Prosumer Screen shoot

WordPress Theme: Prosumer

Prosumer Screen shoot

Prosumer is Free WordPress Theme. Crafted with 3 Columns Layout and with many features. and on my latest version 1.4.x and up, I was hack some menu to make it better and support sub menu.

  • Right and Left Sidebar
  • Widget Ready
  • Custom Header
  • Change About text via Admin Profile
  • Threaded Comment
  • WP-Comment
  • Tested on WordPress 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.5.x,  2.6.x and WordPress 2.7 ;)
  • Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons GNU General Public License License.

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Demo This Theme

Click Here to Demo This Theme

Change Log

1.0 : Initial Public Released
1.1 : Fix Some Issue
1.2 : Fix Custom Image Issue
1.3 : Fix Footer Issue
1.4 : Fix Recent Comment Widget Issue on WordPress 2.2
1.4 : Hack Menu (ver 1)
1.4 : Fix XHTML and CSS, add Favicon (ver 2)
1.5 : Add some gradient effect, better WP 2.5 compatibility
1.5.1 : Add Calendar Stylesheet for Widget (ver 1) [10 October 2008]
1.7 : wp-caption, Fix Page Menu, Gravatar, WordPress 2.7 Support (Threaded Comment and More), Switch to GPL

Need More Personal and Customized

Contact Me, and I will make it for you.

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  8. Al

    Jauhari, FYI…Prosumer 1.7 with my installed right/left widgets is working well with WP 2.7.1 on browsers Firefox 3.0.7, IE 7.0.5730.11. Safari 3.2.2, and Flock 2.0.2

  9. Paul

    There is some problem with the left side widgets…the left widgets slide all the way down in IE as soon as i post an article. It works great in Firefox. Have a look at in internet explorer and let me know. This is a very common problem with this theme. Pls help, email me directly if you have a solution, else i will have no options but to move out of this theme. I love this theme much but if it is error free. Look forward to your prompt reply.

  10. Paul

    There is some problem with the left side widgets…the left widgets slide all the way down in IE as soon as i post an article. It works great in Firefox. Have a look at in internet explorer and let me know. This is a very common problem with this theme. Pls help, email me directly if you have a solution, else i will have no options but to move out of this theme. I love this theme much but if it is error free.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Try to Disable your widget and test it again, if without widget on IE work great, the problem is some WIDGET on your blogs

      1. Al


        FYI… Prosumer 1.7 works fine on my WP 2.7.1 blog with latest IE7, FF, Safari, and Flock browsers. Right and left sidebar widgets all show correctly.

  11. rob

    What’s the quickest way to have one big banner across the top. I cant seem to edit the style.css to make that work.


  12. joey

    Hi! I have this error when initially activated :-?
    I’m using wp2.6.1

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: separate_comments() in …/wp-content/themes/Prosumer/functions.php on line 107”

    How can this be resolved? 8-|

    I like this theme and i hope it works… thanks! :d

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Joey

      Can you tell me what version you PHP? for some reason some code on Prosumer doesn’t work in some PHP, and I still try to fix this problem

        1. Gerhard W. Loub

          Nearly exactly the same problem as mine.

          “Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /var/srv/www/htdocs/web6/html/wp-content/themes/prosumer17/functions.php on line 107”

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    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi edjusted,
      So this code doesn’t work on Prosumer 1.7? is that you problem?

      Check my Demo code, I was use your code and work great.
      To check my demo, first access this url
      Prosumer Demo

      And after the site completed load, access this post
      Post Demo

      And you will see that you code work just great ;)
      Please note you need to remove some class on the img such as alignleft, alignright, aligncenter

      Best Regards


      1. edjusted

        Thanks for the quick reply. It’s very odd, I only have the problem with one browser. I use Camino for Mac, which should be pretty much the same as Firefox. The picture shows up in other browsers, but not Camino. I’ll contact the Camino developers to let them know. Thanks again!

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  15. bobisimo

    Hello Sir! I really hate to bother you with a support question, but… if you had a free moment?

    My issue is: I know it’s not “normal” to allow commenting on pages, but I like to allow that on my site and the WordPress software provides the option. But even if I enable it with the site, your theme is blocking commenting.

    I’ve tried enabling it in the code for page.php by adding the following line – but that only allows comments to be made – not seen. That’s kind of useless. :D

    Is there any insight/work-arounds you can provide on this?

    It may be extra especially helpful for your community since I noticed two others in your comments section have asked the same question but received no answer (or maybe you responded to them via e-mail?).

    Al says: September 6, 2008 at 7:34 pm Did you ever get an answer on adding Comments to individual Pages?

    abhijit says: June 12, 2008 at 11:51 pm … I can’t see my comments form on the pages after installing this theme.I hope u cud tell me why…

    A truly wonderful theme. I love it and everything about it. It works perfectly. I hope you can help me figure out this way to modify your theme for my own needs. Thank you so very, very much for making this, and for making it a freely available theme. With much appreciation!

      1. bobisimo

        I’m sorry for being too complicated. :)

        In WordPress there are Pages and Posts, as you know. This question is specifically about Pages.

        Using your theme, at my site, people cannot comment on Pages. Here’s a link to see:

        No comments. :(

        I can add:

        to “pages.php” to enable people to comment, but they don’t display. I think your theme hides comments on Pages.

        I would like to make it so that people can see comments.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      What’s you mean doesn’t work? download my latest version. It’s full support on WordPress 2.7 included Threaded Comment ;)

  16. Steve Magruder

    I am in the process of testing Prosumer 1.7 with a blog (noted in the website I show here). I haven’t uploaded the changes to the server yet, so you won’t see them there.

    However, in testing, I have noticed that two links I used to see on the comments page have disappeared. They are 1) “Trackback URI” and 2) “Comments RSS”. Have they been moved elsewhere, or were they removed for a reason?


  17. Sue

    I’ve been spending many hours and nights trying to figure out how to change the sidebar headers to images rather than text.

    I have created jpeg images for “categories”, “recent posts”, “archives” etc. but don’t know how to implement them.

    Can anyone PLEASE help??!!!? Even a hint of where to begin??

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  20. Al

    Just a note. I am using WP 2.6.3 and Prosumer 1.5. Everything is working okay and loading quickly as usual here.

      1. Al

        Greetings, Jauhari. Good theme. Just need to fix the problem with the menu. As I mentioned in my recent email, even though I can page order in Manage/Pages, the menu buttons stay default alphabetical. Hope you can fix soon. Thanks.

          1. Al

            When I install 1.7, how will it affect my present modifications to STYLE.CSS and my added FeedBurner code to INDEX.PHP, SINGLE.PHP? Will I have to copy/paste into the new theme files?

            Note: I install WP 2.7 okay today.

