WordPress Theme: vita

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What’s on in vita

  • Widget Support
  • Fixed Width
  • Double Right Sidebar
  • Custom Image Header
  • Gravatar Support
  • Separated between comment and trackback/pingback
  • WordPress 2.7 support (Threaded Comment and More)
  • Licended

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WordPress Theme: vita (2287)

Localization Support


WordPress Theme: vita DE (1101)

Demo vita theme

Click here to demo this theme

F. A. Q.

How To Change About Text?

Open functions.php and find this code

<li class="about boxr">
<p>Aenean dui quam, pellentesque ut, commodo ac, tempor aliquam, turpis. Etiam accumsan rhoncus nisi. Morbi velit enim, mollis et, elementum sit amet, egestas sed, diam. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.</p>
<p class="stats">Stats: <span class="catr"><a title="<?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?> Post">
< ?php global $numposts;echo $numposts; ?>
</a> Posts</span>, <span class="comr"><a title="<?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?> Comments">
< ?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?>
</a></span> Comments</p>

Then you can edit/replace on this text

Aenean dui quam, pellentesque ut, commodo ac, tempor aliquam, turpis. Etiam accumsan rhoncus nisi. Morbi velit enim, mollis et, elementum sit amet, egestas sed, diam. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.

Change Logs

1.0 : First released
1.1 : Fix custom image header options
1.2 : Add Pingback / Trackback URL
1.3 : Fix Comment Problem, add comment on Page and Add wp-smiley style.
1.4 : Fix Tag Layout, and Enable Threaded Comment (WordPress 2.7) [8 January 2008]

Move Support Page and Update Info

We decide to Move to better support on GPL version theme, You can follow latest updated on vita theme on WPGPL.com vita page

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57 Responses to WordPress Theme: vita

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  10. Phew, I was about to start the big job of making it threaded-comment compatible myself …

    However, I’ve customised the files quite a bit – I don’t suppose you could list which files have changed from 1.3 to 1.4 so I can compare them, find the changes and copy them over? That would help me loads so it would be great if you could.

    I’ve also edited one of the core wordpress files to make a breadcrumb trail, so am a bit nervous about the upgrade to 2.7 all round!

    • Jauhari says:

      Hi Malcolm Coles, I am sorry if you had edit by yourself to enable threaded comment. Coz I’m little bit busy in few day.

      I will try to explain what changed on vita 1.3 to 1.4

      [1] functions.php (I made it some functions to make threaded enable on new WordPress and compatibility on Old WordPress
      [2] comments.php (for New WordPress), old.comments.php (for Old WordPress)
      [3] I recode some style on style.css
      [4] I edit headed.php
      [5] I edit single.php fix Tag Problem and comment functions
      [6] I edit index.php fix Tag problem

      If you still found some bugs, just let’s me know ;)

      Best Regards


      • Don’t worry, I hadn’t got round to it – the thought was a bit off putting. Am now going to attempt to upgrade to vita 1.4 and keep all my changes. Fingers crossed …!

    • Right, successfully done. Once I’d remembered to turn on comment threading in the dashboard….

      Would you mind looking here: http://www.malcolmcoles.co.uk/blog/wordpress-comment-pagination-and-duplicate-content/ and telling me if it looks right. I’m not sure I’ve copied all the new CSS over correctly.

      I was expecting the threaded comments to have different alternate background colours. If you haven’t done this, could you give me a clue where in the CSS to muck around to try to achieve this?!? Thanks – sorry for all the questions.


      • Jauhari says:

        Hi malcolm coles
        It’s look like you comment threading not running smoothly, Please check your header.php and use my latest vita version.

        Best Regards


  11. AgusNaim says:

    Oh iya mas,aku nyoba pake theme Vita ini di localhost, tapi nested comment-nya kok belum bisa yah:)>-

  12. Gideon says:

    Quick question: I am using Vita, but I have customized it a bit. Can you tell me what the changes are from 1.1 to 1.3, so maybe I can update only those files? I don’t want to lose my customizations.


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  15. Carsten says:

    found that code in the search.php but not in the single.php ;) and fixed it there… Thx

  16. I noticed a tiny, miniscule mistake in the code, if it’s of interest. I think. In single.php, the tags code is given as:
    <?php the_tags('Tags: ','','');?>
    when i think it needs to be:
    <?php the_tags('Tags: ', ', ', ''); ?>
    The missing comma and space cause the tags to run into each other. (Sorry If I’m wrong!!)

  17. Oops. It was a bug in the plugin that became apparent only after I’d switched themes. Now why didn’t I find that out before that last post. Which you can now ignore as the problem has vanished! Sorry.

