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Have you ever wanted to save an embedded video? I looked, but they never seem to have a simple download button. Fortunately, they have a browser addon that will let you save videos to your computer:

Download YouTube Video Tool
Download YouTube Video Tool

Download Youtube Videos Plus

This helpful addon is available for free for both Firefox at and IE6, IE7, and IE8 from (But I really hope you’re not still using IE6!) Once installed, it’s a breeze to use.

This addon tells you when a video is available for download by changing the greyed out “Save Video” button from grey to color.

From this:


To this:


Then you just click the color button and select the video on the page you want to download. It couldn’t be any easier.

If it is an embedded video, you must press play for the video to become available for download. If that doesn’t work, click through to the original source of the video and download from there.

Sometimes the movies are downloaded in .flv or some other weird format; but fear not! The webs best free video player, VLC player easily handles almost all file formats.

The toolbar includes a Translate button, Bing Search, a Stumbleupon Button and a quick Facebook bookmark.

Why Bing Search? Well, have you seen how cool their video search is!?! It’s freaking awesome.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Bing has improved A LOT in the past year.

But if you don’t like the whole toolbar thing and just want a minimalist layout, you can have that too. In the Firefox version, you can go in he options and chose to have a browser button instead of a toolbar.

Download Youtube Videos Plus is 100% Free without any of those cheesey upsells or adware you see on other addons. If you want to save videos, this free tool is a must.


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  1. RT @jauhari Downloading Youtbe and Other Embedded Videos

  2. RT @jauhari: RT @jauhari Downloading Youtbe and Other Embedded Videos

  3. Nazrul Alfiansyah Avatar

    Selamat Pagi Mas Jauhari..
    Theme Hamasaki saya Pakainih Mas..
    Suwon yo Mas_^

  4. Biffy Avatar

    With IE plugins sometimes crashes when you try to download :/

  5. ibnoe Avatar

    Hoho.. malem mas..

    lagi belajar wp ne.. mohon petunjuk ^^

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    nice website, guy. I’ll try to use wp in my new site. Thanks for ur kind..

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    mas jauhari salam kenal dulu dari saya, byme.
    sebenarnya mungkin udah pernah jumpa.
    boleh saya tanyakan sesuatu.
    kalo mau buat theme wordpress gimana mas
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    need help banget pliss

    1. Jauhari Avatar

      Saya make Frame Theme dasar sendiri mas.. tinggal dikembangin

  8. Michael Jackson Avatar

    asik…bisa donlod youtube euy ^^
    makasi mas tips nya :)

  9. Gutschein Piraten Avatar

    Hey, thanks for your tip with that toolbar. It works great, so now i can save my favourite movies on my netbook with just on click :)

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