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There Are So Many Collision Repair You Can Count On

I was in a car repair group and got someone share a horrible story. He got an accident in October 2016. His car was hit on the driver side while parked at stoplight. Therefore he need collision repair. Then he went with his car to a certified shop (the shop’s name kept). It’s now been 5 months and he still doesn’t have his car back. This is horrible isn’t it?

He went there due to the shop is certified shop. The shop provided him with 6-8 week estimate on the repairs. It’s now March 2017 and he still have not his car back. He said during 5 months, the shop has repeatedly made mistakes during the repair process with miss-scheduling resources and incorrectly ordering parts.

Communication from the shop has repeatedly been incorrect and/or misleading. It seems the shop runs a single lateral repair workflow process such that if you car is waiting on parts they stop all work, even if its unrelated to the parts they are waiting on. For example; they ordered incorrect parts for the door mirror and were waiting 3 weeks for the correct parts to arrive, once they received the parts they informed him the car was put together but they still needed to do an alignment to check for suspension damage.

Collision Repair You Can Count On
Collision Repair You Can Count On

When they went to do the alignment they found out that they ordered Black wheels instead of Grey…keep in mind they claim they ordered these wheels 5 months ago and it took them this long to notice the mistake. He is now 3 weeks waiting for wheels, alignment still has not been checked so they’re potentially in store for additional weeks.

For sure we are sorry to hear that. If this is a certified shop, it shouldn’t be happen. Having to wait 6-8 weeks for a repair like this is outrageous. Someone else had similar damage to his car a few years ago and it took about 3 weeks. They replaced the whole right body section aft of the windshield. No damage to the chassis or wheels, fortunately.

The collision repair you can count on, the main thing as a shop should be proactive, persistent and get everyone on the same page from the very beginning as the process can be time consuming. So the collision repair you can count on, is not only certified.

We hope that we are never put in this situation. This sharing perspective and confirming the existence of shops who actually care about the satisfaction of the customer. Shop collision repair you can count on, the work must looks great, and we appreciate the extra touch of washing it and vacuuming the inside.

Most of customer stated that they’re so happy about getting the car back cleaner than when what they brought it in Arizona Collision Center. They feel like they drove away in a brand new car!

Everybody really appreciate for letting costumer view the work. Arizona Collision Center crew really appreciate every time I spoke with any of them. Customers are warmly greeted and all my questions were answered.

I guarantee Arizona Collision Center is one of the most trusted collision repair and body shops in Phoenix, Arizona. The team work is dedicated to ensuring 100% customer service whenever possible to make this experience an enjoyable one. Nobody wants to be in an auto collision but in the event you are, AZ Collision Center will make sure this experience isn’t as stressful as it could have been and will always put your needs first.

Finally, I would like to recommend you send to Arizona Collision Center.


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    5 months is a long time to get the car back, pity it

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