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Ngatini Theme

Ngatini Theme

What’s on in Ngatini theme?

  • Right Sidebar
  • Widget Ready
  • Custom Header
  • Change About text via Admin Profile
  • Tested on WordPress 2.1.x, 2.2, 2.3.x and 2.5
  • Creative Commons License

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51 Replies to “WordPress Theme: Ngatini”

  1. Ijin download Mas, tapi Nyong berterima kasih banget kalo diberi nama Irondiyah (nama istri Nyong, mas). ha…. ha…. ha…

  2. mas nur kakange kang danan, ada ga themes nama ponjong opo sumber kidul opo karangijowetan??hehee…aq arep download

  3. The download link is not working. I need a copy of 1.1 so that I can use pagination of comments. Any updated links where I can nab it from?

  4. How do I adjust the width of the right sidebar? It is currently about 229 pixels wide. I am looking through theme editor and can’t find where to increase the right sidebar. The left column width is fine.

    1. I found in stylesheet in the editor the sidebar# and it reads 227px. I changed that to 250px and then my sidebar ended up below the left column still on the right but not on top anymore. Is it not possible to increase the right sidebar over 227px and it stays on right side?

  5. hahahaha, ada ada aja mase… kasih nama ngatini, mumpung di indonesia lagi ngetrend ya?? hebat nih!!! anak bangsa indonesia uda terkenal di dunia… jempol empat deh buat mase… 2 jempol tangan plus kaki, hehehehehehe… :”>:d

  6. Hi Jauhari –

    Great theme. I chose it for my company’s group blog after reviewing hundreds!

    I would like your advice on two matters:

    1) The blog looks fine on Firefox, but on IE7 posts go missing and there are all manner of anomalies. Check out http://www.alwaysoccupied.com on Firefox and IE and you will see what I mean. How can I fix that?

    2) As it is a group blog, we’d like the authors to be identified in each individual post, not just on the home page. So if a visitor clicks onto a post’s permalink, they can see who wrote the post. How can we enable that?

    Many thanks!

  7. I’m using the Ngatini 1.1 theme for my blog (LibrarianActivist), but the RSS feed does not work in Firefox (when you click on the “Entries” link in the footer. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Do you know how to fix this?

  8. Just wanted to let folks know that Ngatini 1.1 (slightly tweaked for my site) is running quite happily under WordPress 2.5.

    Some of the plugins I used to use were… less robust, but Ngatini didn’t so much as blink at the upgrade.


  9. To Drew Vogel,

    I can confirm that Ngatini 1.1 works just fine on WordPress 2.3.3. Go check out my photoblog if you’d like to see it for yourself. I’ve only tweaked a few pieces of the original theme — the post image “float” thing, changed the header image size, made the header image randomly cycle, etc.

    Works well, and plays nicely with the plugins I like — it’s great!


  10. Hi

    I like Ngatini very much. But I do want to try some other structural options. I get by in code but I don’t know where to find some of these fucntions. Can you point me in the right direction to try the following:

    – move the sidebar to the left
    – add another sidebar (and change the width of both sidebars and content)
    – reduce the top image size
    – remove the top image and increase the header size
    – change “Read the rest of this entry” text
    – change content of the Meta widget in the sidebar

    Wow! That’s a lot. I like it, I swear I do! :)

  11. I love this theme and used it on my site until I upgraded to 2.3.2, when it stopped working. Can you verify that this excellent theme works with 2.3.2 (and now, 2.3.3), please?

  12. Hi Jauhari,

    Is it possible to incorporate WordPress excerpts into your theme? I want to be able to make a cut that says something along the lines of “Read more for the full article.” I greatly appreciate the help!


  13. To made Ngatini random header you will need tweak some code on the header and made another file that will make random.

    If you don’t understand about it, contact me and I will guide you how to made it.

  14. hi jauhari,
    your theme is great, but can you help me to fix a problem. i want to hav a random header, but dont know where to change a file to insert the code :(

    would be great, if i receive a lillte help :)

  15. I love Ngatini and had extensively tweaked it for my site (www.drewvogel.com), but Ngatini stopped functioning when I upgraded to 2.3.2 — users cannot click on post titles to read posts on the front page anymore.

    Is there a fix?

