30April Screen
30April Screen

What’s on in 30April

  • Widget Support
  • Fixed Width
  • Right Sidebar
  • Edit Profile via Theme Options
  • Extra Footer
  • Theme Options
  • Gravatar Support
  • Support WordPress 2.7 (Threaded Comment)
  • WP-Caption Style
  • Creative Commons License

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Change Log

1.0 : Public Released
1.1 : Fix Link CSS and Sidebar
1.2 : Add Image Attribute Code with jQuery
1.3 : Add Caption and New WordPress CSS, Comment on Page
1.4 : WordPress 2.7 Support (Threaded Comment and More)

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99 thoughts on “WordPress Theme: 30April

  1. Ping-balik: PTS-Alumni Online
  2. I believe many IMers really are inspired / motivated by your themes. You really give your best to all of us. How can i express my gratitude to you?

    I read a couple of your post, it seems that you’re the unknown legend of IMers.


  3. Dear Mr. Jauhari, I have used this themes April 1.1 and it look beautiful but I have problem with IE6, the themes looking so bad, Please help me

  4. Hello!

    I downloaded and activated your theme (I use WP.2.7) but get this error: Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxx/wp-content/themes/30April/functions.php on line 59

    Please help! I would love to use this wonderful theme!

  5. Hi,
    I really like your theme. Is there anyway to prevent the “last post” border from overlapping with the pages section? I think it’s due the extra long title for one of my posts. Take a look at somymom.com to see what I’m talking about.


  6. Too true, but changing is always such a drag. I’m used to this one and they have helped me with stuff.
    I can have external rss urls whitelisted and they probably already have flickr whitelisted. :d

  7. Hi Nurudin, I tried out this theme today. I like the color and how much white space it has, but I’m running into a few bugs as well. The theme info is showing in the side bar and interfering with my widgets, and the text doesn’t parse single quotes correctly: I’m getting a \’ where I should get a ‘.

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