What are the iPad functions frequently used?

As a tablet, iPad is not only reliable for reading digital books, but more than that, many iPad functions are frequently used in your daily activities, some of which are:

ipad function

Feature that serves to regulate the entry and exit into the iPad email has been prepared for such devices. In addition to offering a wide range of convenience, the display of email is also very interesting. Some of the views that you can see is a portrait of them, inbox, outbox, and several other features. A very interesting course, make you to always use the feature, is not it?

Safari browser
With this feature you can display the web as usual witnessed over the desktop screen. Similarly, the velocity generated. Some of the menu is interesting and has been integrated with this browser include pop ups, flash, and a few other features.

Equipped with a screen size is quite big, would be very interesting for those who have a hobby of watching movies. Unfortunately, the application and movie format that can be used in this feature is still limited to MOV format movie, and you can get through the iTunes store service.

This application is a facilities and features found on Google, the Google Maps in a mobile version. With this feature we can move from a view that exists, such as StreetView to satellite navigation and other similar menu.

To be continued witth next post !!!

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