  18. Good theme. Have been playing around with it. Hope I haven’t broken it too much in your eyes!.

    Anyway – a technical question. If you look at my wordpress blog which uses your theme as of yesterday (thanks), you’ll see I have two recent comment boxes. One is the standard wordpress one, which I don’t like as it doesn’t show you what the comment is.

    The other is a plug in – but at the top of the box it now says ‘%BEG_OF_TITLE%Get Recent Comments%END_OF_TITLE%’ which is no good!

    Any clues as to why? Failing that, I looked through your functions file and there appeared to be things related to comments and trackbacks similar to your built in recent posts function (which I like, with the dates etc).

    All this is a long way of saying that I would like a recent comment list that shows: Posted (linked to post): Their comment.

    Any thoughts as to the best way – stopping the plugin saying %BEG_OF_TITLE% would seem easiest? But I know only a little bit about PHP and can’t work out what’s wrong …


  19. Carsten says:

    Problem ??? If i want to comment an article which has 0 comments and 0 trackbacks/pingbacks the fileds Name aso. are linked to the trackbackurl.
    Wrote you about this proble a few weeks ago. Same as on your demo. Only when no comments or trackbacks are shown. Try yourself on your demo…
    regards Carsten

  20. Jauhari says:

    Has your problem solved?

  21. Jauhari says:

    Silahkan di Unduh versi 1.3 mas ;)

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  23. prast says:

    vita ini kok tidak bisa dikash komentar. setiap mau komentar dan siap nulis di boxnya komentar langsung refresh. saya lihat mas jauhari sudah response juga soal ini diatas. dan kapa kira-2 versi vita terbaru dengan comment enable akan keluar. diatas sih ditulis ETC-nya ASAP.

  24. joanjoyce says:

    i plan to use this but when I changed it to Vita my blog page only appears with this message “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/pdf/public_html/wp-content/themes/vita/index.php on line 40″

    please help so I can use it :) thanks.

  25. edy says:

    dear Mr. Jauhari
    saya pake template hamasaki, template yang ciamik……
    semua widget ada… cuman widget untuk adds yang 125×125 kok gak ada ya.. gimana caranya ganti ads nya pak…
    mohon informasinya…

    trims pak

  26. I want to get rid of the about me, search and recent post in the sidebar, I want to use the space for adverts.

    also widgets are available for these, how to remove this stuff.

  27. Jauhari says:

    Hi Jeff, On version 1.1 I still disable comment on pages. I will make some updates ASAP so reader able to comment on Pages.

    Best Regards


  28. Hi. I really like this theme. I have one glitch so far though. In my old theme, visitors could comment on pages. In this one, none of the comments show up. Is there a way to work around this?


  29. techalites says:

    Nice and clean theme. I will be just tweaking a bit and using it on my main blog.

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  31. Gideon says:

    Thanks. I’ve abandoned the idea of putting an image in the about section (didn’t know if I could use HTML or had to use PHP – figured that out now), but I still get that IE glitch.

  32. Jauhari says:

    Hi Gideon
    You need to open functions.php and find this lines

    < h2>About< /h2>
    < p>Aenean dui quam, pellentesque ut, commodo ac, tempor aliquam, turpis. Etiam accumsan rhoncus nisi. Morbi velit enim, mollis et, elementum sit amet, egestas sed, diam. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.< /p>

    After you find it, you can add some xhtml code to call you images

    Best Regards


  33. Gideon says:

    I just noticed a glitch – maybe this is a result of some of my customizations, but in IE7, the footer appears at the top of the page, through the title of the first post and going through to the sidebar. Any idea how to fix that?

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  35. Gideon says:

    Still haven’t figured out how to insert an image in that “about” box, but I’ve managed to put in a link. Thanks for this theme. It finally got me to changing my old theme after a year and a half or so. Not many came close.

    The one thing I would recommend is an RSS icon somewhere near the top. I’ve edited the code to add it in, but it would be nice to have it come with the theme.

  36. autworld says:

    great theme, nice design!

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  39. Eftu says:

    Wow, you are so productive, bro!

  40. Gideon says:

    Very nice theme. Quick question. In the “about” section on the top right, I want to insert an image and a link to my feed. I don’t know anything about PHP. How do I go about doing that? Any help?

  41. Pavan Kumar says:

    Again a cool release… The gradient and two column in category, archive are looking very good…. :)

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  43. Susan says:

    I love the theme!!

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  45. KaiToU KiD says:


    Vitamin apa ini?