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Saur Features

Saur is Free WordPress Themes. Crafted with 3 Columns Layout and with many features. to change Picture Profile, just replaced you.jpg on images folder with your own image. For the best use 75 x 86 px size.

  • 2 Right Sidebar
  • Widget Ready
  • Random Image
  • Big Search Bar
  • Gravatar Support
  • Change About text via Admin Profile
  • Author Page
  • Tested on WordPress 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.5.x and 2.6.x
  • Creative Commons License

To add custom random image, just upload your image to images/rotator
Format supported .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF. Please notes size of the images must in 509 x 115px

Download Now! (download counter reset on 13 January 2009)


Change Logs

1.0 : Public Released
1.1 : Support For WordPress 2.3
1.2 : WordPress 2.5 Compatible and Tweak Code
1.3 : Gravatar Support

Demo This Theme

Click Here to Demo This Theme

102 Replies to “WordPress Theme: Saur”

  1. Very impressive design that can only come from top notch designer.

    Thanks and we will sure recommend this page to others.

    Please keep the god things coming.

    Dennis Joshua

  2. wah mas, theme nya bagus2…
    aku pake nih…
    tukeran link donk mas…
    newbie nieh…
    liat blog ku juga yah???
    mohon saran dan kritiknya…

  3. Love your blog.
    Very pleasing to the eye.
    Good write up as always…
    May we suggest you to put up a section on free-take-aways eg. free templates, free codes, etc.
    that wud be benefit all.

    Dr Dennis Joshua

  4. Pak Jauhari Thanks alot atas WP themes saur.

    btw, bisa gak gambar dan profilenya di hilangin?

    Caranya gimana?

    mohon ksh petunjuk, sebab sy orang awam yg mau bljr sm pak jauhari..

    Pak,BTW, ada blog yg memakai theme saur jg,kayaknya dari malaysia. kenapa gak di tegur?

    tidak mencantumkan id bapak, pencurian namanya !!!!

    thanks pak

  5. Hello, thanks for the great theme. I’m pretty comfortable with PHP code and ccs, but I’m stuck trying to do a simple modification. I’m trying to make the sidebars a narrower and increase the width of the new posts. I was able to do this on CSS without a problem. However, I can not find the location of the vertical borders of the sidebars. So although the sidebars are narrower the vertical lines stay in the same place and don’t move with the sidebars. I tested every “border” (right and left) on ccs to try to identify these lines and I could not find them. Could you give me some guidance as to where you coded the location of those lines? Thank you! Nestor.

  6. Tahniah kepada Nurudin Jauhari kerana ikhlas berkongsi pengalaman dan sanggup memberikan FREE WORDPRESS THEME.
    Harap boleh bersembang dengan Nurudin mengenai kerja customization blog kami akan datang.

    Sila berikan gmail anda supaya kami boleh bersembang/berbincang.

    Sekian Terima kasih.

  7. mas, aku pakek themes ini di blog ku, nah ada yang aneh, kok sidebarnya ilang pas browse category adsense. coba deh cek di blog sayah. makasih:d

  8. Hi Jahauri – great theme! Is it possible to change the green color border to my own choice of color? Also, can I have my own image up top (large pic on left)?

  9. Pak, mau tanya, kalau di file sidebar.php saya hapus baris berikut:

    <?php wp_list_categories(‘show_count=0&title_li=Categories’); ?>


    <img src=”/images/ads-160-2.gif” />

    lalu saya pakai widget untuk menulis text html, kok, widgetnya gak bisa keluar ya?
    Apa baris di atas harus tetap ada?

  10. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I can not find out where to change the text for the desctiprion at the top of the header graphic. Can someone point me in the pright direction. great theme by the way, many thanks :)

  11. Salam Nurudin,

    I am not sure whether I found the theme’s bugs or my WP 2.5.1 permalink settings.

    I notice that when I clicked on “Previous Entries” from my Archive Category, the page is not directing properly.

    The error message came out to be “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

    Could you help me on this?

  12. I like this theme, but I particularly like the threaded comments of your own site’s template. How can I get this format for the comments on the Saur template? Is this possible?

  13. Its a pleasure Jauhari. Thanks for creating and sharing such amazing themes. Im not sure my replies to Michael will be much use as Im not sure how to paste the code in here without some of it being stripped out.. and I dont have a live site yet to show him.. soo..

    Hopefully I will later today!..:)

  14. It keeps stripping the code I paste, and Im not sure how to paste the code so it all shows up?..


  15. Ooh, not sure what happpened there, as it stripped some of the code from my comment, anyway here it is again:

    in header.php find this:

    <a href=”/”>

    just before it add this:

    <a href=””><img src=”/images/bob.gif” alt=”” title=”” width=”250″ height=”150″ />

    Then add this to your stylesheet.css

    #headr h1 a{display:none;}

  16. Hi Michael,

    I’m not a programmer either, and I struggled with this for a while, but here is what worked for me, (I’m sure someone will point out if its wrong etc but my site still validates with this method and it works across browsers soo..)

    edit header.php, then find the line of code that says:

    <a href="/">

    Then what I did was place this code just before it:

    <a href=""><img src="/images/name of your logo image here.gif" alt="" title="" width="250" height="150" />

    you can alter the sizes for width and height etc to match the size of your logo, and make sure your logo is in your saur images folder.

    Then I added these lines to the stylesheet.css to stop the title and description from being visibally displayed, but still available to the search engine.

    #headr h1 a{display:none;}

    I’m using this theme and this worked for me and still validates, but im sure if there is a better way someone will share..



