May 2010 has come it’s a time for us to give another freebies for all blogger, we introduce another Grid Magazine WordPress Theme, Petak Sawah, we create Petak Sawah with many featured, this is what you got on Petak Sawah WordPress Theme

Petak Sawah Screen shot
Petak Sawah Screen shot
  • css Framework
  • Unique Theme Options
  • Built in Twitter and Flickr Widget
  • Built in Ads Management (125x125px and 488x60px)
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Auto Generated Thumbnail with TimThumb.
  • Auto Grabbed Image
  • Featured Post
  • Custom Recent Comment and Recent Post
  • Support WordPress 2.9 and beyond ;)

Petak Sawah didn’t need any plugin, but if you installed this plugin, Petak Sawah will be beter

Download Petak Sawah WordPress Theme

[download id=”46″]

Check out our Petak Sawah Demo

Check our Petak Sawah demo

F. A. Q.

How to enabled Twitter & Flickr?
After you installed Petak Sawah, go to Theme Panel and check Twitter and Flickr box,

How to change Ads?
Go to Theme Panel and you got it

I want custom it… I feel crazy?
Contact me

I want remove the copyright, is it possible?
Contact Me for more details

Updated version 1.1: Fix many bugs (June 3, 2011)

29 thoughts on “WordPress Theme: Petak Sawah

  1. Hello Jauhari,
    Thanks for your effort to give us a lot of free WP themes that we can’t find them outside your blog. I’m going to use this theme, do I have to find plugins for this theme or it will be completed once I upload it?

  2. I would like THIS theme that you are advertising your themes on. Do you have it available? I didn’t see it listed but I need one with many options for advertising such as it. Thank you!

  3. saya blm mencoba themenya mas…pernah dulu saya mau mencoba theme petak sawah tp ternyata eror dan ga bisa dieksekusi…gatau salahnya dimana ya…hehe.. :)

  4. Templatenya bagus, saya sudah pakai. tapi untuk latest post yang dibawah (bukan yang diside bar) tidak muncul. hal ini karena apa ya mas..

    mungkin lebih detilnya bisa diliat diweb saya..
    makasih atas respon nya mas

  5. 1. How do I get rid of the blogroll and archive BELOW my latest posts?
    2. How do I insert logo and what is the size it must be?
    3. How do i delete the Site Admin Navigation?

  6. Salam kenal mas jauhari,….mohon izin petak sawahnya saya pakai buat blog saya. oh ya kalo mau menghilangkan adsense-nya gimana ya ?..terima kasih.

  7. Nice themes, but I have some problem :
    1. After post title, I can’t see my post
    2. On Petak Sawah option, I try to change ads with my ads URL and make it problem, all of text became a link like my ads URL.
    Please help me

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