  21. Axel

    thank you for this wonderful template which i have adapted a little bit for my site. i have upgraded to WP 2.5.1 and everything worked fine since last friday when the site became very slow for each page loading. i upgraded to wp 2.6.5 but no relief. do you have any hint what could cause the long loading times? i have checked server, database, deactivated plugins …. looked at each file…. nothing.

    thank you

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  23. Rick

    Sorry, I freaked out just a bit when I saw that the favicon I had in my root directory had been overridden! I’ll just make sure it goes into that folder in the prosumer theme directory. Thanks for the heads up, and thanks again for the freebie layout.

  24. Al

    Ditto to HDHIV’s reply. Initial favicon.ico is in the theme folder. I simply renamed it and added my own favicon.ico. Worked fine.

  25. Herman D. HugeLoad IV

    Not sure what you mean.
    I hope I’m not stating the obvious…..
    You need to put your own favicon in the theme directory, and it also needs to be called favicon.ico, so if you called it something else, it needs to be renamed.
    Also…you probably should flush your browser cache a couple of times (or use a browser which has never “seen” your site before) to be sure your favicon is displaying. Check the source code of your index page and somewhere within the header section, you ought to be seeing something like this;

    Hope this helps!

  26. jay

    Love the theme, but I somehow killed it’s widget readiness, now my widgets don’t work. I’ll figure it out eventually. Thanks for the great work!

  27. Rick

    Nice theme, and thanks for providing it to the WP community at no cost to us. My only concern is that it hacked my favicon! I tried deleting it from that folder in the themes file, but now nothing is showing up.

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  29. Pat


    I reloaded the default stylesheet and still have the same problem. When I go to the theme editor it doesn’t show the theme properly and doesn’t always show prosumer as the active theme. Here is what the theme looks like in the theme editor. The default theme looks the same:

    When I go to the manage page section and try to set a page template in 2.6.1 this is what I see:

    In 2.6.2 I only see “default template”

    Your comments are welcome

  30. Al

    Not sure what your problem is. I just upgraded to from WP 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 and everything in the template still works fine. Sounds like your changes to the template stylesheet (style.css) or PHP files may have caused a problem. But it works great with WP 2.6.3.

  31. Pat

    We used prosumer as the template to develop our site ( and it works fine. We’re now using it on another site using WordPress 2.6.2 and when saving pages the templates do not show up and in design the entire stylesheet shows and not just the top content. What do I need to look for or consider to make the templates work and show in 2.6.2?

  32. Al

    Seems that there are plenty of layouts of all kinds…and plenty of websites/blogs on what is best. I would say, if it looks good and feels good to you, use it. I would think you wouldn’t want a sidebar so long that, on short posts, it extends way past the end of the post. One thing is for sure…it can always be changed.

  33. Petra Weiss

    Great WordPress Theme here! I like to have the sidebars left and right, and the blog post in the middle. I have heard though that it is beneficial if your blog posts come first, and then your 2 other sidebar columns. Any insights on that?

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  36. Blaine

    I really like the template that you have, Prosumer. I would like to know how and where I can change the colors in the header? I don’t know much about ccs but If you can let me know where to go I can figure it out. I want to change the yellow bar and the box on the right side of the header. Please let me know if you can help me.
    Thanks alot

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  39. Al

    The admin button only shows when you are logged in to admin your account. If you logout and then go to the blog as any visiton, it won’t be there.

  40. Joachim

    Thank you very much for this excellent theme!
    I have one question: I would like to get rid of the “admin” button in the middle of the header of my homepage.
    Is there an easy way to achieve this?

  41. Mike

    Anyone found a solution for this error?
    “The theme’s layout get’s messed up, when you post a message and use the “read more” divider”

  42. Emily S

    Thanks for this theme… It’s just the perfect look for my site. I have one question, however: How can one enable comments on a page? I’ve tried putting ” ” in all sorts of parts of the page.php file and just can’t seem to enable them!!!

    Thanks for all your work for the community!



  43. Paul

    I use Prosumer in lot of blogs. But i need help with one problem:
    How i can set up to display blogroll only on main index page? All me hard link partners have link only on index page and i linking to other blogs from each post/page.

    Its possible somethink to set up blogroll only on main index page?

  44. Al

    Interesting…I am using Prosumer too on my new blog and haven’t experienced the distortion problem yet. Thanks for alert.

  45. Herman D. HugeLoad IV

    This is a lovely theme. I’ve searched *endlessly* for an attractive neat theme that isn’t too corporate or too hobby…and this is a perfect blend.

    I had a weird issue where uploaded images were rendering in some weird “landscaped” way which distorted them severely, but reinstalling the theme eventually fixed that issue…..never did find out why it happened. Oh well.

  46. Syaldi Sahude


    Aku punya sedikit masalah dengan thems yang kamu buat. Saat aku masukkan foto dan menggunakan align, hasilnya selalu berantakan. Foto tersebut otomatis ter-stretch. Apakah ada solusinya?

  47. Nakayama

    Hi, Jauhari :-h

    Thx alot !! i love ur Prosumer theme ^:)^

    im testing and using that awsome theme for 2 weeks, but im gettin some weird RSS error :(

    Can u help me out plz ? i will really appreciate !

    The problem is when i try to use that URL ( on a RSS client software called QuickRSS it says ( Error loading XML Document not a valid RSS Feed ? :(( :((

    but when i use ur URL ( it works perfect !!

    can u tell me plz , what im doing wrong ??

  48. Mike


    The theme’s layout get’s messed up, when you post a message and use the “read more” divider.

  49. Al

    As previously stated, Prosumer 1.5 is a great theme. Works well with the newest WordPress 2.6 and all updated plugins. Both sidebars display correctly and minor CSS Stylesheet customization was fairly easy, especially with the help of Mozilla Firefox Web Developer and Firebug tools to understand the CSS design. Thanks for a super theme.

  50. Lau

    Hi, I’m having problems with the right sidebar. When I tried to add a links widget to sidebar 2, the entire right sidebar (with the automatic “about” and “meta”) disappeared.

    Then I tested it again by adding text to my profile so it would show up under the woman’s photo and again, the right sidebar disappeared.

    Thank you!

  51. jai prakash

    I am stuck up in the same place too. It does not allow me to change the style sheet. I wanted to change the color #E2B400 of the top horizontal menu bar to something more softer in blue shade. I changed the colr codes in the stylesheet and updated but it still shows me the old theme with same ol color. Pls help.

  52. morganfardo

    Hi Jauhari!

    how do i change the header photo editing the theme? that’s because i have a multilanguage blog and want to use the one photo to each language…



  53. Syaldi

    Halo Bro,

    I’m using prosumer for my blog. Thanks a lot and appriciate your hard work with it. I modified some item for my own style. I hope can make your theme better.!:d

  54. morgan


    the search box onfocus and onblur are not working. do you know why?



