How to Find the Fastest DNS


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Want to get the fastest access through the selection of the appropriate DNS server? This can be achieved through the use namebench.

Namebench Download
Namebench Download

Often, users conclude that the Internet connection that uses the best never mind. No wonder if the slow access to a site then the site was to blame. Though the condition can be caused by the use of DNS server so that access is gained less or even not satisfactory.

Namebench provide in for masi DNS server which was good for the user, in order to get the fastest Internet access. To use it, download its installer file size 5 MB of

  • Download and run the file 1.3 Windows.exe namebench.
  • Run the name bench, and then complete the input on the field nameservers, number of queries, number of runs, test the data source, test┬áselection mode, and options include dns. Use commas to separate input several different nameservers.
  • To find out the DNS server that is being used, make sure the Internet connection is active, then open a command prompt in Windows. Type the command: ipconfig / all. Then from the results shown refer to the DNS server. That DNS server you are using.
  • Click the Start button to run the Benchmark process.
  • After the process, namebench displays Complete information, in test results accompanied nameservers. Explanation of test results can be seen in full in the form of a report that appears in the web browser.
namebench result
namebench result


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