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Kotak Screen
Kotak Screen
Kotak Screen

Our Goal is make Kotak Theme easy use and good on our readers. You can download and use it for free

What’s on this theme.

  • 3 Colums Layout
  • Widget Ready
  • Left and Right Sidebar
  • WordPress 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.5 Ready
  • Creative Commons License

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31 Replies to “WordPress Theme: Kotak”

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  3. It is SEO Friendly?

    i need white theme, simple for adsense blog,
    would you email me your theme list? i can’t find your index site.


  4. I’m setting up Kotak, but I cannot find the file that has About — Lorem ipsum so that I can change it.

    thanks .

  5. hi jauhari,i looking for your black theme created by you, but i forget theme name, i look in your theme collection but i can find it. :(

    i need black theme, simple for adsense blog,

    would you email me your theme list? i can’t find your index site.


  6. hello sir,
    many thx for a fantastic theme –
    I only had one problem (as a few others it seems):
    how do I handle this about thing…??
    cant find it neither…
    any chance on a little feedback there..?? ;-)
    would be grt !!
    thx a lot

  7. Hey Man

    Very nice theme. simple yet attractive. Got a query.

    How do I modify the About section on the home page containing ” Lorem Ipsum is simply…. ”

    I am sorry but i am a novice with the code so if it has already been answered.

  8. Jauhari, great themes!
    I have a question regarding the Kotak theme.

    I’m in the process of modifying it a bit and want to make my header image clickable and return me back to the home page. I’m a bit of a novice with code, and tried a bunch of things and none worked.

    How do I do it?


    1. Free Version of WordPress? did you mean WordPress.com? if you want available on wordpress.com. There are two options,

      – Request to WordPress.com admin to add Kotak on their themes list
      – Or Upgraded your WordPress.com to make custom themes

      Kotak not yet released on other Platform.
      Maybe I will released under blogger too if some one needed ;)

  9. Can I put both columns on the right and then left justify the blog post ? i love everything about the layout, the way the blogroll looks, and the quotes and so forth…. but can I change the columns?

    1. Of course you can do it MichelleVan, all need to do just know little bit about XHTML and CSS then edit it manually. :)>-

      But if you still don’t understand about it, just drop your contact to me, and I will help you.

      Thanks for using my Kotak theme.

  10. Hello Jauhari,

    I just added your KOTAK 2.0 theme to my page and it’s very good.
    Thank you very much for making it and for letting people download it.

    I’m having a slight problem on my sight with KOTAK displaying image/photos.

    They are all now displaying to the extreme RIGHT SIDE of any post containing an image/photo.


    Previously they stayed where I put them when creating the posts in my WYSIWYG editor.

    (I know that coding gurus like you must hate dummies like me that use WYSIWYG to create posts, but it’s what works for me)

    The problem occurs for existing posts and for any new ones I’ve created with image/photos since switching over to your theme.

    I can switch back to the previous theme (EARTHY) and everything goes back to looking “normal” the way it was originally created.

    These are two examples of posts BEFORE and AFTER Kotak 2.0



    You can see that even the smilies are being moved to the extreme right side of the KOTAK posts.

    I’m sure it’s something simple that I just need to adjust maybe in the stylesheet.css of your KOTAK theme ? But as I said, I’m not a coding legend like you, so I need some help (please) :)

    Thank You for your efforts and help.


    1. Hi Tim,
      About change picture float is easy, just open style.css on Kotak theme than find this line

      .post a img, .post img {
      border: none;
      float: right;
      padding-left: 5px;

      After you found that line, delete all that line and test again.

      I hope this will fix on you error, if you still have another question, just drop you comment again :)

  11. You can find it on function.php, there are some text and url for new avatar image that need to edit.
    I hope this info, solve you problem.

  12. I’m setting up Kotak, but I cannot find the file that has About – Lorem ipsum so that I can change it.

    I’ve gone through every file and cannot find it.
    Will you help me?


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