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  57. abhijit

    Anyways,my congrats on making such a great theme.Just one small problem,I can’t see my comments form on the pages after installing this theme.I hope u cud tell me why…

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  59. IanFJ

    I would like to change the font size of the text that appears below the title in the header. What style is applied to this?

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  61. Tenzin

    About section on the top right side with the picture of the lady was completely gone !! I’ve changed the about picture to you.jpg and still nothing ??

  62. Lisa M. Hendey

    thanks for your theme which I’m using at
    My only concern is with the font color for the RSS sidebar items – for some reason the font is gray instead of white and very difficult to read. How can I change this? Also, is there a way to change the favicon? Thanks!

  63. Just Curious

    I was just curious… can prosumer be modified to just have one big graphic area across the top instead of the graphic on the left and the text area on the right? In other words, I want to combine the two area and into one, but leave the rest alone? Thanks.

  64. Morgan


    I’m using prosumer 1.5….

    First, thanks for this worderfull theme.

    But i’m having some problems with comments… I post a article and when i click in “comment this article” it takes me to categoty archive and do not open the comment popup… what i’m missing?


  65. Al

    Micha, I replied to your post yesterday but don’t know why it was posted as new item. See my 2008-05-20 07:50:45 post.

  66. Al

    Hi, Micha

    Interesting. I presently have two additional pages called About and Guestbook which show up on both the sidebar Pages widget and the header menu nav buttons. If I reverse the Page Order numbers and save the changes, both the sidebar Pages and Menu nav buttons order changed for the two pages.

    Did you go to Manage/Pages and edit each page to change the Page Order number at the very bottom of the edit form? What is you blog address?

  67. micha

    Hi Al,
    Many thanks for your comment, unfortunately it didn’t work. I enabled the Page widget and set it to ‘Pager order’. Within the widget it is ordered correctly as set on each individual page’s ‘Page order’ number. However, at the top under the banner/header it is always sorted alphabetically… Any other ideas? Thanks…

  68. Al

    If Page Order for each page is set to a specific page no. (1, 2, 3 etc) under Manage Pages and no numbers are duplicated, I believe you still need to go the Pages or Multi-Pages widget you are using under Design/Widgets and edit the Sort By option to “Sort by Order”.

    After saving changes and reloading the home page, header navigation menu buttons should also be arranged in same sort method.

    Give it a try.

  69. micha

    Thanks for this great theme! I run WordPress 2.5.1 and Prosumer 1.5 and have noticed that the Page order – if set manually using the “Pager Order setting” – is wrong (displayed under header horizontally). It always is ordered alphabetically. Any idea how to change this?

    Many thanks…

  70. prosumeruser

    sid, many thanks! i looked into it as you suggested and will try to struggle through the procedures recommended. really appreciate the tip!

  71. almostgotit

    ALWAYS check your site with different browsers! I’ve just discovered that the neat little HTML-coded margins I put around my images work when viewing site in Explorer but disappear when viewing w/ Firefox. (which looks NASTY!) Solution is to photoshop a transparent margin around the image before uploading (NB you can only use transparent margins around .GIF files, NOT .JPG!). Obviously this means no solution for images you just link to, however. Is this issue universal to WordPress applications, or theme-specific? I suspect it’s a WordPress ish.

  72. Gallia

    As for a static image in the sidebar, try adding a “text” widget with the following code …hope the code displays okay here… change width/height as necessary



  73. sid

    I think that’s a CSS issue with IE 6. try the advisor beta in adobe. or look for any CSS forum and search for the keyword “how to hack IE”

    hope this helps

  74. Gallia

    Good morning from Louisiana, USA.

    As for the blogroll additions in WP 2.5.1, just go to MANAGE tab and clink on LINKS. There is where you can add or reorder the links shown on blogroll.
    Have a good day

  75. ProsumerUser

    New to Prosumer, new to WP, and new to blogging, I hope you will bear with me: I am trying to use Prosumer to put up a Japanese language blog and with a few expected twists, it works fairly well. The one thing that concerns us is that although it appears normal to good in IE 7.0x, it does NOT appear normal in IE 6.0x. The biggest issue is that the IE 6.0x doubles the width of the menu bar (as well as extends the upper right header panel, but that’s only minor). Does anyone know how to fix this issue as we are assuming that some of our readers will not have IE 7.0 yet . . . . ? Many thanks ahead of time for your input.

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  78. sid

    Hi there, it seems that the “blogroll” is not working. I saw your Demo for this theme and it’s there, but how come that the widget displays “There are no options for this widget.” on WP 2.5 ? how can we fix this? Also, how can you add an image on either sidebars? let’s say I want to add a 200×30 px image. I tried just putting a but it just displays the ALT text but not the GIF image.

    by the way, great theme. :)

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  80. Gallia

    Just a note about customizing this theme…or others. Assuming there are many, many users of Prosumer, it is probably very difficult for Jauhari to answer each customizing question in detail. I know from my experience. I found that almost all changes in format such as color, font, etc. can be made in the theme STYLESHEET (style.css) and others like adding a menu button require modifying PHP code. All can be done using the Theme Editor.

    I had no experience in CSS (cascading style sheets), HTML, PHP or Javascript. So I found several tools that helped me understand and work with modifications in a basic way. First, I bought a good, basic book on HTML and CSS to learn the basics (such as “HTML, XHTML & CSS” by Elizabeth Castro). Second, I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox as my primary browser. In Firefox, I installed the “Web Developer” and “Firebug” plugins which have tools to assist in viewing web page HTML & CSS and seeing how HTML/CSS mods might look. And, thirdly, I refer to the W3Schools Online Web Tutorial at as another source of reference.

    From my experience, be sure to copy Jauhari’s original STYLESHEET and save it as text file. I keep a copy in my Google notebook for handy reference. Add personal comments to all HTML, CSS, PHP changes you make (W3S shows you how). It is not easy but I found that I am slowly learning enough about basic customizing “to be dangerous to myself”. But I also found that Jauhari’s original CSS is very simple and good, and the Custom Image Header is great.

    Didn’t mean to proselytize. Just thought I would share my thoughts. Keep it simple! Any comments on my “very new” site will be appreciated.

  81. Al Gallia

    Just a note that your Prosumer theme has really been my salvation in getting my WordPress blog started. I looked at so many themes which were complicated and difficult to work with. Prosumer has been a pleasure and PHP & CSS mods were easy to navigate…although I had to learn the basics first. Latest version works well with my WP 2.5 upgrade and all widgets/plugins. Your work is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  82. Impersonal Finance

    I absolutely love this theme and have gotten good feedback so far. The one question I had is with regards to font size. I am not very technically oriented and wasn’t sure if it would be possible to make the actual post text larger. If not, it’s fine, but if so, could you offer help on how to do it?


