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MyApril Reloaded is the successor and the 3 Columns version of my second (MyApril) themes. And of course this is Free WordPress Themes. I made some changes on MyApril and ported to 3 columns version.

I make some color changes too, to make more easy and I hope more delicious color. This themes is my last themes before I switch to Padangan (not yet released)

  • Double Right Sidebar
  • Widget Ready
  • Change About text via Admin Profile
  • Square Block Area Ready
  • WP Caption
  • Standard Image Align
  • WordPress Threaded comment
  • Comment on page
  • Gravatar Ready
  • Tested on WordPress 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x,2.5.x and 2.7
  • Creative Commons License

This theme need some plugins, you can download it from the original author or WordPess Plugins, here are the plugins.

And beside that plugins, to make your own logo, you need download MyApril Reloaded Logo kit.

Download Now! (download counter reset on 13 January 2009)


Demo This Theme

Click Here to Demo This Theme

Need More Personal and Customized

Contact Me, and I will make it for you.

Change Logs

1.0 : First Public Released
1.1 : Fix Copyright Link Problem, Check function and fix missing images
1.2 : Hack IE 6 Sidebar
1.3 : Fix Single Post IE 6 Problem
1.4 : Fix Minor Bugs on the Header
1.5 : Fix Minor Bugs on Image Floats
1.6 : Add New Sidebar to Remove About
1.7 : Support WordPress 2.7 (Threaded Comment and More), Page Comment and Gravatar

175 gagasan untuk “WordPress Theme: MA Reloaded

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  2. Jodi

    Hi! I love your theme and have been using it for a long time. I have run into a few issues with it on WP 3 and wondered if you are updating this theme at all for the new WP?

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  5. dJumTKS

    Terimakasih bro, thema yang ini lebih friendly dari thema Hijria yg kemaren saya coba…ini saya msh hrs banyak belajar memakai wordpress & belajar dgn master2nya..(setelah kemaren 1 blogspot saya kena hapus blogger :-( )

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  8. Diana

    Oh yes and I don’t want to hide the page as private. Can you disable a page from the tabs by adding a code in a post? Thanks!

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  10. Amy

    very nice theme, but im trying to make the left side bigger and remove one of the sidebar on the right actually i get many error and cant get it to work

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  12. Diana

    Hi I’ve been using this theme on my site for 3 months! I love it! But the footer isn’t showing up properly. I didn’t modify it. Dose anyone else have this problem? The Recent Posts is showing but not the Recent comments and Most Popular! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  13. Guin

    Jauhari – first off, thanks for the great blog template. One thing: the .zip didn’t include a .txt, readme or any other documentation file, and I need to change the ads, the page tabs at the top and a few other things. Will you please send me the documentation by email?

    Much appreciated,

    aka GirlPaint

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  15. Jessica Doyle

    Hi there

    Your themes look fantastic! I am going to test them out this evening. Thank you so much. I also read your note about customization. I may contact you if i need help.


  16. Cory Andrews

    Hi There – Really like your theme. I’m a little confused on how to modify the logo using the PSD logo kit. I am using Corel, which handles the PSD format, and I modified the logo to suit my purposes. However, I cannot locate the proper directory in WP to put the image file….I cannot find the logo file referenced anywhere in the theme code at all. Please help, I will gladly Paypal you a few bucks to get me on track.



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  20. Therrorie

    First of all – Your theme is brilliant, finally I found a theme that satisfies all my needs. But I have a small problem: The tag cloud is not showing all the tags I use, the most recent tags are not shown in the tag cloud. Can you tell me, where I can change the output of tags in the theme? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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  22. Tom

    Hello, I have a problem with the theme HAMASAKI, it show in the admin side as broken, “Stylesheet is missing.”. All the structure is in the folder as download. Need help on this.


  23. Iphone News

    I’ve got question….

    Some plugins have not work with this template… i thing its issue for upgrading wordpress… just waiting your parts for fix it as soon :D

    and im confused about there are space in my blogs… would you help me by replying coment ?


  24. zeze

    mas,, kok theme nya gak bisa yah? katanya tuh Stylesheet is missing… WP2.6 upload pke onecklik. upload via file ato url sama aza. knp yah???

