Windows Vista sp2 make things better ?

Vista Service Pack2Today I read a news from that Microsoft has released new service pack for Windows Vista and 2008. It’s combined into a single standalone package and its about 348MB. Till now, I can’t upgrade my Vista into sp1 and Vista service pack2 can be upgraded if we’ve already upgrade our vista into sp1. Maybe I will Reinstall my vista again and update it into the newest service pack.

Now is my question, is it going to be better if we always upgrade our windows vista, or its going to make it run slower than the earlier version ? Ok, here’s I have collect some information that might also interesting for you to read it.

  • SP2 cover third-party application compatibility, such the new ability for Spysweeper and ZoneAlarm to work with POP3 e-mail accounts. Microsoft has also included version 4.0 of its Windows Search technology in the new service pack.
  • SP2 also adds support for the Bluetooth v2.1 specification, improves performance for Wi-Fi connections after resuming from sleep mode, and makes it possible to natively record data to the Blu-Ray optical disk format. The service pack also adds support for Via’s new 64-bit CPUs.
  • For enterprise customers, SP2 fully integrates Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization environment into Server 2008. The service pack also introduces the ability to manage server and desktop power management settings via group policy.

Windows 2008 sp2From those information above is it really important to you to upgrade into SP2 or its fine with vista normally or SP1 if you’re trying VS2008 with SQLServer2008 Express. My own opinion, I like to try a technology and I believed that Microsoft has develop some service so it’s useful event if I don’t know what’s for. :)

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11 Responses to Windows Vista sp2 make things better ?

  1. Kaido says:

    I don’t think so, i like windows 7, it’s best

  2. Bluray Beam says:

    Windows 7 just out, I guess the dilemma will just repeat itself.

  3. Bluray Beam says:

    I have enough compatability issues with Vista, hopefully windows 7 will be all that is promised.

  4. Fact that the new specifications so wonderful
    But I’m still the best to deal with windows xp
    Perhaps because we are used by more
    We hope to Vista much easier than that

  5. Noni says:

    i am not using windows vista coz’ to many bug and too complicated

  6. Some people told me that Windows Vista is complicated. Hoping this Windows Vista sp2 is not as complicated as its previous version.

  7. Investasi says:

    thanks , blog very nice, lam kenal yaa

  8. Andi Eko says:

    I think you better to try by yourself, because I’ve use Windows Vista and it’s OK. I use it for Office work and Development Desktop and web application.

  9. imama says:

    I just realy love XP :)

  10. Joe says:

    Is Windows Vista really ready to be implemented in an office setting with sensitive client information? I’ve heard it’s really buggy.

  11. spidro says:

    Yes sp2 really do make things better, i installed it yesterday and until now i had no problem(been using the Best on different pc)

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