  83. Valen

    Thanks Jauhari for the reply. But weirdly, my widget dashboard doesn’t show any widget in use. Anyway, I managed to make the changes in the sidebar.php:
    1) moved this up to the top:
    Search on This Blog

    2) remove this:

    It looks pretty okay now. :)

  84. almostgotit

    Valen – the changes you want to do are to the widgets in the sidebar, not to the theme. WordPress has lots of documentation on how to modify widgets. You can open the text widget with the girl’s picture, for instance, and just delete all the code and the picture will disappear (remember to click “Save changes”). The search bar is just another widget and you can drag and rearrange these around to your heart’s content.

    These are wordpress basics, and you learn them by doing — and by studying the documentation! You’ll also probably pick up some elementary HTML knowledge while you do it, which you’ll need eventually if you want to do much with your blog. Good luck!

  85. Valen

    Hi Jauhari! This is a great template and am using it for my new blog. :) But I need your help to slightly modify the sidebar.
    1) I want to remove the ‘About’ and the girl’s photo on the right sidebar, how can I remove it?
    2) I would like to move the ‘Search’ box to the top. How to do it?

    When I get these two done, then my blog will be ready. :) Thanks!!

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  87. almostgotit

    Great theme. However, I’m trying to edit CSS to put the “Feed flare” back in after switching from a previous theme, and it doesn’t work. I used this set of directions and code with my previous theme, but it doesn’t seem to work with this one. Help… I want people to be able to digg and stumble my posts! Thanks!!

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  89. la ciudadista

    i am new to having wordpress in my own hosting provider. i am using version 2.5. i have uploaded this plugin, whenever i activate it and choose custom image header, can’t. i can’t use the option to upload.

  90. Kathy

    I really like the Prosumer wordpress theme but I can’t seem to be able to get the blogroll to show up on my site.
    Can anyone help me on this?

    Kathy Joyce

  91. jeremy

    hi there,

    this might sound silly but im wondering if i can change the sequence of my pages on my blog? so far they seem to be grouped alphabetically. but i don’t want it that way. any idea how i can do that?

  92. Al Gallia

    An excellent theme…the best I can find for my simple purposes. So far no problems in WordPress 2.3.3.

    One question please…How can I add a menu button item for an external link such as my “Photo Galleries” hosted at another site? Can’t do it by adding a page since it is just a link.

    Replies will be appreciated. Thanks.

  93. Don

    OK…I fixed the Sidebar issue. Love the theme. Thanks.
    Oh, is there a way to change the type size in JUST the sidebars?

  94. Al Gallia

    Prosumer 1.4.2 seems to be a very good theme…easy to install, config, and make simple customizations. Looked at many and all proved to be “buggy” or too complicated for my needs. Thanks.

  95. Don

    Hey! I really like the Prosumer Theme.
    I do need to know one thing: I need to make the right sidebar 300 px wide for a certain widget.

    I’ve tried to make the changes and the site looks fine in Firefox, but it’s horrible in IE6.0 .

    I changed the #left to 630px. Changed the #right to 320. Changed #content to 450. Changed side1 to 160px and side2 to 300

    What am I doing wrong?

  96. Marco

    Hi Orgl,
    did you manage to solve your problem with the RSS header title? I have the same issue…

  97. Guillaume

    Hi, great template, I’ve been using it for a few and I must say it’s perfect !

    I need some help though : I’d like to have horizontal space between the images and text in the posts.
    Unfortunately, the “hspace” seems not to work.

    Thanks in advance for help
    Cheers from France

  98. hector

    Hi, great job at all.

    I don’t know if this is the right way to make a question but i’ll make it.
    First, excuse me by my terrible english. I hope you can understand me.

    I am interesting on have a random header image on my site (with Prosumer 1.4.2). I have seen that that the url to this header image is loaded from OPTIONS table. I am trying to modified the php-constant HEADER_IMAGE to load my own url to a new image, and it not works.
    On style css, the class topi have an url to “images/head.jpg” but this is just the original theme image and not the newest image.

    Could you say me which is the right track to have a random header image on my site?

    Thank you at all.

  99. Nakul

    Hi Jauhari,

    Thanks for creating a very cool theme and sharing it. I just started my blog and have two problems:
    1. How do I take out the black space and use the entire header for my logo?
    2. How do I change the font to Arial for my posts?

    Please help!
    Kind regards,

  100. e-kitap

    Hi Nurettin,

    I have some problem with internet explorer. Our some members who use ie cant see subpages list on heather. But that problem is not in Firefox. How can we resolve it. Thanks…

  101. Dan

    As with everybody, great template!!! Just a question on changing text sizes from the Internet Explorer… is it possible to have everything shrink or enlarge (banners and buttons) along with the text so that when I zoom in or zoom out from IE, everythign scales up or down together? Thanks alot!!!

  102. orgl

    Hi Jauhari,

    I am using your theme and I would ask on how to resolve my rss header title text. The title comes with the same color with its background.


  103. Jauhari Penulis

    Hi Catherine, You can play around on style.css on this line code

    background: #FFFDF6;
    color: #333;
    font: 72%/1.6em Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    text-align: center;
    [/ source]

    Try to change some parameters on font.

  104. Catherine


    I’m really ‘green’ with coding, and I need a little help. This theme is really nice, I’m using it on two blogs. I need to know how to change the font size and to select a different font also. Thanks.

  105. Keith

    Great template! I’ve been using it for a few months now. I have been able to work my way through any issues that I’ve come across, until now. I’m using WPMU on my site. I just added a plugin called ‘MU-Gravatars’. This plugin allows me to use Gravatars in various ways. One of them is a sidebar widget called ‘Gravatars recent comments’. That’s where I’m having the issue. It will be easiest for me to explain it with your widgets. Your ‘recent posts’ widget has a star on the left side which is called star2.gif. Your ‘recent comments’ widget does not have the star on the left side. The ‘Gravatars sidebar widget’ has the star next to it as well as the Gravatar, and it overlaps and looks bad. So, I was wondering how I make the ‘Gravatars sidebar widget’ not include that star.



  106. Carolina

    I’m using your template, it is beautiful and perfect for what I was looking for. I only have one question.

    I would like to have only one image across the whole header. My problem is that I don’t know how to eliminate the black square on the right.
    Do I do this in the header file or in the style file?
    maybe is not even possible.

    I hope you can help me.

    thanks a lot.

  107. Uzz

    it looks all fine in Firefox and Opera but sidebars go wayward. I did a bit of CSS change. Can you suggest what’s the problem?

  108. Devilish Southern Belle

    Hi! I don’t know if you like to know when others are using and/or have modified one of your themes, but as a courtesy I usually come by and let a theme creator know when I am using one of theirs. I recently decided to go from 2 columns to three, and yours met most of my needs. I immediately downloaded it, and now I am running a modded version of it on my website. Feel free to check it out if you want to see what I’ve done to it.

