Why I Create Free WordPress Themes?

I made a lot of Free WordPress Themes that is available for free. Some of my WordPress Themes contain 2 columns, 3 columns, extra footer, widget ready, custom header from simple trough complicated. The question is, why I created all of those theme for Free? In the first time I created Free Themes. I just want to share my design and everyone can download and use it on their own blogs. Until today, I created almost 33+ Free Themes and also offering support trough my themes page comment or via contact form, just in case some of my themes users want more custom or just to make donation ;)

But something unbelievable happened, from Free Themes Design services, some creative users were re-coloring, re-designing and re making my original become something more personal. That’s what I really want. I love my themes users enjoy and make personal touch on each theme. Here are some of creative users that use my Free WordPress Themes and tweak it to make it better for their audience. Please note, this is not list all of customized, it’s just some blogs that’s I know. So, if you using my Free WordPress Themes, and make some custom as well as keep my copyright, please let’s me know and I will post it in another sections.

Geeks Room

Geeks Room

Using My Prosumer, and tweak some color and add logo.



Photolog using my Ngatini and make it little bit wider

Lucid Creativity

Lucid Creativity

Using MyApril Reloaded and added pink color, rounder corner, new logo and more..

Basic Thinking Blog

Basic Thinking Blog

Do you believe it? This is my Ayumi and they was custom become like this? Good Jobs ;)

Webmaster Blog

Webmaster Blog

Based on my Padangan and turn in blue ;)



From my Saur cut custom header and make touch on tags and header navigation.

That is why I created a free wordpress theme because the nature of human is to share

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21 Responses to Why I Create Free WordPress Themes?

  1. Susann says:

    i´m using one of your themes Anubis & Prosumer – they are great :-)

    But i did not change a lot. I prefer your 3-columns themes

    thanks a lot

  2. Thank you so much for presenting wonderful themes…:)

  3. pierre says:

    I love This Templette

  4. It’s gotta be really satisfying to see your work used in so many creative ways and know you’re contributing in all of those places!

  5. swishman says:

    :x man really i love your work,,,go on..

  6. hakimtea says:

    so do I, love your themes especialy MyApril Reloaded couse i was born in that moon :)>- and its pretty one, cool design, thanks ;)

  7. Pretty cool theme templates! Congrats yah on being orang indonesia pertama yang masuk Technorati 100!

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  9. W3G says:

    Nice designs!

  10. nexlaip says:

    wow great, sudah menanam tinggal panen mas

  11. K-IntheHouse says:

    Hi Jauhari,

    Thanks for featuring ShanKri-la! You have some absolutely wonderful themes here for free and I direct so many friends and contacts to your site anytime someone asks me for a recommendation.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. sikantis says:

    I like the wp themes, and it’s great how creative people can work with them, congratulation!

  13. Hector Russo says:

    I am the webmaster of GeeksRoom!
    Thanks for your words and thanks for the free themes.


  14. Multicore says:

    Very nice templates.
    My fav is the theme of BasicThinking.


  15. Dek Didi says:

    Thanks a lot for your free themes.
    I had fun tweaking your Indian Muslim Theme.
    Again for provide a free theme.

    Keep up the good work.


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  17. Willi says:

    I have tweaking Ayumi, too. Thanks you for the great work.

  18. Straightalk says:

    :d I provide free website hosting on a shared server for CMS websites is it Ok if you send me a link to your free template themes so we can exchange links.. http://straightalk.biz

  19. Edy says:

    wow, man. I like your theme design.

  20. Jauhari says:

    Thanks you Nelle ;)

  21. Nelle says:

    I had fun tweaking that My April Reloaded theme! I am about to launch another blog site and I might use another theme from here.

    Thanks again! :d

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