  17. Hi…Thanks for the great theme. I’m not a programmer so this question may be fairly simple…..I would like to add a custom logo to my blog to replace the automatically generated title and tagline….How can I set it up so the title doesn’t show up on its own and i can add a logo in its place? Thanks for your time

  18. Hi,

    Firstly I would like to say Thank You for creating and sharing such amazing themes, you really are talented designer:)

    I love the Sauri theme, and would really like to use this but I noticed the header image doesnt appear to be changing in firefox though it does in IE, im not sure if its just my browser or a bug with firefox?.

    IF so do you know if there is a fix for it as I have a nice collection of images I would like to use.

    Many Thanks


  19. Thank you Jauhari, yea, i tried the method you suggest, the text wrap image is work. But my question is –

    1. Is there a way to add some code into the style.php to let the image display automatically when there a new post upload instead put alt=” class=’left’ into the post every time. Because there are so many old post still got text wrap image problem, which need to change the display. (from old theme not support wp2.3 ), could u pls help on this as well? otherwise I have to edit each one of them ….

    2. I find another problem – the content of the post not showing up fully, in the other words, it only shows half of the content? I looked at code in the Single, Archives.php etc, could find out why? also update the perminate link, still not working? Any code need to add or change in the style.php?

    3. For the menu bar, I took out the | character already, but still not running well.

    Thanks for your time and helping.

    1. Hi Ann
      I’ll try to answer your problem

      1. Yes, there are some way that will make automatically align to left or right, but use with your own risk :D if you agree I’ll show you how to do this. Just add some code on style.css

      To make it left, if you want make it right change left to right on the code

      .post img {
       float: left;
      margin-right: 5px;

      2. I can’t understand what you mean with it. Can you explain more? ;)

      Best Regards


        1. To insert this code, just edit your style.css with theme-editor on the admin section and add that code on bottom of the style.css

          For number 2 problem, do you using any plugins? because I don’t make something weird. On this theme I just use standard code. Without teaser anything.

          Please give me information again.


  20. If you look at this post (example) you will know what I mean, here is the link:


    The text should wrap around image. I added display: inline into the .image.left / right, it still doesn’t work?

    For the menu bar, if I took out character |, there will no space in between, in the other words, no separation between each subject title?

    Thanks for your kind help.

    1. Hi Ann,

      I know the solutions about your problem, if you want made the image align to left or to right, just add some code on your image. But to do it, you must switch to mode html, not in WYSIWG. To do this just go to html mode and use this example

      Made Image Align Left

      < img src='http://www.marketingbyann.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/bad_email.jpg' alt='' class='left' / >

      Made Image Align Right

      < img src='http://www.marketingbyann.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/bad_email.jpg' alt='' class='right' / >

      And about navigation problem, you can check on my Demo Themes, and there are running well without add | character.

      If you still have a problem, contact me again ;)

  21. Thanks for the nice theme Jauhari, just wondering how to make wrapping text around image work? tried play around and put display: inline, but it doesn’t work, any advice on this?

    On the other hand, the menu bar (header.php) display differently when look at it from FF & IE? How to make them display nicely?

    Thank you

    1. Wrapping Text? Can you explain more detail ann?

      And about the menus, I was saw on you blogs, and you add some character like | can you remove this character? and test it again?

  22. I think it is pretty clear to anyone how to change the “About text.” I don’t mean to sound rude here, because it’s a very nice theme that obviously took a lot of time, but your solution on how to change the “you.jpg” file just makes no logical sense. I have done a full text search of the stylesheet and the header template only to find that this file is not in the code of either. Therefore, how can it insert the image when the code for “you.jpg” is not present. It is present on the theme page image you have here but not in the file as it is unzipped.

    this issue is really bugging me. Can you please help me (us) out? Thanks again for your work on this theme.

    1. Hi Damien Riley,

      I am sorry if my code make you little bit confused, my about and some configuration I was written on functions.php so if you want tweak or change something, you can find it on that file.

      If you still got any problem, just let’s me know and let’s me help you to fix it.

  23. I tried that — exactly according to your directions — and it did not work. Actually, I figured out the problem. It was in functions.php. You have the image showing up in the “else” branch of an “if … else” command, so that the image shows up if the user does not have any user profile text set up. But the image is not in the other branch of the command, so it doesn’t show up if the user does have his user profile set up. I figured out how to fix the file manually, and so it works for me now.

    1. The better ways is edit it manually, but sometimes for some Newbie do it manually make little bit confused so I make some code. But this code have some problem for some users too. I hope I can fix it in next release or on my others Free WordPess Themes.

      Thanks for you feedback John I. Carney

    1. I can’t get the photo to show up either. As the web site directs, I have uploaded my own photo, titled “you.jpg,” to the images folder, replacing the file that came with the theme. But the photo doesn’t display. My random header images are working just fine, but not the little avatar photo that’s supposed to show up in the “about” bar.

      1. Like what I said before, just replace you.jpg with your own images. And make it sure, that your files is can be read by user/server.
        Try to chmod 755 of you.jpg and test it again

    2. About Text?
      You can edit it on you profile description and the original will be gone. Or if you want edit it manually, just open functions.php and you’ll find this about section.

  24. As salamu ‘alaykum and Selamat Berpuasa!

    Great theme! This overcomes having the header cancel out the title tag and hyperlink.

    Fantastic job! **Downloaded**

  25. mas jo…kalo themes nya blog spot piye…ada gak…tapi gak mbenerin lagi shout bx nya, dall. ada gak mas ? (takon opo njaluk hehehe)

  26. Enjoying your theme. Quick question. How can I get it to show horizontal space between left justified picture and text? It shows in WySiWYg but not in theme. Thanks!

  27. GREAT theme! Simple yet styled just enough! I made a few tweaks to suit my blog and I just wanted to say thank you for making this theme. I think I may stick with it a while (which is rare for me :)

    Nice job


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