  109. Rod

    Again great product here.

    How would I go about changing the text in the body of the posts! I would like to increase the size a bit.

    I only need to know which value to change to increase the size for the post text!:-?

  110. ed

    Ok, I’ve figured out the sidebar issue. Seemed like a widget was adding extra code. But I still can’t figure out why the orange header bar is so tall, but only in IE. Any idea?

  111. ed

    Hi, I love this theme and I’m trying to use it on my web site, but I’ve noticed that the header bar acts funny on Internet Explorer.

    When I view both the demo site and my own web site in Explorer, the orange bar in the header is double-height.

    Also, on my web site,, the right side bar starts really far down the page.

    Is there any way to fix these problems?


  112. Rod

    Again great product here.

    How would I go about changing the text in the body of the posts! I would like to increase the size a bit.

  113. Don

    The theme is great. Where in the CSS do I change the color of the hyper-links? They’re currently a gold color, I’d like to change them to match the other colors I added. Thanks

  114. Roberto

    hi i love this template!
    i am using it on my blog, i wanted to know how do i remove the “about” widget on the right sidebar, i dont need it but i cant find where to remove it.

  115. Marco

    Where I can find the function php wp_list_pages?
    I have necessity to hide some pages in your theme to use the plugin wp-shopping cart.

  116. Lance

    Brand new to WordPress and I came across your theme and like it a lot – it looks nice and makes up for my lack of content if nothing else. Thanks very much for your work!

    I read the about page – don’t recognize the names of ANY of those places you mention being from – are they in New Jersy or something? haha

  117. Jauhari Penulis

    Hi Lewis, which space? try to find on the top on the css there are some img, img.right, img.left class.

    Best Regards

  118. Lewis

    Hello. Nice theme, BUT, why doesn’t it manage the vspace and hspace around images? Images are too close to the texte, and if I modify the CSS, it ruins the lightbox effect by creating a margin in the lightbox window. Any idea on how I could manage this Hspace problem with images? Thanks!

  119. Jauhari Penulis

    Hi lituoiphone.

    If you needed some custom, you can leave contact on my contact form, so we can make more detail.

    Best Regards

  120. iltuoiphone

    good theme, I’m using it in my blog.
    Can I make a page template without the sidebar? I need it for my forum, as you can see in my blog, there’s so little space for the forum.
    Thank you in advance

  121. Ping-balik:

  122. admin

    Love this theme. Very clean.
    I have one question:

    I tried adding Aizattos Related Post plugin and got this error message. How do I fix it or can you suggest a different related post plugin. Thanx

    WordPress database error: [Can’t find FULLTEXT index matching the column list]
    SELECT ID, post_title, post_content, post_type, MATCH (post_name, post_content) AGAINST (‘Does Gender Determine What s Sexy ‘) AS score FROM wp_posts WHERE MATCH (post_name, post_content) AGAINST (‘Does Gender Determine What s Sexy ‘) AND ID != ‘134’ AND (post_status = ‘publish’) AND (post_status NOT IN (‘private’, ‘page’, ‘static’)) AND (post_type NOT IN (‘page’))ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT 5

  123. Ms. Missive

    Thanks for the template!! But I have a question. For some reason it isn’t showing the stars you are using on the sidebar lists and also the block quote isn’t showing how you designed it. Any suggestions how I can get it back to your original theme template?

  124. Don

    Maybe I can add a scroll bar somehow to the text box and comments boxes so that when lines of text run too long, a horizontal scroll bar will appear. Is this possible?

  125. Don

    I’m wondering if there is a way to keep the text from my posts from running into the sidebar?
    Unless I manually hit enter at the end of every line, the text will continue all the way off the page. Is there anything I can do to fix this

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  127. Dawn

    I am using the theme and love it, however, the sidebars are not working in IE6. Do you know of a solution?


  128. Jauhari Penulis

    Please take a look, in this page, I have two link to download Prosumer, from and from my server.

  129. Okinawa Joe

    Hi – Do you have your Prosumer 1.4.1 available for download? I noticed that you mentioned you have modified the theme to allow sub-menus … The only one I see here is 1.4.



  130. J. Pisano

    I also noticed the same reason I am trying to use AJAX comments on your site. It takes quite a long time for the page to refresh after hitting the submit button. Does anyone else notice this behavior on WordPress when submitting comments?


  131. J. Pisano


    Can’t seem to get AJAX comments to work on this theme. I am not using Spam Karma which can interfere. I don’t get any errors when having the plugin installed it just doesn’t seem to use the plugin at all…

    Any ideas?

    J. Pisano

  132. chengrob

    I made a custom page using PHP and for some reason all the formatting is lost. Any advice how I can do some simple things such as cell padding?

        1. chengrob

          The problem is that I cannot change the appearance of the table. For example, the cellpadding is at zero, and I would like the table with cellpadding=3. Plus I would like to change the color of the fonts, etc.

  133. Ricardo Del Rio

    Hi Jauhari…thanks so much for this template so profesional.
    I am not tech or designer, so i am putting my confidence on your job.
    Please visit my web (non comercial) and give some feedback.

    Of course I would like to find some way for stay the radio always because when the people needs to write or do click the transmission is cutted.

    it is possible?

    The radio is in trial time…but it will be not 100% religious..we are flexible

    warm regards from Venezuela

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      I was check on your blogs, and there are some problem. I think you add wrong or some unnecessary code, so the code break the overall design. Please check it on your post.

  134. Edwin


    Sorry to bother you again but i got one problem with the pages. My pages i have already put it in the page number but it appear out to be in alphabetica other. So do you have any tips to solve it?


  135. Don


    I really like your theme. It’s perfect for what I need.

    I have a couple of questions, though.

    1. When I use Viper’s Video Tags to add video, the whole theme gets thrown off. The sidebars end up below the posts. It may be a plugin issue, but I’m wondering if there is a maximum size for videos and images.

    2. Where do I change the background color in the header? I’m new to this, however I did manage to change the color in the bar under the header.

    Thanks for your help and for your theme.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Don.

      1. I think on you plugins add unnecessary code so this code break the design

      2. You can edit it on style.css

      #topi {
      	background: #333 url(images/head.jpg) 0 0 no-repeat;
      	left: 0;
      	width: 576px;
      	height: 131px;
      	top: 0;
      	position: absolute;
      	width: 600px;
      	height: 131px;

      and / or on functions.php

      < ?php function header_style() { ?>
      < style type="text/css">
      #topi {
      	background: #333 url(< ?php header_image(); ?>) 0 0 no-repeat;
      	height: < ?php echo HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT; ?>px;
          width: < ?php echo HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH; ?>px;
      < ?php } ?>
    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Can you give me your blog URL? or if you can’t leave the URL in this comment, you can sent to my email via my contact form.

