WordPress Plugin To Specify Thumbnail Size

You may skip this post if you already knew about this plugin.

ShiftThis Thumbnail size is a WordPress plugin to specify the thumbnail size for you. This plugin is good for you who want to custom the thumbnail size for your post and not satisfied with the built-in thumbnail size. Using a custom thumbnail size, you are able to to fit your thumbnail image with box or div either by width or height.

This plugin can be downloaded from this link.

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11 Responses to WordPress Plugin To Specify Thumbnail Size

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  2. ndop says:

    wuih, bener linknya suda 404 not found…

  3. ndop says:

    langsung tak sedot ya kang… :d/

  4. nasrun says:

    :(( Plugin tu udah tak ade la.. die dah tak buta.. mana nak cari ni?

  5. losimo says:

    I apologize for that comment. Long install the plug-in icons i wanted to check the functioning of the same with symbols banned with html.
    Test icons: >:/ 8->:-:-< :>

    Thanks for all!!

  6. sikantis says:

    Yes, WordPress 2.5 is great, you can use all these functions.

  7. If you are using WordPress 2.5, this feature is available by default. No need to install any plugin.

  8. benbego says:

    it seem good for my blog. i’ll try it later :-?

  9. W3G says:

    Thanks for sharing, it’s more useful than the standard wordpress thumnbmail.

  10. Jauhari says:

    Right now, if you are using latest version of WordPress 2.5 you can make online gallery more easy ;)

  11. This is extremely useful! Especially for blogs publishing a lot of photos.

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