  25. Arif

    Terima kasih mas sudah membuat themes ini.
    Saya menggunakan themes ini dan ingin menanyakan gambar yang tampil dipostingan jadi leabar ya mas .. bagaimana cara supaya bisa normal ya mas …

  26. faruqi

    Salam Jauhari,

    how to change the about. When I change the words at functions.php , it can’t change. Maksud saya, tidak bisa berfungsi. Bantu saya. Thanks.


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  28. Ellias McMunny

    Thank you for your lovely themes. I’m using it now, and i hope you wouldn’t mind about the changes and customization I’ve made.

    Well, unfortunately, I’m having trouble with the Image on the post. If when adding an image, it automatically stretched. I don’t know how to get it right. One more thing. I use XAMPP to test it out, and no troubles. but again, when I upload it on the net, the problem came up again.

    thank you before…


  29. R&B Junkie

    Just A question. I’ve installed and edited the version 1.2 of your template, now i just wanted to know where i can modify my template to fix the only IE6Sidebar on Single Post without downloading the 1.3 version. Could u help me? Thanks for collabo.

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  31. rhakateza

    mas, kalau di search box nya, yang auto clear gimana scriptnya??? saya coba ganti search template mas dengan punya gugel, tapi masih belum maksimal karena gak auto clear default value nya, mohon bantuannya…..

  32. Jodi

    Can you explain more clearly how to change the ‘About’ in the sidebar in admin. I changed the Biographical Info on the admin’s profile page, but it didn’t show. I am using wp2.5

    Oh, I cannot get the popularity context plugin to work at all, it still throws an error, even doing all the fixes listed.

    I LOVE your theme. :)

  33. chodirin

    mas, gimana ngilangin tulisan yg letaknya di About.;

    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled.

    terus recent commentnya kok gak muncul ya di blogku…giman solusinya? thanks.

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  36. Wiliam

    sip bro, downloadnya sudah bisa. Dari kemarin gue pantau terus… :d
    Tapi yang “MyApril Reloaded Logo kit” belum diupdate bro.
    Please yah… :”>

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  39. hakimtea

    Mas Jauhari terimakasih ya… saya pake themenya diblog saya, silahkan di cek :)>-

    tapi satu hal… kenapa plugins “MyApril Reloaded Logo kit” tidak ada di plugins padahal saya menginstalnya pake oneclick di dashboard?

    Setelah bolak-balik plugin dan theme editor ga juga nemu. Gimana cara mengganti logo tersebut?

    Terimakasih sebelumnya

  40. carballo

    Hello I am the guy who translated the question into Spanish. I am having problems with WordPress 2.5 at the time to include images in the posts. When indicates that the image must be anchored at the side (right or left) of the text, the image is completely distorted. You can see in this post from my blog:


    As you can see, the image goes taut. I tried setting up WP in many ways and I think it is the fault of the Theme. Is there any solution? Thanks!

  41. tom

    great theme. what is the name of the font so i can change the my april writing to something else?


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  44. faboo mama


    This is a really nice theme. I’ve installed it, but I’m wondering about the registration requierement. Is there some way to remove that, so that people don’t have to register to comment?

  45. Benedict

    hi! i am currently using this template. I just want to ask how can I change the rss feed url? thanks!

  46. deringpulsa

    Mas makasih themenya bagus. :x
    Aku pakai di web-ku.
    Tapi aku masih kesulitan mangganti text di “About”.
    Sudah aku isi di admin profile tapi kok nggak ada perubahan.
    Bisa dibantu???
    Trus di comment ini, smiley dan notify via email nya pake plugin apa?

  47. Mirjam

    Hi again,
    I have been running this theme (still think it is absolutely fab!) on my blog for the last few days, but have noticed something really strange. Ever since I turned it on, my wp dashboard shows no visitors. None, 0 … The stats for the days before installing it are ok, just the days that this theme has been running, it shows 0 while I know through outside trackers that there are visitors,
    any ideas on how to solve this?

  48. BNCE

    What code do I need to cut out of the template in order to replace the ad placeholders with server side includes for my adsense codes?
    Do I just save the files to be included as text or php or html?
    And do I need to edit the .htaccess to make it work?

