Yahoo! Mail Final version is nice

This morning I login to my Yahoo! Mail account, and I got some new interfaces, and Aha, this is the final version of Yahoo! Mail. I love the blue one. If I try to compare between the beta version with the final. I prefer love the final. They colour, they icon and they menu is more easy read and I love the speed. I think on the final version Yahoo! Mail team was improved they speed.

I was grab the screen shoot between beta version and my Yahoo! Mail final version.

Yahoo! Mail Beta Version Screen Shoot

Yahoo! Mail Beta Version

Yahoo! Mail Final Version Screen Shoot

Yahoo! Mail Final Version

On the Final Version, When You got the Final, you will see that compose link was improve. You can send email, text message to mobile phone or just sent chat to Yahoo messenger friends. This is some screen shoot on they new improved interfaces.

Text Message Capable

New Menu On Sent Message

Did you get the Yahoo! Mail Final version too?

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5 Responses to Yahoo! Mail Final version is nice

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  2. bakazero says:

    wah, asik donks…
    biru lagi!!!
    khan warna kesukaanku tuh..:d

  3. Indra Diky says:

    Sayangnya koneksi internet saya lambat jadi belum bisa nikmatin secara penuh

  4. fisto says:

    bos, saya pakai theme-nya yaaa…thanks! great theme! :d

  5. silent says:

    Aku malah belum pindah ke BETA :D.
    masih versi classic sampai sekarang. Terlalu ramai menurutku interface barunya.

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