  136. Edwin


    I remove the page at the header already, but i cannot remove the header and put the header i want. What should I do now?

    Give me some tips:)


    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Go to you Presentation Tabs on WP-Admin, if Prosumer themes was activated there are will be new menu Custom Image Header just go to that tab and upload your own image ;)

      Best Regards

  137. Edwin


    I like your WordPress theme especially Prosumer. I’m a newbie here right now. And I got a problem with the Image and The Pages. I want to change the header but i can’t. Can you give me some tips about it.

    And one more thing, The Pages. I do not want the Pages to appear at the top of the header there. So, is there anything to do to remove the pages above.

    Please give me some tips about it.


    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Edwin, to change the image header you can do it on Presentation Tabs, Custom header and you can upload your own images.

      To Remove the Pages you need edit the header.php and find this code

      < ?php j_globalnav() ?>

      After you find it, just remove it and done

      Best Regards

  138. Theo

    Wow, I don’t normally comment on these things, but these theme is fantastic! Just a quick question, I’m very new to blogging and was wondering how I could make the overall blog width wider?

    Or perhaps make the width of the left and right sidebar smaller and the main content post wider?


    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Theo, if you need to make it wider, it’s need to tweak the style.css code.

      If you need it let’s me do it for you, just contact me, so I can made it for you.

  139. Paul

    hi, is there any way to make this theme fluid? i mean can you make the site always adjust to the viewers resolution? i know you have to replace the px with % but which ones and how??

  140. Rob


    I’m using Prosumer 1.4 for my blog, however I’m having problem with sidebar arrangement feature, I’m unable to move any widget to either left or right sidebar plus the sidebar arrangement feature becoming a drag on Firefox (version When I get out of that, all seem normal; if goes back to it, it becomes a drag in term of moving my mouse around or switching webpages.

    Can you also please include custom color changing feature in the Prosumer theme? I like the look-n-feel theme of your blog but I don’t like the current choices of color and wanted different colors.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Bob. Right now I can’t include some custom color feature, but if you really need to customized it, contact me and let’s talk more detail.

  141. DosDawg

    Great job not only on the creation of the theme, but man you are really into supporting your own work. I would be grateful if other theme developers were as forthcoming as you are with the support of your theme. I love wordpress, love open source, and really enjoy looking at others work.

    Keep up the good work and man kudos to you on the support you offer on your work that is the greatest part about this theme. I know most who are new to WP who have opted to use your theme, dont realize what it takes to not only create a theme, but to support it to every users whim.

  142. Mike

    Great theme! I am have a problem with the commenst form and would like some one to help if possible.

    The name, email and url fields don’t show up…just a blank box for the comment. I do have the “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail” box checked in Options/discussion but i doesn’t work. Are there any conflicts with other plugins?

    Any help is appreciated.


  143. DevTopics

    Terrific theme! I am using Prosumer v1.4 for my “Software Development Topics” blog.

    One problem I noticed is with long, single-line block quotes. The scroll bars cover the entire block quote, making the text difficult or impossible to read. You can see the problem clearly with this post:

    Is there any way to automatically add the height of the scroll bars to block quote sections? Thank you!

  144. Martin

    Hi Jauhari,

    Great theme works great and very editable. I have tweaked it a bit. Only problem im having is that being a FF user for years i actually never saw the blog on IE and seem to have a problem with the CSS padding on sidebar 1. I have tried to fix this in various ways, but can seem to get it working so it looks good both on ff and IE. any ideas.

  145. Mïreldar


    I’m almost finishing. :)

    1- I got it, I change it on functions.php

    2- I find it to. To easy lolol

    3- I don’t find it yet. The plugins is My Link Order. I need to change the widget “Link” for “My Link Order”, and I don’t know how.

    I still have some small changes to brought of which I did not find how make it.

    4 – I would like that the background of my thumb-indexes of page higher. Do you know where I can change it?

    5 — I did not find in which place I could translate the “search” button

    6- I my Archives, I need to translate months into French, but I did not find how or where.

    8- In categories, I did not find where I could translate “View all posts filed under…”

    9— In widgets “Get recent comments”, I did not find where I could change the format of date

    10- I shall like that gif of my under-categories differ that of my categories. I must add a code, but I do not know which.

    And that’s it ;)

    Thank you for your help

  146. Mîreldar

    (first, sorry for my bad english, i’m french)

    I really like your Prosumer. It is the theme which corresponds the most to my need. I digg you for that. I am a beginner, but I succeed in bringing miner changes, like color, image, translation of the them in French…
    I just have some little problems and i hope you will find the time to answer to my stupid questions of begginer :)
    – I would like to put a picture of 950 x 131 pixels. But picture is always reduced in 576 x 131. Where can I fix it?
    – When i used the default widgets, everything goes well. But when I tries to drop wigdets onto de sidebar, small problems come. The “About” corresponding to “Text1” (I suppose) dont work. And the under categories is not any more displayed as such.
    – Habitually I use a plugging for ordering my links, I activate it, but I don’t understand why, it’s doesn’t work.
    You would really be nice to help me on there :)
    I really like your theme and I hope to find the way to fix those little problems.
    Thank you

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Mîreldar

      1. This is my auto reduce code, to make Prosumer Header always 576 x 131px; If you need guide how to make 950 width just contact me.

      2. Can you give me more detail?

      3. What’s plugins?

      Best Regards

      1. Ben M.

        I too would like to change the size of the header image, preferably to the width of the blog. How do I go about this?


        1. Jauhari Penulis

          Hi Ben M.
          To change the font size on the header, just find this line on my style.css

          #headr h1 {
          	margin: 0;
          	padding: 20px 0 0 600px;
          	font-size: 3em;
          	font-family: Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

          After you find it, you can change it into any size you want, to change the font size, edit this line

          	font-size: 3em;

          That’s all ;)

          1. Ben M.

            Thanks Jauhari, but what I really need to know is how to change the Custom Header Image from 576 x 131 to something like 800 x 200. Can this be done easily? Thank you.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Mike,

      Can you give me online sample? so I can see it what’s wrong on my Prosumer with Google Video? And I will fix it if something goes wrong


      1. Mike

        Did you see my site? I had the video bar widget enabled for several days. I deactivated now, but can turn it back on if you did not have a chance to check it out.

        1. Jauhari Penulis

          I am sorry Mike, I am little busy in my office in few week, I must Installed more than 30pc to Linux Operating System.

          For better solutions, it’s will be better if you sent me email via my contact form. and I will help you fix your problem.

  147. chengrob


    I want to thank you for the wonderful theme you created. I am trying to make two very small changes, and I have not had much success.

    At times, I would like to hover over a link and it underlines on the mouse over. I have tried modifying style.css and then adding a div around the link. But it does not work. I was successful in creating an underline for ALL links, but I just want to change it selectively.

