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If you want to build a blog or webite, now it is becoming a trend to use a keyword as a domain. Why such a trend is an option for the web master? I think this is a new thing that does give many benefits to your blog or web manager. Such trends are commonly used by those who are engaged online marketing, where the number of visitors to one of their goals. Some examples of keywords that are used as a domain such as: “best home design”, then you can use these keywords into a domain that will be used on your blog, which is

Use of the keyword as the domain is quite effective to improve the position of the keyword on the search engines, and I have proved this on several blogs that I manage. With some optimization and proper use of the plugin, then a period of time not too long then the position of our blog has a pretty good rank. It would be interesting if you are able to find long tail keywords with the level of competition that is not too much. Besides using the keyword as a domain, of course, you also have to keep doing some experiments with other techniques, so you can find out about where best to serve as a domain.

Of some use as a keyword domain is good enough to give effectiveness to the development of a blog and website SEO. Expected with the use of the keyword as a domain can provide many benefits in terms of online marketing that is being run, especially for some types of blogs that have just activated.

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  1. Jefry says:

    some time ago I read posts that contain the keyword domain names can help raise the position of the site, so now I believe more now
    thanks for the knowledge

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