
    Apa serverku yang ga support?
    eh, saya pake wp 2.9.1

    Makasih bantuannya

  19. rezki says:

    kereeen mantap abis… sukses buat bung jauhari

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  21. Has anyone tried the “buy me a beer” plugin? I think I might have to try it out.

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  24. Neto says:

    Hi Jauhari ! Congratulations for one of the best WordPress themes around there. You did a piece of art.

    What about make this one i8n? I can help you to translate it to Portuguese.

    And a little suggestion – what about to make a slideshow in “Featured Post area” ?


    PS: I’ve sent you some Brazilian coffee…

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  27. Chris says:

    I am having trouble using the ‘featured_image’ custom field. I have entered the name and the link to the image but I can not get it to show up. Help?

  28. Love the theme. I’m having some trouble with using a featured image custom field. I have created a custom field called featured_image and added the path to the image, but for some reason it just isn’t working. Help?

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  31. Okay, so where is the download link? I’d love to give this a try, but cannot find a link on this page. There’s the ‘Download Ndadap’ text, but it doesn’t link anywhere.

  32. monk says:

    Hi, an interesting theme, Thanks for excellent work. I have translated this template on Russian and have laid out for free to download at myself on a blog. To look it is possible here: http://www.wpcredo.ru/?p=1294

    PS.Русифицированную версию темы Ndadap можно скачать у меня на блоге

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  34. Ian says:

    saia udah masang nih theme, tapi kok scroll gambar yang ada di header kok gak ada ya mas?

    juga plugin popularity contestnya gak bisa digunain!
    Mohon ‘ilham’nya dikit :P

  35. ekosukmo says:

    Great theme..Mc Jauhari. I will use it.

  36. phandaka says:

    saya coba dulu mas..kelihatannya bagus nih..

  37. annosmile says:

    ada bugs sepertinya mas pas saya pake di wp 2.8
    thumb di hal utama tidak muncul gambarnya
    mohon koreksinya

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  39. Iwan says:

    Bung Nurudin Jauhari

    saya ingin coba pakai WordPress dan template anda Ndadap

    saya 3 kali download file Ndadap
    saya masukkan ini ke folder wp-content/themes

    Kok setelah di expand, keluar folder yang namanya _MacOS dan isinya file file dengan nama _xxx dengan size 0

    dan theme Ndadap nggak muncul sbg theme di control panel

    terima kasih atas bantuannya

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  41. Kristian says:

    apik tenan pak… :)

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  43. Awesome theme and just what I was looking for, for my next project. And its 2.8 compatible!

  44. Tan The Man says:

    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it…

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  46. ayu' says:

    numpang donlot ….

  47. dyatmika says:

    sedot dulu boz…

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