    I also want to modify the css for the /pre tag. It makes a scroll box around the text. I have deleted this section from style.css and yet it still creates the box and adds the formats.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for such a great style.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi chengrob,

      On my default link on the post, I make it underlines and when hover the underlines will gone, and on sidebar/overal I just disable it, if you want make disable, just find on any section that you need to make it different then add/edit the code.

      So, what can I do to help you?



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  149. J. Pisano


    I am having problems with the color of the rss titles as the appear when using the RSS widgets. If you check my site you can see them on the left side. They are gray on gray. I would like the titles to be white or gold. I have checked the CSS style sheet and see no way to change them. Please help!

    J. Pisano

  150. J. Pisano


    Thank for the great theme! I cannot figure out how to change the color of my rss widget titles. I have looked throughout the css style sheet and nothing that I do changes the color which is gray on gray, very hard to read.

    The class file it is trying to pull up is “rsswidget”. I have added this to the css sheet and it still does not change the color.

    I have also looked at the default and clasic themes style sheet and do not see it there either.

    Please help!


    J. Pisano

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi J. Pisane sorry for long reply ;)

      To fix you RSS Problem sidebar, try to find this code on my Prosumer style.css

      .side1 h2, .side2 h2{
      	font: 1.2em Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
      	color: #fff;
      	text-transform: uppercase;
      	margin-bottom: 5px;
      	padding: 4px;
      	background: #6F7374;

      Than change that code with this one

      .side1 h2, .side2 h2, .side1 h2 a, .side2 h2 a{
      	font: 1.2em Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
      	color: #fff;
      	text-transform: uppercase;
      	margin-bottom: 5px;
      	padding: 4px;
      	background: #6F7374;

      And If you was done with it, test it again.
      Still got any problem?

      Contact me again :)

  151. Prosumer Users

    Hi, I’m getting an error after hit submit on this comment field, but I asked a question about my missing “About” section. I found that when I alter the widgets in admin, the “About” section disappears and I have no “About” widget where I can put it back with the photo as you have in this prosumer theme. How can I modify my widgets but keep the “About” section that I like with this theme?

    Thanks much.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Derrick, If you want that version and keep about section and still used widget, just contact me and I will help you.


    2. Ian Forest-Jones

      Hey, I too wouldn’t mind being able to keep my “About” section. It disappeared when I started using widgets. Can you put the “About” section of the Prosumer template into a widget format? That would be awesome!

  152. Ian

    Another question:

    What can I do with sub-pages? Below the “About” page, I would like an “History” page. How do users access that “History” page?

  153. Ian

    I am interested in using your theme for my website. Unfortunately, I am new to WordPress, so my questions might be obvious:

    1) Is it possible to turn your theme into a 2-column (i.e. content and a right-sidebar)? With the horizontal menu, I do not need the left-sidebar, which I would have used for navigation;
    2) How do I put other links on the horizontal menu? Do those links refer to other blogs, to posts, or to pages?

    That’s all for now. I’m sure that I will come up with more and bore you immensely (but, hopefully, not too much).

    My thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Ian,

      1) For make it two columns is it possible but if I do this. I call it custom design, contact me for more detail on it.

      2) For top menu, it’s auto generated from Pages, so if you makes some pages the menu will auto generated on it.


      1. Ian

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        When I create pages, they are added to the horizontal menu. But, can I add a static link to the menu (to another blog, for instance)?

  154. Mike

    Great Theme! :d/

    Where is this stuff in the CSS

    I want to change the links format so the appear underlined or a different color…I’m finding it a little hard to read.

    I use UTW and I want them underlined also…afain hard to read.

    I might want to change the color of the background to while:-?

    Again GREAT theme!


  155. Keith Krummel

    I am using this template for my website and I have WordPress MU on it. I encountered a problem. The custom image header only works for the main blog, but after that it just shows me a blank space with no picture when I upload it. Is there a way to fix this? I have used your template on every blog and changed the name and css sheet for each one. I can change the colors but not the picture.

  156. Alexei

    Thanks, Jauhari. It’s Alex King’s 404 Notifier. Once I got notification about the 404 for the gif and css, I did a redirect for the shadow_top.gif and style.css. Is there any code you’d like me to cut/paste so you can see what I did? I’m such the n00b, so I probably bungled something.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Alexei,

      I try to access on your url directly

      And the shadow_top.gif and style.css not at there, it’s like this file is gone or it happen because some issue with File Permissions.

      What for Alex King 404 plugin?

  157. kim

    @Jauhari: Is there a changelist for 1.3->1.4? I’ve made quite a few mods to the template and would love to know what the relevant changes are so I can hand-mod them in.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Kim,

      Different between 1.3 and 1.4, just little bit on Recent Comment Widget Issue on WordPress 2.2

      So if you use WordPress 2.2 and Recent Comment Widget, you better update it :)

  158. kim


    In my past experience I used to get the red X on IE when there was a .png file, but I’ve never seen it with a .jpg. The world really should switch over from IE to something- anything- else.

    I tried landing sites as well but gave up on it. I’m using moremoney now instead. It doesn’t have the related posts but I’m sure you could hack it if you felt like it:


  159. Alexei

    Thanks for the reply! I realized my dumb @$$ didn’t follow the basic directions for the plugin (and cut and paste code in the template). Sorry about that.

    I LOVE the theme. I actually opted not to have a photo of myself, so I edited the theme….although I think the girl with the lollipop would’ve gotten more hits! I did something strange to the code, so on IE a red “x” appears where the photo should be. But in Firefox, it looks fine.

    Anyway, I appreciate the help. Now, onto the mess that is the “Landing Sites” plugin. It’s been a real headache, but I’m probably missing something patently obvious to everyone as well!

  160. kim

    For the picture, replace the file “you.jpg” with another file called “you.jpg” (keep the max width 200px, height is not important). You’ll find it in the themes>prosumer-10>images directory.

    As for the plugin, I’m assuming you’re using it with some tagging plugin (UTW? Jerome?) and you might want to ask on those boards/comments for some help, but I suggest poking around first and seeing if it’s incompatible with other themes in the same way. It’s usually the same issue in several places.

    Out of curiosity, how is it incompatible? In my experience it’s usually something to do with headers already being sent, but a plugin or widget (from what I’ve been reading) shouldn’t be sending those anyway.

  161. kim


    It would seem to me that the theme deals with the front end, while changing authors is in the backend (admin area). I’m not having any trouble changing authors with this theme. I’m not sure how a theme would go about taking that away. Do you have a screenshot or anything of the issue?

    It appears the “boxes” around my blockquotes are being caused by something strange in my css, not the original theme (as evidenced by the demo site). I changed the background color of my blockquotes and found that the whole area, including the fudged-up padding is part of the deal. Anyone care to check out my CSS and see if they can find the culprit?

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Kim, I am sorry for late replay, I little busy right now.
      And about you blockquote problem or similar on it. I will help you to fix it.

