WordPress Theme: Selalu

Selalu WordPress Theme Screen shoot

This is official Page for Selalu Free WordPress Theme, on this page I will show you some featured on this theme.

Selalu Featured

  • Grid Layout using 960.gs CSS Framework
  • 2 Columns and support widget
  • Custom Recent Comment and Recent Post with thumbnail (widget support)
  • Auto Grabbed Image
  • Drop Down Menu using jQuery
  • Post Thumbnail (new featured in WordPress 2.9)
  • Built in Flickr Widget
  • Some CSS 3 Featured (Text Shadow, Box Shadow and many more)
  • Extra Ordinary Layout
  • SEO Optimized Theme
  • Custom Header
  • Many many more..


For better experience, install this plugin


You can download selalu using this link

Free WordPress Theme: Selalu (2945)


Check Selalu Demo and give me some feedback


How to enabled Custom Recent Post with Image?
CHMOD cache folder 777 to enable this featured

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40 Responses to WordPress Theme: Selalu

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  2. rakesh kumar says:

    Basic but seems useful, Thanks dear for posting this theme for the community.

  3. gha says:

    ijin dunlut mas jauhariii,,

  4. article says:

    Very nice share theme.


  5. bro free kew tema nie??ke bayar??berapa?

  6. Adi Saputra says:

    Mangtab nich mas theme nya,.,.

    ijin downlot ya,,.

  7. Nikolay says:

    Hi! help me update this theme for WordPress 3 menu

  8. Widiastuti says:

    i like your themes….

  9. Info Tech says:

    Themesnya keren semua mas.. ijin download Theme “Selalu” ya…
    makasih sebelumnya…

  10. themes nya bagus bagus dan keren keren dan yang paling bagus loading nya ringan..
    sukses selalu buat mas jauhari…

  11. article says:

    mantab pak… sukses selalu (seperti nama themes-nya).

  12. article says:

    Tes dulu kang..anu ieu, sae pisan sigana

  13. limocart says:

    Themenya keren keren ya.

  14. limocart says:

    ada error, pendekar…

  15. Thank you very nice theme

  16. kopral says:

    akhirnya saya kembali menggunakan themes dari om jauhari “SELALU”. terimakasi ya om…

  17. Info Terbaru says:

    Themenya keren-keren ya…

  18. ariyadi says:

    aq suka make temanya.
    enak, nyaman dipandang. pengunjung nyaman(termasuk aku ndiri).
    sukses gan…

  19. riyadii says:

    mantab pak… sukses selalu (seperti nama themes-nya).

  20. riyadii says:

    wah… dapat sumber tema gratis n banyak pilihan yang bagus.
    ijin download ya pak.. :-D
    enggak perlu edit lagi..
    thanks pak…

  21. otomobil says:

    than you very nice theme

  22. ary says:

    bagus dan simple. enak dilihat.
    saya tunggu tema berikutnya.

  23. ary says:

    terimakasih pak temanya… bagus dan simple. enak dilihat.
    saya tunggu tema berikutnya.

  24. Danny Barsa says:

    CHMODed the cache folder to 777 and still images wont show on recent post with image, I even CHOWNed it just in case… Any other things to check?

  25. terimakasih buat theme yang keren ini, sukses buat Anda… :)

  26. Vulkanis says:

    Sayang Kang gak bisa dipasang di blog saya,,kunaon atuh ?

  27. Vulkanis says:

    Tes dulu kang..anu ieu, sae pisan sigana

  28. speedAlpha says:


    It’s very very very good!


  29. Fahmi says:

    Kang, nuwun templatenya, lemah teles, gusti Allah sing mbales. nJenengan wis okeh dolarnya kan? hehehe

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  31. aguscwid says:

    ada error, pendekar…

  32. awe says:

    sama mas jauhari ni ditemapt ku juga iy, di function
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_theme_support() in /home/spyro/public_html/wp-content/themes/Selalu/functions.php on line 167

  33. Gloria says:

    Thank you very much by theme, this beautiful one.
    Although also gustaria me who has lateral left of 160×600 px for Adsense I am using, it. Greetings from Argentina in South America

  34. ndop says:

    lama nggak ammpir ternyata ada template baru yang bagus…

    kimau ndelom bloge http://maspher.or.id, kok template apik, ternyata sampeyan sing nggawe… sip mas…

  35. poer says:

    themenya keren pak

  36. agus says:

    themesnya bagus2 pak, simple

  37. ibnoe says:

    gimana pak ada error
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function automatic_feed_links() in /home/webwoor1/public_html/wp-content/themes/Selalu/functions.php on line 3

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