  49. Mirjam

    Hi Juahari
    I :x this template and am using it on my blog at the moment, still tweaking and giving it my personal feel. Thank you for the great design!


    Hey Nurudin, how can i remove the first sidebar(the small one) on the MyAprilReloaded theme and make the content larger?


    Your myapril reloaded theme is absolutely fantastic. I have just one question tho. How can i use a 970×180 header image? what must i change?

  52. Jauhari Penulis

    If you still found any problem, try to disable you configuration on the sidebar.php and test it again. When using defaul configuration running well, try to add you own sidebar.php configuration one by one and you will found what’s make the problem on your studiomuslim.com

    Best Regards

  53. ronyn

    :good good good….top web designer…is neo thukulisme, “kulo” is me from jowo tengah, i want be international and make word to be smile with your skin theme….my be i can sale a product of furniture from klaten, pasuruan may be…and more…internet is dahsyat, but design skin for theme is should be good..now i have been use a temeplate standart ( gratisan from wordpress ) becouse i’m a new webber, may be one month later…i can up lod it my data in “net”
    ok…i hope that you will be succes..thank kang ” nurrudin ” usermu sudah sampe amerika dan french yachhh…hebat///

  54. Benedict

    hi! I updated to myapril 1.3 but the lines that separate the posts disappeared when using IE but it works fine in firefox.

  55. Mike


    Awesome theme, it does seem to be a bit buggy in IE6 though, even on the demo site I can’t view single post pages.

  56. Benedict

    hi! just downloaded this theme and it works great. there’s only one problem when viewing this using IE, when i click the title of my post, it doesn’t display the content of the post. but it works fine using firefox. is there a way to fix this, so that it can also be viewed my IE users? thanks for this great theme!

  57. Jauhari Penulis

    for extra footer, I was include some information on my post above, you must download two plugins and activated it to make the extra footer works ;)

  58. fede

    hi jau, i reinstalled it with new version (and image header rotator modification) but it’s impossible. it’s don’t working with IE.

  59. Jauhari Penulis

    Hi R&B Junkie, that’s nice custom ;)

    To do that you must know little bit about XHTML and CSS, my footer post is placed on footer.php all need to do just move or deleted it and if you run with some widgets you can add recent post on your sidebar.

  60. R&B Junkie

    I’ve modified a bit your amazing theme! I personally love it! I’ve a problem, how can i show the (footer post) as a sidebar3 to put in widgets?! It is possible and if yes, how can i do it?

  61. pedrox

    These templates are very good but they need to be improved in some aspects. I wait that the following one is an evolution of the current one :”>

  62. fede

    Did you checked with IE the theme at my address?

    Take a look of www . banfieldmedia .com .ar/eurobanfield2/2007/12/21/lopez-y-cavallero-me-ensenaron-que-nunca-hay-que-bajar-los-brazos/

    I can’t see the article with IE.

    Thanks in advance.


  63. Jauhari Penulis

    The problem was fixed in version 1.1 Please download it again. It’s happen if they use old WordPress version

    Thanks Mayooresan

  64. SeoTier

    Hi, first of all..I would like to thank you for creating this theme:)

    I just want to point out a few that there are a few missing images at the “images” folder. Here are the files that are missing:

    I hope you can include those images.

    Thanks :D

  65. mayooresan

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_tags() in /home/mayuonli/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/MyApril-Reloaded/index.php on line 21

    I’m getting dis error message when I click Home!!!!!:-?

  66. Jauhari Penulis

    If you was deleted admin user, I think your need to tweak little bit on the code, if you can’t do that just contact me and I will help you.

  67. kimi

    Thank´s for your answer.
    i already look and try this in the wp- admin user descrition, but its failed. Yesterday the first step after the installation was to create a new admin user, and delete the default one. I do this because i don ´t login in with admin login-name! Could this be the problem? That WP is looking for the description of “admin” named user?
    have a nice day

  68. Jauhari Penulis

    Just go to you Profile in your WP-ADMIN and you’ll find description field, just edit that form and the original information will be auto replaced with your own description.

  69. kimi

    First, i want you thank for the myapril themes.

    I dont understand what you mean with “Change About text via Admin Profile”. I´m new with wordpress. There is nowhere o option do change the about text :( I hope u can help me..


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