    2. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Kim It’s me again, about your blockquote problem you add some stranger code.

      	background: #f7f0d4;
              border: 0px;
      	padding-right: 2em;

      If you want made you blockquote add background only, use this code

      	background: #f7f0d4;
      	padding-right: 2em;


      1. kim

        Thanks so much for your reply, Jauhari-

        I actually streamlined the blockquote down to just what I wanted, but if you look on the site, I have an approximately 2em sized padding on the left that isn’t called for in my current css. I added it the padding on the right so that it would display balanced. There’s also about 3px of padding on the top and bottom that aren’t called in the blockquote css. However,tThis I can live with. I only mention it because it’s probably related to the following problem below.

        The issue I would really like gone is the 1px solid #000000 border around the blockquote. I have NO idea where it’s coming from. It’s so very strange. If you (or anyone) could help me eliminate the black box I’d be very pleased.

      2. kim

        I tried taking out the border property, but it doesn’t change anything. I set it to 0px in an effort to cancel out whatever what calling the border, but it shows up with both border: 0px; and no border property.

  162. Michael Klusek

    Why is there no edit author feature in post editor?

    I wish theme authors would stick to the basic features of WP and add fuctionally not disable.

    Every other theme I used has ability to change author after the fact, so if I am logged in as admin I can author post for other others. If you want to prevent this make it a check box at the admin level.

    If every theme developer is going to change the basic feature set of WP then you better have a compete list of altered functionality.

    Why should I have to find out after installled and customized that some thing is off about the template?

    Am I missing something?

  163. kim

    I’m trying to remove the box around the blockquotes and replace it with a dotted line on the left side. It seems, however, that the blockquote css isn’t the only markup related to the area of text. I’ve already removed the graphic ” and added some padding to the right and bottom, but the left and top sides have much more padding and I don’t know where it’s coming from.

    Can you point me in the right direction to make the changes I’m looking for?

  164. Ping-balik: Passionate America

  165. Erika Strum


    How do I change the color of the bar below the header where the pages are? It’s currently orange and I’d like to be grey. Thank you!


    1. Jauhari Penulis

      You can find it on this line

      /*  Menuv
      ******************** */
      #topy {
      	width: 950px;
      	margin: 0 auto;
      	background: #E2B400;
      	position: relative;
      	height: 40px;
      	font-size: 1.2em;

      And change #E2B400; value with #ccc


      1. soggycor

        hi, jauhari!

        sorry, but i still don’t get it… do I replace the e2b400, with another html colour code?

        because, I’ve tried that… and…. no change

        please help

  166. Ivo

    Hi Jauhari. Thanks for the great theme ! I have done some minor alterations to it – you can see it at

    I have a question. Right now Recent Posts in the sidebar shows the 5 most recent posts. How do I change that to show the 20 most recent posts ?
    Also how do I put the login/logout link in the navigation bar on top together with Home, About, Register and all the pages ?

    Thank you


  167. Keith Krummel

    I had a few questions regarding modifying the color scheme of this theme. I figured out most of it, but I bumped into some issues. How can I change the color of the Search Box? It isn’t currently on my site but it is on your demo. I was unable to locate that in the stylesheet. How do I change the font of the test in the post that is in a Link format? You only included 3 digit code for the text but 6 digit code for everything else. I’m not familiar with 3 digit code, is it the same type of code? If not, where is the color chart for 3 digit code? My last question is regarding fonts. How can I change the header font style to Impact? I saw 4 different font types listed for the header, but I only saw 2 different fonts: the Header and the Header description.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Keith Krummel

      Sorry for late reply, 3Digit code right?
      it’s only the way that I used to speed my coding. See this example

      #000 => #00000
      #ccc  => #cccccc

      Why I just place 3 digit, because 3 or 6 digit on that value have some result.

      For link color, I was place separated in each class/div


  168. HB

    I’m still stuck. I absolutely LOVE the theme, but I’ve run into a brick wall when it comes to changing the avatar and replacing it with my own pic. I’ve located the you.jpg file in the themes folder, but I don’t know how to change it.

    1. Do I need a pic with the same dimensions (200 x 81)?
    2. Do I need to upload a pic and just copy/paste the code from that pic in the box for the you.jpg file?
    3. Do I need the copy/paste a new pics url there?

    Any help that can be given on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      To make more easy to understand, extract Prosumer on you local Personal Computer, then after you extract look on images folder. On that folder will be

  169. leslie

    Also, when I click the previous entries ink at the bottom fo the front page, or any of the archive months – it goes nowhere! Between that and the pages thing above I’m stumped! Help!

  170. leslie

    Hello! I really like your theme. I’ve been trying to post pages to it, and the navbar across the top shows the page, but the link doen’t go anywhere. Can you help me fix that?

  171. leslie

    I love, love, love this theme. I have one small problem that I can’t figure out. I make a new page, and it shows in the toolbar at the top, but the links don’t go anywhere. I’ve check that I’m saving it as published, not draft, etc. I’m stymied!

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      It’s like you WordPress miss some code? they broken the permalinks.

      I was try to click on your blog and try to click some click, and found this error


      Not Found
      The requested URL /category/apple-tv/ was not found on this server.
      Apache/1.3.37 Server at Port 80


      I was see you URL on the page and running good too.

      But when I click that pages display error too. it’s like you permalink have some errors


  172. allroads

    I am trying to change the masthead from the stock photo to my own logo.

    I have changed the style.css, but still nothing works and it pulls the old picture.

    How can I make the change?

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Image on the header is Custom Header, you can change it on your presentation tabs, and it’s easy to do just upload and you are done.


      1. allroads

        Actually, what I am looking to do is create my own header that just consists of my own logo (i.e. I want header to look as it currently does on website).

        How can I do this?


  173. Cedric Ang

    Hi there, this theme is absolutely nice, but I’m wondering, where can I place the blogroll list as I can’t see it in the theme, please help. :)

    1. Jauhari Penulis

      Please check up my Demo, and like that you see my blogroll show up right? I think you try to enable widget, so if you enable it. You must setup on you widget to make you blogroll show up.


  174. Erika Strum

    Hi Jauhari-

    I am actually having a problem. The side bars do not seem to load in internet explorer on the home page. When I click through, they load but never on the home page in internet explorer. In firefox it works fine. Any idea why or a way to fix?

    1. dave

      yes i had the same prob when i embedded gallery.. i have emailed but am stuck.. love this theme!

    2. Jauhari Penulis

      Hi Erika Strum.

      I was check on my Internet Explorer 7, and both of you sidebar was merger to main columns, I think it happen because on some post on you blog contains some misc code like


      And Erika Strum forget add some close code


      Try too looking you post via WYSIWYG disable.

      And please check it, if the problem still appear. let’s me know and I will help you.

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