  16. Hi Jauhari, ive just ran into your template and for that strange things of life it looks perfect with the logo for my page (its an spanish site for entrepreneurs). Anyway, i have a question, i would like to keep the “about” widget on the side, but when i add aditional widgets to the template, the “about” disapears. I really like that I can have a description and a picture there, so my question is how can i make it stay (its not listed on the widget page to drag and add)
    p.s. You can check my site (pre-building it yet) on http://www.revistathinkbig.com/

    1. Hi Martin, to add some tags, you can use some plugins or edit on my theme files, example if you want add some tags on single post, you need to edit single.php, etc.

      To change some color, you need to know little bit about CSS and RGB color code, if you doesn’t know about it, just contact me and let’s me help you.

      1. Hi Jauhari,

        I am also having trouble with tags. Can you explain further on how to add tags under each post and also on the main page? You meantioned edit single.php, I’m not sure what to change it to. Thanks!

  17. Hi Jauhari,

    Your theme is GREAT!

    However I have a problem with inserting an image. Once I place an image in a post, the text from next paragraph will come up and stick on the side of pics, like this: http://www.dcimumu.com/iwrite/?p=38.

    I tried to use , , space, etc to seperate pic and text, but it’s not work at all, please help! Thanks!

    1. Hi Mumu,

      This is my solutions about your problem. please take a look my ngatini style.css with text editor and find this code.

      .post a img, .post img {
      	border: none;
      	float: left;
      	padding-right: 5px;

      After you found it, change that code become like this. And test it again.

      .post a img, .post img {
      	border: none;
      	padding-right: 5px;



    1. Hi Martin,

      Do you using widget? if you using widget, you need install this plugins (AdSense Manager) and configure your own AdSense.

      But if you doesn’t use it, all need to do just go to your Google AdSense than made some code and for the perfect size: use this size 160 width or 180 width.


  18. Hi Jauhari,

    Thanks for the great theme. You can see what I have done with it here:

    Got a few questions…

    How – or where is the right place to drop in Adsense code in the main content area? Like you have done under your ‘donate us’ ?

    Also how do you add the ‘Digg It’ little yellow box?

    I would also like to add Adsense into the area between my navigation and Archives. I’m using the sidebar modules by Ben Sherratt and I can only see the ‘sidebar 1’ and ‘disabled modules’. Have you added an extra sidebar to your site? Can I do that? Maybe an Adsense sidebar?

    How do I make the text not go on the side of an image but just go under it? For example, the post at my site called ‘thai girl thai girl’?

    Some of my posts are slightly running into each other. It still looks good, but how should I fix this?

    Also I tried to change to text at the top of the page but couldn’t find out exactly where to do this. I’m sure it’s in the styles.css. I need to make the ‘white ape in thailand – etc’ a smaller font size that’s all.

    Lastly, how do I drop in the Tag Clouds?

    Sorry for all my questions. I’d better donate to you.

    Thanks so much



    1. Hi Martin thanks for using my Ngatini theme
      I use some plugins to do it, maybe in next post I will give you information about my plugins.

      About font size, try to find .headr h1 or similar with it.

      Can you give me some screen shoot about it?

      Some of my posts are slightly running into each other. It still looks good, but how should I fix this?

      And sorry about image problem, to fix it. Just remove this code on style.css

      .post a img, .post img {
      	border: none;
      	float: left;
      	padding-right: 5px;

      Because I made it easy to tested. So I make auto align, and sorry for this :)


    2. Martin,

      Great job with your site. 2 questions:

      1) How did you add the navigation bar on top of your blog?

      2) How did you increase the width of the right sidebar?

    1. Hi Kendal,

      To Replace the picture, you must replaced my original you.jpg on images folder in my Ngatini folder with you own images. for make it better. Use some dimensions like my original one.


  19. Nevermind.. I found the offending code.

    in the .css the tag definition for:

    .post a img, .post img

    contains the following:

    float: left;

    After commenting that one line out all of my image formatting issues went away.

  20. Thanks for the support Jauhari. Fortunately the problem is solved today. I have done nothing but I can now reach the tag pages. Very strange behaviour.

    1. I’m not yet tested Ngatini on UTW Plugins, and maybe you right, need edit archive.php to solve that.

      I am little busy at this moment, so I can quickly tested this.

      Sorry for that.

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